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Angel Myth 11

Heavenly World

+ posted by bajuwa as translation on Nov 8, 2010 11:43 | Go to Angel Myth

-> RTS Page for Angel Myth 11

Page 1:

Panel 1
Text: (我居然会有这么低能的双天使, 真是悲衷!) I somehow have such a weak twin, it really is


Panel 2
Bubble 1-1: (我告诉你, 玛西亚! 偷跑去人间事小,) I told you, going to the human world isn't a

big deal,
Bubble 1-2: (但是千万别做危险的事!) but absolutely don't do anything dangerous!

Panel 3 main
Bubble 1: (什么危险的事?) What do you mean dangerous?
Bubble 2: (你啊! 离那个恐怖大王加百列远一点!) You! Stay far away from that incredibly

terrifying Gabriel!


Page 2

Panel 2 main
Bubble 1: (恐怖大王加百列?) Incredibly terrifying Gabriel?
Bubble 2: (你是说这个加百列吗?) You mean this Gabriel?
Bubble 3: (以赛亚不会搞错了吧?) Isaiah couldn't have said it wrong?

Panel 3
Bubble 1: (不要被他美丽的外表给骗了!) Don't be fooled by his beautiful appearance!
Bubble 2-1: (看人不能只看长相! 笨蛋!) You have to look past a person's looks! Idiot!
Bubble 2-2: (看起来忠厚老实的人几乎都是大骗子!) Almost all people who look honest and

sincere are damn liars!
Bubble 2-3: (温柔的人发起飙来更可怕!) It is scarier to see a gentle person in rage!


Page 3

Panel 1
Bubble 1-1: (成天说自己厉害的人, 其实非常无能!) They'll say they're awesome all day long, but

are actually incapable!
Bubble 1-2: (凶巴巴的人不见得都是坏人! 会叫的狗向来不咬人!) Harsh people aren't

necessarily always bad! A dog that barks usually doesn’t bite!

Panel 2
Bubble: (会叫的狗不咬人-----啊! 就是在说你嘛!) A dog that barks but doesn't bite.... Ah!

You're talking about yourself!

Panel 3
Bubble 1: (谁是会叫的狗? 欠扁!) Who's a barking dog? Go die!
Bubble 2 SFX: (哇!) Waa!

Panel 4
Text 1: (你没见过加百列面无表情, 执行命令时的样子!) You’ve never seen when he’s

expressionless and following an order!
Text 2: (那种神情会让你连心都冻成冰!) That kind of expression can freeze ones heart!


Page 4:

Panel 1 main
Bubble 1-1: (那是什时候的事啊?) When was this?
Bubble 1-2: (是天地大战的时候吗?) During the Great War?
Bubble 2-1: (不是, 比天地大战还早。) No, even earlier than the war.
Bubble 2-2: (加百列能一剑砍下撒旦叶的翅膀, 还不恐怖吗?) Gabriel can slice off Satan’s wings

with a single swing, is this still not scary?

Panel 2
Text: (撒旦叶----传说中的堕落天使, 是第一个背叛天使的人!) Satan... the legendary fallen

angel, he was the first one to ever betray the Heavens!

Panel 3
Bubble 1: (总之, 你要听话, 玛西亚。) So in brief, listen to me, Marcia.
Bubble 2: (千万别去招惹加百列哦!) Absolutely don't provoke Gabriel!

Panel 1 (again)
Bubble 1-1: (加百列? 好意外的名字。) Gabriel? Such a sudden name.
Bubble 1-2: (以赛亚, 玛西亚! 你们在谈些什么?) Isaiah, Marcia! What are you talking about?


Page 5:
Text: (——权天使露蜜儿——) ——Angel Ramiel——


Page 6:

Panel 1 main
Bubble 1-1: (真巧啊! 两位!) Ah! What a coincidence!
Bubble 1-2: (在花园散步真是惬意啊!) To meet you while walking in the garden is truly a


Panel 3
Text 1: (太大意了! 竟然没有发现有人接近! 而且---) So careless! I never thought I would find

anyone else around here! Also...)
Text 2: (还是这个超麻烦的人物。) it had to be this overly troublesome individual.

Panel 4:
Bubble 1: (对了! 刚刚----) That's right! Just now....
Bubble 2-1: (好像听你们谈起加百列, 怎么回事呢?) it seemed as if I heard you two talking about

Gabriel, how could this be?
Bubble 2-2: (这是个许久不曾有人提起的名字了!) It has been quite some time since anybody has

mentioned that name!


Page 7

Panel 1
Bubble 1-1: (不是吗? 突然有人谈起,) No? Though so suddenly talking about it,
Bubble 1-2: (一定有原因吧? 以赛亚?) surely there must be a reason? Isaiah?

Panel 2
Bubble 1-1: (你是不是还有什么事没有去报告?) Is there something you still have yet to go report?
Bubble 1-2: (你的任务执行得如何了?) Did you carry out part of your mission?
Bubble 2: (如果隐瞒真相---不太好哦!) Yet if you were to conceal the truth... That wouldn't be

very good!

Panel 4
BubbleSFX 1: (哇) Wah
BubbleSFX 2: (啪) Bam
Bubble 1-1: (以赛亚发现加百列在人间,) Isaiah discovered Gabriel in the human world,
Bubble 1-2: (他正想去报告, 不过被我缠住了!) he really wants to go report this, but here I am

pestering him!


Page 8

Panel 1
Text: (啊! 你怎么说出来了?) Ah! Why did you speak up?
Bubble 1: (我正在向他展示我的收藏品呢!) I am going to show him my collection!
Bubble 2-1: (这是跟妖精族要来的项链。) This is a necklace I recieved from a demon clan.
Bubble 2-2: (啊! 我拿下来给你看呢!) Ah! I will let you have a better look!

Panel 2
Bubble 1: (哇! 真的好漂亮哦!) Waa! So pretty!
Bubble 2-1: (是吧! 上面镶着黄玉呢!) Isn't it! The top is edged with topaz!
Bubble 2-2: (喜欢就送给你吧! 露蜜儿!) If you like it then it's yours, Ramiel!

Panel 3
Bubble 1: (既然你要送给我, 那我就收下咯!) Since you are willing to give it to me, I simply must

Bubble 2-1: (毕竟妖精族的工艺品-----) So it's actually from a demon clan...
Bubble 2-2: (连天神也赞不绝口呢!) Even the Heaven's praise such a piece!

Panel 4
Bubble 1: (谢谢你, 玛西亚! 再见。) Thank you, Marcia! Goodbye.
Bubble 2: (哪里, 再见。) Your welcome, goodbye.

Panel 5
Bubble 1-1: (这是——) This--
Bubble 1-2: (这是怎么回是啊?) How could this be?


Page 9

Panel 1
Bubble 1: (妖精的工艺品在天界很受欢迎。) Demon art is very welcomed in Heaven.
Bubble 2: (我不是问这个啦!) That's not what I meant!

Panel 2
Text: (你在 ?? 吗) ?????
Bubble: (为什么要送东西给那种家伙啊?) Why would you want to give something to a guy like


Panel 3 main
Bubble 1-1: (拜托! 你以为我喜欢送他吗?) Oh please! You think I like giving him my stuff?
Bubble 1-2: (那是我辛苦收藏的饰品耶!) That was my hard collected jewelry!
Bubble 2: (那为什么——) Then why--

Panel 4
Bubble 1: (看在那条项链的份上, 露蜜儿应该不会立即报告。) Since he's looking at that necklace,

Ramiel shouldn't be able to go report immediately.
Bubble 2: (你就?这个时候先去回报任务吧! 以赛亚!)  You should take this time to go report

first! Isaiah!


Page 10

Panel 1
Bubble 1: (你叫我别说的嘛!)  You told me not to say anything!
Bubble 2-1: (被逮着了也没办法了。) Yet there's no point in getting arrested.
Bubble 2-2: (本想先找到拉斐尔之后再说的。) My original idea was to mention this after I had

found Raphael.

Panel 2
Bubble 1-1: (去吧!) Let's go!
Bubble 1-2: (我陪你去。) I will accompany you.

Panel 3 main
Bubble 1: (哇! 以赛亚好漂亮哦!) Waa! Isaiah's so pretty!
Text: (穿大礼服时翅膀通常收起来) Wings stay hidden when wearing ceremonial clothes
Bubble 2: (那个叫露蜜儿的给我记住!) That Ramiel better remember me!


Page 11

Panel 1
Bubble 1: (好了! 别再耍宝了! 走吧!) Good! Now stop fooling around! Let's go!
Bubble 2: (遵命!) Yes your highness!

Panel 2
Text 1: (天界是何时变成这样的?) When did Heaven become like this?
Text 2: (是它原来就是这样, 只是我没有发觉----) Was it always like this, yet I never noticed....


Page 12

Text 1: (还是---) Or...
Text 2: (它真的----悄悄的改变了?) Did it ever so slowly change?


Page 13

Panel 1
SFX: (咯) ke (umm... replace with whatever sfx you deem appropriate i guess =P)

Panel 2
Bubble: (唔?) Wuuh..?

Panel 3
Text 1: (啊? 我又睡着了吗?)  Ah? I feel asleep again?
Text 2: (不得了! 已经两点了!) Oh no! It's already 2am!

Panel 4
Bubble 1: (糟糕! 还有英文和数学作业还没做完!) I still haven't done my english and math

Bubble 2: (最近发生太多奇怪的事了! 又玩得太疯---) There has been too much weird stuff going

on lately! I've also been playing around too much....

Panel 5
Text 1: (我不能再打瞌睡了!) I can't doze off anymore!
Bubble: (完了! 明天铁定交不出来了!)  Done! ??????
Text 2: (作业迟交会扣分耶!) I'll lose marks if it's late!

Border text: (还有一个熟夜的人——) There is also another person up late---


Page 14

Panel 1
Bubble 1: (这下子完蛋了!) This is just insane!
Bubble 2: (还有一万多字, 头昏怎么生得出来?) There's still another thousand words left, how

come I'm so dizzy?

Panel 2
Text 1: (熟了两夜了, 我快要彻底阵亡了!) Already stayed up two nights, I'm going to die from

this soon!
Text 2: (唉! 肚子好饿, 去找东西吃吧!) Aaye! So hungry, I'll go find something to eat!

Panel 3 main
Text 1: (唉! 自己也觉得不可思议!) Aaye! This is so unbelievable!
Text 2: (我居然靠写小说, 养一个小女孩长大。) I never thought I would have to rely on writing a

novel to raise a daughter.

Panel 4
Text 1: (对了! 现在外加一只猫!) That's right! I also picked up a stray cat!
Text 2: (我真伟大!) I truly am a wonder!

Border Text: (她不知道还有一个天使。) She doesn't know they also have an Angel.

Panel 5
Bubble 1: (小猫迷啊! 你还没睡啊?) Little kitty! You still haven't gone to sleep?
Bubble 2: (要不要吃点心? 我顺便弄给你吃!) Do you want a little something to eat? I'll make

some for you as well!


Page 15

Panel 1:
Text 1: (真的吗?) Really?
Text 2: (好吃哦!) Delicious!

Panel 2
Text 1: (好吃好吃! 我还要!) Delicious! I want more!

Panel 3
Text: (啊? 睡着了!) Ah? She's fallen asleep!

Panel 4
Bubble: (就是在这里吗?) You sure it's this place?

Panel 5
Bubble: (克拉丽蒙的女儿——) Clarimond's daugher--

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