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Angel Myth 12

Circles of Reflection

+ posted by bajuwa as translation on Nov 10, 2010 10:01 | Go to Angel Myth

-> RTS Page for Angel Myth 12

Page 1

Panel 1
Text 1: (哇! 加百列的字好漂亮哦!) Waa! Gabriel's writing is so pretty!
Bubble: (这样写可以吗? 我只能帮忙英文的部分。) Is writing like this alright? I can only help out with the English part.
Text 2: (可是老师搞不好会看出来这是别人的笔迹。) But the teacher will be able to tell it's someone else's writing.

Panel 2
Text: (啊! 不管了! 上帝呀! 请原谅我叫大天使做这种事----) Aah, anyways! God! Please forgive me for making an Archangel do this sort of thing...

Panel 4
Text 1: (加百列---) Gabriel...
Text 2: (他真的将那条绶带取下之后, ) Ever since he took off that silk belt,
Text 3: (就没有在戴上了。) he hasn't worn it again.


Page 2

Panel 1 (main)
Text 1: (经过这么多事,) Having experienced this much,
Text 2: (我突然想到---) I suddenly thought...

Panel 2
Text 1: (真正的事实, 是不是与我门所知道的相差很远呢?) Compared to the facts, isn't what we know really different?
Text 2: (我们所知道的各种神话或神迹, 或许有某种程度的真实吧?) Every single fairytale or miracle, or perhaps everything?

Panel 3
Bubble: (回声!) Huisheng!

Panel 4
Bubble 1: (你再发呆的话,) If you start daydreaming again,
Bubble 2: (天就要亮了喔!) it will soon be light out!

Panel 5
Bubble: (啊!) Ah!
Text: (对喔!) That's right!


Page 3
SFX: (啪) bang


Page 4

Panel 1 SFX: (啪) bang (maybe clatter?)

Panel 2
Bubble: (咦? 不见了? 加百列?) Eh? He's gone? Gabriel?

Panel 3
Bubble 1: (执行华连西尔未完成的任务!) Carry out Harachel's unfinished mission!
Bubble 2: (杀掉新的光之天使——回声!) Kill the new Light Angel —— Huisheng!


Page 5

Bubble: (谁?) Who's there?


Page 6: nothing


Page 7

Bubble 1-1: (黑衣? 原来如此!) Black clothes? So that's it!
Bubble 1-2: (是执法天使吧?) You are Law Enforcement Angels right?


Page 8

Panel 1
Bubble 1: (你----不会就是光之天使回声吧?) You... You can't be the Light Angle Huisheng?
Bubble 2: (不是吧? 以赛亚说回声还是人类的样子呀!) No? Isaiah said Huisheng had the appearance of human!

Panel 2 main
Bubble 1-1: (没弄清楚自己将遇到什么对手,) You are not even sure of your opponent,
Bubble 1-2: (就接受命令? 你们也真随便!) and yet you still accept the order? You are truly negligent!


Page 9

Panel 1
Bubble 1: (不过,) But,
Bubble 2: (任何人都无法对抗“神的命令”, 就连米凯尔也----) no one is able to refuse one of "God's orders", not even Michael...

Panel 2
Bubble 1: (啊? 你说什么米凯尔?) Ah? What Michael?
Bubble 2: (传说中的圣天使?) The Holy Michael from the legends?

Panel 3
Text Line 1: (神在创世之初,) When God created the world,
Text Line 2: (以他自己的形象以及对方的法力,) relying upon his own vision as well as the other side's magical power,
Text Line 3: (分别创造了两位天使——米凯尔与路西华。) he created two unique angels —— Michael and Lucifer.
Text Line 4: (而拥有神所有正面力量的米凯尔统领整个天使军,) Michael not only possessed God's almighty power, he also led the entire Angel Forces.
Text Line 5: (是天界最强的战士。) He was Heaven's strongest warrior.
Text Line 6: (不过, 随着天地大战的结束,) But then, following the end of the Great War,
Text Line 7: (这位圣天使已经成为传说了。) this Holy Angel had already become a myth.


Page 10

Panel 1
Bubble: (你又是谁? 为什么阻挡我们?) Who are you? Why are you stopping us?

Panel 2
Bubble 1-1: (两位执法天使是来处决回声的吧?) Two Law Enforcement Angels who came to execute Huisheng?
Bubble 1-2: (而我会出现在这里, 当然要保护回声。) I will obviously appear here to protect Huisheng.

Panel 3
Bubble 1-1: (你究竟是谁? 我在天界没见过你!) Who exactly are you? I've never seen you in Heaven!
Bubble 1-2: (该不会是堕落天使一伙的党羽吧?) You couldn't be from a gang of Fallen Angels, right?


Page 11

Panel 1
Bubble 1: (哈哈哈!) Hahaha!
Bubble 3: (竟然也有天使不知道加百列啊!) Seems there are angels who don't know Gabriel!
Bubble 4: (索西特?) Suoxite?

Panel 2
Bubble: (加百列? 你是加百列? 怎么可能?) Gabriel? You're Gabriel? How is that possible?

Panel 3
Bubble 1-1: (加百列! 这两个不知死活的苍蝇,) Gabrie! These two reckless flies,
Bubble 1-2: (就交给我来料理吧!) let me handle them!

Panel 4
Bubble SFX: (赫!) Heuh!
Bubble 2: (看我的---) Watch me...


Page 12

Panel 2
Bubble 1: (妖精族?) Demons?
Bubble 2: (你们也在觊觎回声身上的创世纪之密?) You're also coveting the secret about Huisheng's creation? ****

Panel 3
Bubble: (算你们有点眼光!) Look's like you guys are pretty sharp!


Page 13: nothing


Page 14

Panel 1
Bubble 1-1: (雷电兽?) Lightning beast?
Bubble 1-2: (原来索西特是火属的精灵?) Suoxite is actually a fire spirit?
Bubble 2: (我有点明白你为什么被安置在回声的身边了!) I understand a little more why you were arranged to be by Huisheng's side!

Panel 2
Bubble 1: (笨蛋! 你现在才知道我们八字不合的原因啊?) Idiot! You just figured why us "8 characters" are on bad terms?
Bubble 2: (快放开我!) Let go of me already!
BubbleSFX: (踢!) Kick!
Bubble 3: (放开我听见没?) Let go you here me?
DottedText: (加百列属水) Gabriel's element is water


Page 15: nothing


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