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Good Luck, Demon King! 4

Killer Rock

+ posted by bajuwa as translation on Feb 29, 2012 05:28 | Go to Good Luck, Demon King!

-> RTS Page for Good Luck, Demon King! 4

Demon King c4
translation: bajuwa
proofed by: Mourishin

Act4. Killer Rock!

How... How is this possible?
...A Killer Rock appeared on Academy ground!

sfx: crackle
t: Rise

Yo ho! Hello big...


sfx: BANG
sfx: crackle crackle

t: Flings!
sfx: Woosh!!

Xiao Shin, get Salaman out of here and find help! Iku, Comocky, help me delay him!
Okay, no problem!

Classmate Salaman... Wake up...

t: unconscious

bt: knocked out

t: drags

Flame Spirit, converge--

Wind Spirit...
Use your wings to rip apart our foe!

t: Wham!
t: Woosh!
Blade of Wind!

t: Woosh--

sfx: pang!

Damnit! It's too hard... The blade won't cut it!

-Wind Magic-
Out of all the elements, wind magic is the hardest to "master". It's definitely not because the spell is hard to remember, nor is the spell hard to understand. It's actually because wind spirits have a very free-moving attitude and love to run to and fro, making it hard to track them down and seize them.
Therefore, when spellcasters that have just started studying wind magic can speak the spell clearly, but don't see any results, often leading to an awkward situation--It's definitely the naughty wind spirit not knowing where to play next!

sfx: Huuu



sfx: Shrrr
Shit! An imprisonment spell! Our power is slowly being absorbed!

sfx: crackle--

Lady Asura! Watch out!!

Xiao Shin?!
t: Barrier!!
sfx: Bam!!

There are a few impatient spellcasters who, when they haven't yet matured, will temporarily suspend their wind magic studies.
Obviously, if you're able to gain the wind spirit's affection, then you don't have to worry. Though, even if you don't summon them, they could also appear of their own free will

Don't... hurt Ms. Ai...

Xiao Shin! Didn't I tell you to get Salaman out of here?! Get going! You can't hurt him!

t: Pissed (or angry, if that doesn't fit the tone xP)

sfx: Wham!
sfx: Smash!

Xiao Shin!
t: collapse

t: Creeping shadow!

...I can't break free!


What now...? This is bad...

Who... Who's going to save us?!!

crackle crackle

Curses have been passed down from distant places all over the country, and were referred to by the people as "marking techniques". They are a type of mysterious spell that is completely different from elemental magic. Even in those distant lands, very few tribes have mastered them.
Those who use curses imprint the curse as well as magical power onto paper, turning them into mysterious--- "marks". Using these marks can create magical events, thus removing the long time required to sing an elemental spell. This kind of "magic seal" seems to be rumored to have the ability to be concealed in ones’ blood?
Currently, Xiao Shin is the only student at the Academy that can use these curses.
...What spell is this? I've never heard it before...


t: sha


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