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Good Luck, Demon King! 1

Eternal Intern?

+ posted by bajuwa as translation on Aug 3, 2011 17:33 | Go to Good Luck, Demon King!

-> RTS Page for Good Luck, Demon King! 1

Demon King ch1
trans: bajuwa, proof: mourishin

(prechapter 1)
Team Gujiu

(left) Hana Hana
Birthday: July 13th
Blood Type: B
Current City: Hangzhou

(right) Bixi (bee-shee)
Birthday: December 31st
Blood Type: Uncertain
Current City: Hangzhou

(black bubble)
Rice and meat are the most delicious things in the world! If you don't have rice, then no matter what other dishes you have it will all taste bland.
Man is the weapon and rice is the steel.
Eating rice is the greatest!

(character bio page)
Salaman - A lazy sleepyhead in his first year at the Magic Academy who happens to be this manga's lead male character. At first it seems like he's unable to accomplish anything, but when danger arises can he explode forth with unbelievable power?
By his side is his snake familiar, Xiao Fu

Xiao Fu - Salaman's snake familiar. He's never a single step away from his master, Salaman, yet is always being bullied by him. When people aren't looking, he's able to change into a human-like form.

Aisila - The severely arrogant younger sister of the Forest Academy's Headmaster. Even though she's known Salaman for a long time, she has never liked him.

Xiao Xing (shing) - Aisila's best friend and student of the Xingyou class. She normally talks very slowly, and it seems that no matter what situation arises, she never shows a stressed appearance.

Kemoqi (Keh-moh-chee) - Cheerful, with definite likes and dislikes. He believes himself to be Salaman's good friend, and his energetic
attitude leaves Salaman unable to resist the claim.

Iku (Ee-koo) - Kemoqi's tall and cool diehard supporter. Since he often helps Kemoqi clean up his messes, he seems more mature than others his age.

High Mage - Forest Academy's Headmaster and Aisila's older brother

Yunyang (Yoo-een-yahng) - Third year student in the Xingyou (shing-yoh) class; he's a god in biological magic.

Luoman (loo-wuoh-mahn) - Teacher of the first year Xingyou class; has a special relationship with YunYang

(Chapter list page)

This is a wonderful world ruled by magic. It's full of ancient myths and legends of all types, including one such legend that has been on most people's tongues as of late. One about the battle between an evil demon king and the great sages...
In the current day, at the world's one and only Magic Academy -- the Forest Academy of Magic, more and more odd creatures seem to be appearing and causing trouble. And in the middle of it all, there always seems to be the shadow of an academy student named "Salaman"... With these signs, it seems like it's all hinting that something surprising is about to happen!

Act.1 Eternal Intern?
Act.2 First Year Xingyou Class
Act.3 Monsters in the Academy
Act.4 Killer Rock
Act.5 Memories
Act.6 "Stop Flaunting."
Act.7 "Friend?"
Act.8 Idiot Xuezhang 1
Act.9 Idiot Xuezhang 2
Special Story
(middle) Contents

(Title page)
Good Luck, Demon King! (x2)
Act 1: Eternal Intern?

This is a wonderful world ruled by magic.
It's full of ancient myths and legends of all types, including one such legend that has been on most people's tongues as of late. One about the battle between an evil demon king and the great sages...


Where are you? Salaman...

Really... Where has that child run off to this time?
It's already time for him to make his 31st attempt at passing the Intern's Beginner's Exam in three years!
t: Forest Academy of Magic - High Mage

If he fails once more, even I as the Headmaster can't help but feel helpless...

sfx: Step on

Hey! Don't you have eyes?! Little brat! Hurry up and apologize!!

Ah, Xiao Fu?

t: Snake Familiar - Xiao Fu

Since his pet is here... That must mean the master mustn't be too far.
Who're you calling a pet! Damn you! Don't pretend you can't hear me!


...Of course you would hide here to sleep again.
t: Eternal Intern - Salaman

Hehehe... Delicious, strawberry cake... Yum...
t: Sleep talking

Salaman, wake up!
t: Shake Shake

sidebar: Familiar

Huu... Huhuu... So many cakes... Flying in the sky... Be quiet... Let me eat...
t: Hurry and get up already!

Patience, patience... I'm a dignified High Mage, one that is well recognized in this academy... I can't be angered so easily... Yes...
t: Anger level

Ngghh... High Mage's face looks like dark chocolate... Hehe... Definitely tastes bad...

You asked for it!
t: Anger level

You're the only intern in this entire academy who has failed this test 31 times already! Salaman! Quickly go pass this test already!
...Morning? Eh... How come my head... has so many bumps...?

Intern's Beginner Exam

Remember! If you fail again, I'll turn you into a newt!

Ah... He's here, that rumored eternal intern. In three whole years he's never passed this exam.
So that's him?

I heard that any time he attends the exam, awful things happen!

Intern Salaman, it's almost time to start the exam.
Hello teacher, what's the test on?
This time the exam topic is--
Let's do our best...

Make a perfect 'Blister Eradicating' Potion. (tl: uh.... i kinda hope i tl'ed that wrong)

Hey, you gonna be okay? You've never paid attention to a single class; your head's completely full of straw.

t: Grab

t: Throws in
Wah! What the hell are you doing?!

He threw his own familiar into the cauldron... Is that even a potion?
Scary... Listen, he's crying out continuously...
bt: Won't he boil him?!



t: So scary
In- Intern Salaman, would you like me to help you with that?
You shouldn't throw just anything into the cauldron...

t: Thick smoke arises

Eh... This smoke, isn't it weird?

How come... I'm so tired... all of a sudden...

t: Everyone's asleep

t: Pops out
smallt: Cough! Cough!

t: What a pitiful sight...

t: Slither down
This is why I asked you if you were going to be alright.

Throwing random things into a cauldron...
Under weird circumstances, you have managed to make a very potent sleeping potion...
bt: Normal Appearance

Everyone has been taken out by your potion.
t: Snore-

From the looks of it, they will sleep for another 3-4 days. You just wait till the High Mage roars at you, you pitiful guy.
t: Pulls

t: Carries
As for you throwing me in the cauldron, I'll leave that for now.

You see... I still have some use for you...

Red bean cake, snowflakes... cake... so delicious...

At the same time with the Headmaster-

Today feels so peaceful...
Salaman can definitely pass the exam.

High Mage, sir! It's bad! Something big has happened at the Intern's Beginner Exam!

Don't tell me...
t: crack
I've already told you, he's no good! Big Brother.

That kind...

That kind of weird guy who comes out of nowhere has absolutely no talent at studying magic!
It's best just to expel him as soon as possible!

Sidecomic: -Siblings-
The High Mage and his little sister have personalities that differ from most...

As well as captivatingly beautiful appearances...

And naturally strong magic which results in--

Easily getting angered.

Salaman, you messed up again!
Salaman, you idiot!

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