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Good Luck, Demon King! 3

Monsters in the Academy

+ posted by bajuwa as translation on Feb 29, 2012 05:23 | Go to Good Luck, Demon King!

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Demon King c3
translation: bajuwa
proofed by: Mourishin

Act3. Monsters in the Academy

t: After school

You brat, you have no idea how to be a good person! My stomach still hurts from you hitting me...

I thought you were a mosquito.
You're the mosquito!!

sfx: rustle rustle

Professor's office is really far, I'm feeling a little hungry.
Eh? There seems to be a weird noise coming from the thicket.
sfx: gurgle

Q: Is Salaman male or female?
Xiao Phoo: Huh! What a weird question... Some people seem to doubt that guy’s gender? With him being fond of food, drowsy, egotistic, small brained, cruel to animals, how could he possibly have relations with such a cute girl? Salaman, isn't that right?
Salaman: ...
(silently pulls down pants)
Xiao Phoo: Agh! What're you doing, you idiot?! Cloth yourself, cloth yourself!!
Salaman: Not a girl.
Xiao Phoo: I know! I know... I'm sorry, just hurry up and put your pants back on!

What should I eat once we get back? Apple pie sounds good...
Get your mind off of food! There's something over there.

Who's that sneaking about? Show yourself!

Rude lil’ snake, don't tell me you're the only ones allowed to walk here?

Oh, so it was the new classmates.

t: Stare--

...Hello to you too.
Xiao Shin, what're you being so polite to him for?
bt: That's not necessary!
top t: Polite Children
bottom t: bow

We classmates should unite under friendship...
But it's no use with him!

Xiao Shin, you don't know; this guy wasn't even able to pass the intern's beginner exam...

The only reason he's in the All-Stars class is 'cause the High Mage...

sfx: Shuffle Shuffle

t: Dong!!

Q. Xiao Phoo has both human ears and rabbit ears, which ones does he use to hear things with?

Salaman:... Xiao Phoo, you have rabbit ears?
Xiao Phoo: W-W-What? They definitely asked wrong, how can I be anything but just an ordinary snake!
Salaman: Asked wrong?
Xiao Phoo: Exactly, so don't worry 'bout it.
(breaks out in cold sweat)


t: Squishy
t: Shiny


It's a monster, a monster! You idiot!!

...the human's definition of "monster" is very odd...

Such an idiotic pair, I don't think you two will ever get it!

In short, if it's a monster, we have to eliminate it! Just leave it to me!

Fire spirits, please lend me your ear...
Turn your anger into burning evil power...



sfx: Sizzle

t: falls

Against such a low ranking monster, just a simple trick from me does the job.
Ms Ai is amazing...

Against that kind of small fry, suddenly using a mid-level pyroblast.
...Did you eat too much?

All you do all day is eat and sleep; you're so rude! Hurry and apologize!
I'm so hungry.

You seem a little unusual...

t: Startle

t: Quickly advances

Shit! Xiao Shin, hide!

Iku, sick 'em boy!

t: K.O.
You must be scared, my beauty.

Don't worry, I'm here...

...And I'm with my beloved dog, Iku...

Are you okay? Can you stand?

Fire type magic is one of the Elemental Magics, and has always been famous for its power. The Pyroblast that Asura often uses is a very effective mid-level fire magic. During a fight, enemies could also explode from the attack, giving it twice the damage.
It's also different from lower level magic. Mid-level elemental magic requires users to chant spells to summon the elemental spirit, and then they receive the spirits’ magic technique. The Flame Spirit always has an arrogant, stubborn and unruly attitude. Spellcasters able to order the Flame Spirit about can definitely summon one to them.

Thank you... I'm alright.
That's good.
Xiao Shin, are you hurt?

Iku, you're so horrible. You use an enchanted blade that's only supposed to be used against monsters, and yet you sliced my skull like that.

Hello everyone, I'm first year All-Stars student, Iku. This nonsense-spouting guy at my side is called Comocky.
t: Iku's such a meanieee!

So we're classmates, then... I'm Asura, the girl you saved is Xiao Shin.
t: That guy is weird...

As for that guy--
sfx: poke poke

t: Turns around

You guys are cruel, you killed the jelly.

Wh... What jelly? I told you that's a monster!

The jelly didn't do anything wrong.

If we wait ’till then, it'll be too late!

sfx: cough cough
Alright, alright. My fellow students, please ease yourselves.

You were the one the professor asked about during class... Salaman, right? Aah...

Salaman, although the "jelly" hadn't done anything bad, a monster is still a monster.
No matter how cute it is, it's just a disguise.
t: grin

-Enchanted Weapons-
Blades, bows, and other offensive weapons that were forged using magic are called "Enchanted Weapons". They are an evolving weapon, and after an upgrade they will obey their master’s will and change forms, an extremely convenient ability. A sword-like thing that can not only slice but change form...
Enchanted Weapons are different from distant spell scrolls as they require the wielder to perform a physical attack. This way it packs a double punch from both physical and magical damage. This means that wielders must study both magic and weapon techniques.
If one who wishes to practice this type of magic technique can overcome this obstacle, they will become an amazing fighter in the future!

We're also spellcasters, it's our responsibility to eliminate them.

Exactly! Well said, my worthy friend!

But, although the professor's office is very remote, having so many inspection stations along the way is odd.
It's probably because small animals got mixed in and entered.

Since monsters are monsters, no matter how cute they are...


That big cutie behind you guys... is also a monster?

sfx: Grrrr---

t: Petrified

From ancient times there were monsters inhabiting the world: There are even recorded documents portraying them as evil creatures bent on destruction!
Monsters living in the human world have become increasingly frequent these past few years; does this mean that something bad is about to happen?

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