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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Good Luck, Demon King! 2

First Year All-Stars Class

+ posted by bajuwa as translation on Feb 29, 2012 05:17 | Go to Good Luck, Demon King!

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Chapter 2
translation: bajuwa
proofed by: Mourishin

Since long ago, inside this forest has stood a Magic Academy, where one masters the most powerful yet mysterious magic.
The Academy today (...What's wrong with an egg-shaped building?!) is a place where groups of friends may be brought up into outstanding mages.

(large text) Good Luck, Demon King!
Act.2 First Year All-Stars Class

(border paragraph)
-Forest Academy of Magic-
It is said to have been founded long ago by a great sage. The Academy is located in the central zone of the forest -- Is there some special significance to this?
The Academy enrolls children with magic potential from all over the world. For the purpose of cultivating outstanding sages, the system comprehensively teaches students. Thus, they know how to use magic in an appropriate way.

But- There is one exception.

He... He's here!!

Run away! Intern-killer Salaman is here!!
Save meeee...
t: Scatters

Aiyaa... Seems like while you were unconscious, your bad reputation has gotten worse.
Those that took the test with you should still be asleep then.

I can't remember what happened that day.
But you do remember stirring me up in that cauldron!
But... There's also something else I remember clearly...

I remember falling asleep with everyone else, but I was the first one to get to the hospital... Why is that?
t: stiffens

Do you know why, Xiao Phoo?

t: Shit! I can't let him find out...
t: That I can change forms!

Probably... because the wind carried you there...
Quit the nonsense.

sfx: Boing!
Both master and familiar are such liars. Take this!

Nobody wants to see you around the Academy anymore, can't you tell? What an eyesore.

Don't throw things around! That hurt!

That's not just some normal toy, look closely! That's the Academy's First Year Badge, it's proof that you're studying magic here!!

Wuaa! It's the real thing!

Since you're so useless, big brother... No, the High Mage, made an exception and exempt you from the exam, letting you pass to your first year studies!
Even though you got that badge, I hope you're a little more cautious from now on!

t: Not listening
sfx: jicha jicha
bt: Pay attention!

This guy... Why can’t he ever pay attention?!

t: -- Two days earlier

...What? Let him become a first year?! Everyone else worked their butts off at that exam, how come he's the only exception?!

Brother, you're the Headmaster of this Academy! How could you be so unfair like this?!
You're abusing your job for your own purposes!

Asura... Although you are my most beloved sister, I will not tolerate this disrespect.

Allowing Salaman to start his first year studies wasn't a decision made by your brother, but by the Headmaster of the Forest Academy and, therefore, shall not be questioned.

-High Mage-
Other than the Sages, the next highest rank is the High Mage, who also happens to be Forest Academy's own Headmaster. Since everyone uses this title to address him, even he himself has forgotten his own name.

Brother was so horrible to me ‘cause of this guy...
t: Height difference
Lemme see the badge!
Thank you so much for delivering this badge to me.

bt: At least he's polite.
Excuse me... But, who are you?

Ouch... Why did you hit me...?
...Serves you right for asking such a rude question.

She's Asura, the younger sister of the same High Mage that raised you since you were orphaned. You've already seen her many times before, but you just never took notice...
She's got a huge ego... This time you've managed to dissatisfy her even more.

t: Thinks

How troublesome... Let's just forget about it.

It's because of this that you're hated by people...
But... Where's the first year classroom? I've never been there before.
The name of your class should be on your badge, use that as a start.

Don't get lost... And don't fall asleep along the way!


t: First Year – All-Stars Class (baj: original chinese characters mean "star" and "excellence")

-All-Stars Class-
Every grade can only have one class with the title "All-Stars", which is filled with that year's most talented students. Within the Academy, it's the class acknowledged for its great potential! But don't pat yourself on the back just for getting in, if you relax too much you could find yourself falling behind and you could easily be forced back into a regular class! Same goes for regular students, if they show outstanding results, they can move into the All-Stars class!

Welcome to the First Year All-Stars class, my cute little lambs.
I am the professor that will be responsible for educating you for the next three years-- Luoman.
Please remember this name.

You have all overcome your own obstacles and have been chosen to be part of the special All-Stars class. I believe that everyone understands what a rare opportunity this is.

Your group has the most aptitude of all the first years, so our curriculum of magical study will not be as superficial as just using magic proficiently...

There will also be a Sage selection after three years, and you will all have the opportunity to become a Sage worthy of everyone’s respect!
One that will eliminate all the dangerous monsters from our world!

Hey, what the hell is with these pasted-on eyes?
These last few years, a few lower level monsters of unknown origin have been appearing on this continent.

Other than our normal magic research classes, we will also have practical battles with these monsters.

So I hope that you can all become proficient and make use of all that you have studied.

Obviously, the battles will be conducted under a teacher's help and supervision, and will be carefully carried out--

* Intern
Have the potential to become a future mage!
* Apprentice
Classes are in session!
* Spellcaster
Finally graduated from the Academy!
* Professor
Head of an Academy class.
* Mage
A powerful magic user who wanders the continent!
* High Mage
Can be a Headmaster!
* Sage
The world's second most acknowledged person!
* Great Sage
Absolute most acknowledged person!

So you must not become lazy...

t: Fast Asleep



Not good, you've been seen, wake up...
t: smack smack

Tche... That kind of guy, what about him is a qualified All-Stars student?

t: Grab!

t: Wham!!

...What...Is your name?
It huuurts.

...What an odd name.
Salaman, please come to my office after class is dismissed.

-Great Sage-
From the time of the legendary battle between the Demon King and the three Great Sages until now, there have been high level sages serving the country that will forever be admired.
They possess outstanding magical power, are kind and compassionate, and are loved by the people. Countries with sages also have powerful magic defenses. If one wants to become a sage, one must first be an extremely rare and powerful spellcaster. Therefore, given the world's limits, the number of sages is very, very few.

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