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Translations: Gintama 619 (2) , One Piece 850 by cnet128

Good Luck, Demon King! 5


+ posted by bajuwa as translation on Jun 16, 2012 23:05 | Go to Good Luck, Demon King!

-> RTS Page for Good Luck, Demon King! 5

Demon King c5
trans: bajuwa, proof: mourishin

Act5. Memories

You're awake... Classmate Salaman.

This is the Academy's infirmary... It seems like we were the only ones injured.

You were unconscious for a long time... It's already deep into the night.
sfx: gurgle

...Yet the Academy is still as alive as before.

This monster attack... alarmed the whole school...

Everyone is alert.

Wud oo zay? (What'd you say?)
t: Eating nonstop

t: pat
Haaah! I'm full, now to look for Xiao Phoo!

...Xiao Phoo? Is that your familiar?

Yup, that's him.

He's usually lying up here!
But now he's not, he must have fallen off during our activities earlier.

It seems... Classmate Salaman cares for him a lot.

t: Embarrassed
Hehe... It does? I think I'm quite a good master. In order to keep him healthy, I often take him through a lot of activities...

t: I give him full-body massages. (but, he always yells that it hurts.)
t: I use him as a rope to keep him flexible. (but, it makes him mad.)
t: I also pull him out straight so I can use him to beat blankets, hehe. It's extremely convenient. (He always tells me to stop because he's shy!)
No... I think Xiao Phoo... really does want you to stop...


Since I could remember, Xiao Phoo has always been by my side... Keeping a memory-less person like me company...

Up until the High Mage found me, and took me to the Academy... Xiao Phoo was the only one by my side.

Classmate Salaman, your past... you don't remember any of it?

Yup, other than my name, I couldn't remember who I was or where I came from.
High Mage raised me and let me study at the Academy. It's already been three years since then.

During these three years, I've learned how to do many activities with Xiao Phoo! Activities!
Miss Ai said that it was Salaman who saved us. But could he... really have such strong magical power? ...Someone who has no memories...

That's right! I heard a snake's gall bladder tastes really good! What do you think?

t: People are prohibited from the battle site.

sfx: Bam!

Tsk... He failed...
But next time, I won't let him get away that easily...
Classmate Salaman...

t: Wakes
t: up!

Eh? Eh?? Why was I in a rock pile?

t: Memory returns
I remember--Salaman was sent flying by the rock golem, his hat fell off, so I got bashed into a rock... And got knocked out...

Did that Salaman guy use magic? What an intense aura...

I'll just follow this aura back to him, then.

t: Slither... Slither Slither...

t: Too slow!

No other choice, then.

...This will be much faster.

It's been a while since I've walked as a human; I'm not very used to it.

Crap, the aura within the Academy is too muddled... I can't tell where Salaman is.

Really? A real golem appeared and was defeated by a first year?!
It's absolutely true! They say that first year used an unknown spell, maybe it’s some evil magic?
Hmm... We shouldn't tell people about this so easily.


Excuse me, could I ask...

That first year who defeated the monster, where is he now?

In... In the ninth floor infirmary...
Thank you!

Salaman's aura is getting stronger, he should be close.


t: painful

That hurt...


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