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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210
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Angel Myth 10

+ posted by bajuwa as translation on Oct 31, 2010 12:41 | Go to Angel Myth

-> RTS Page for Angel Myth 10

Page 1:

Panel 1:
Text 1: (过厌! 为什么大家都说我很糊涂?) How come everyone says I'm chaotic?
Text 2: (我哪有糊涂?) How am I chaotic?

Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (哼! 过分! 我要回去了!) Hmph! That's it! I'm going back!
Bubble 2: (加百列是个过厌鬼!) Gabriel's being very hateful!

Panel 3:
Bubble: (等一下! 玛西亚!) Wait! Marcia!

Panel 4:
Bubble 1-1: (有件东西要麻烦你帮忙,) I need to trouble you for a favour,
Bubble 1-2: (请交还给天界!) please give this to the Heavens!
Bubble 2: (是什么东西啊?) Give them what?


Page 2:

Bubble: (这条绶带) This silk ribbon belt.*
*t-note: this belt represents a person's social status


Page 3:

Panel 1:
Bubble: (谁----) Who....

Panel 2: (谁要帮你作这种事啊? 大傻瓜!) Who would want to help you do that sort of thing?


Panel 3:
Bubble: (自己想办法吧! 我才不管你!) Think of something yourself! I won't have anything to do

with it!


Page 4:

Panel 1:
Bubble: (加百列, 那条带子----很重要吗?) Gabriel, is that belt... important?

Panel 2:
Bubble 1-1: (是啊---是件很重要,很重要,) Yes... It's very, very important,
Bubble 1-2: (而我---- 却要就此抛弃的东西!) but I... it's something I want to rid myself of!

Panel 4 (main):
Text: (不得已----非抛弃不可的东西!) I have no other choice... It is something I must not



Page 5:

Panel 1:
Text: (那么重要的东西,) That's such an important item,

Panel 2:
Text: (加百列竟然---) I never thought Gabriel would....

Panel 3 (main):
Text: (那可是——神赐予的“神之力”, 与炽天使最高指挥官的绶带呀!) That was-- a belt

bestowed with "Divine Power", and also belonged to the highest commanding officer!
Bubble 1: (加百列是大笨蛋!) Gabriel's such an idiot!
Bubble 2: (不过——) But--

Panel 4:
Bubble: (那个回声长得好可爱哦! 我喜欢!) that Huisheng's grown up to be so cute! I like her!


Page 6:

Panel 1:
Bubble: (对了! 我记得---) That's right! I remember...

Panel 2:
Bubble: (以赛亚好像说过:) Isaiah had said:

Panel 3 (main):
Text: (回声是光之天使克拉丽蒙的女儿。) Huisheng is the Light Angel Clarimond's daughter.


Page 7:
Line 1: (克拉丽蒙曾经是天界的光,) Clarimond was once Heaven's ray of light,
Line 2: (再她望堕落于凡尘之后,) yet after she turned towards this human world,
Line 3: (那最内擢绚丽的光,) that inner most gorgeous light,
Line 4: (便燃烧殆尽了!) burned away to ashes!


Page 8:

Panel 1
Bubble: (加百列, 我觉得很好奇。) Gabriel, I'm really curious.

Panel 2
Bubble 1-1: (双生天使就像双胞胎一样?) Are angel twins just like human twins?
Bubble 1-2: (那么, 感情一定很好吧?) If so, is it a good feeling?
Bubble 2: (相互之间是不是形影不离?) Are they inseparable?

Panel 3
Bubble: (是的!) Yes!

Panel 4
Bubble 1-1: (那加百列的双天使呢?) So, what about your twin?
Bubble 1-2: (可以告诉我吗?) Can you tell me?


Page 9

Panel 1
Bubble: (我的双天使----) My angel twin...

Panel 2
Bubble 1-1: (是啊! 加百列。) Yes! Gabriel,
Bubble 1-2: (你的双生天使一定跟你一样漂亮!) you're twin must be as pretty as you!

Panel 3
Bubble 1-1: (不是跟我一样漂亮,) No, it's not like that,
Bubble 1-2: (而且比我还要漂亮!) my twin is much prettier than me!
Bubble 2: (对我而言---) I would say....


Page 10

Text 1: (他是如此英姿焕发, 如此绚烂夺目----) He glows with such a dazzling radiance....
Text 2: (他就像----最美丽的宝石雕刻成的艺术品一样。) He is like... the most beautiful gem that

has been carved into a piece of art.


Page 11

Panel 1
Bubble 1-1: (我是如此地爱着他! 而且我们----) It is in this way that I love him! Also, we....
Bubble 1-2: (一向是那么要好的!) have always wanted it to be that way!
Bubble 2: (可是----) But....

Panel 2
Bubble: (后来---- 是不是发生了什么事?) Afterwords..... did something happen?

Panel 3
Bubble 1: (改天再说吧, 回声。) I will tell you another day, Huisheng.
Bubble 2: (睡吧! 晚安。) Get some sleep! Good night.

Panel 5
Text: (当天便爱上了人类----) It was that day that you fell in love with a human----


Page 12

Text 1: (当天便爱上了人类, 就只有被毁灭一途!) When an angel falls in love with a human, the

only option is to be eliminated!
Text 2: (克拉丽蒙就是一个例子。) Clarimond is a good example.
Text 3: (天使爱上人类并不可悲,) An angel loving a human isn't an upsetting matter,
Text 4: (可悲的是——爱上人类之后,) It becomes upsetting-- after they fall in love.
Text 5: (所有的至亲好友全都会变成最可怕的, 令你最为心碎的敌人。) All their closest friends

will become the most frightening ones, making you their most heartbroken enemy.


Page 13

Panel 1
Bubble 1-1: ( ~ 所以~) Ahh~ So~
Bubble 1-2: (我真搞不懂!) I really don't get it!

Panel 2 main
Bubble: (嗯~) Ahh~

Panel 3
Text: (天使都是双生的, 那么---) Angels all have a twin, yet...

Panel 4
Text: (回声呢? 回声的双生天使——“影”是谁呢?) what about Huisheng? Who is Huisheng's

twin-- her "shadow"?)

Panel 5
Text: (克拉丽蒙的女儿好像只有回声一人嘛?) It seems like Clarimond only had one daughter?


Page 14

Panel 1 main
Text 1: (克拉丽蒙不会----只生下回声一个小孩子吧?) Clarimond couldn't have.... only had a

single child, could she?
Text 2: (而且---太奇怪了!) Also... it's just too weird!
Text 3: (不但克拉丽蒙变成女性体, 连回声也是----) Not only did Clarimond change her body to

that of a woman's, Huisheng is also...

Panel 2
Text: (天使的形体是神所创造的, 照理说不可能改变!) An angel's body is one of God's creations,

one shouldn't be able to change it!

Panel 3
TxtSFX: Nng~

Panel 4
Text: (有什么能超越神的力量, 进行这种不可能的蜕变与改造?) What kind of God-surpassing

power could cause this kind of impossible transformation?


Page 15

Panel 1
SFX: (碰) bam

Panel 2 main
Bubble 1: (越来越不像话!) You're becoming so unreasonable!
Bubble 2-1: (以赛亚 你——) Isaiah, you--
Bubble 2-2: (我的头都昏了) my head's getting all fuzzy!

Panel 3
Bubble 1: (你偷跑去人间了?) You snuck off to the human world?
Bubble 2-1: (有什么话不能好好说吗?) What is it you want to say?
Bubble 2-2: (这么暴力! 过厌!)  So violent! I hate it!

Panel 4
Bubble: (我只是想将你脑子里乱七八糟的东西出来而已!) I just want to knock those messed up

thoughts out of your head!

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