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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Hourou Musuko 39

Girl's Dress Rehearsal

+ posted by boke as translation on Mar 21, 2009 04:03 | Go to Hourou Musuko

-> RTS Page for Hourou Musuko 39

[boke's comments in brackets like this]

[since the scan I worked off of were double page spreads, this script is keyed to this particular set of scans. Take note that I use FILE number, not page number]

70-1 Chapter 39
Girl's Dress Rehearsal

70-2 Saisho-sensei did it!
He got the last spot for the gym

70-3 I overheard it in the teacher's lounge yesterday

70-4 You've got guts going head to head with the drama club

It was just a last ditch effort...

It's like "The Glass Mask"


70-5 Nitorin, you're gonna submit your scenario, right?

But I haven't been able to get it to come together...

70-6 I don't know if they'll choose it anyway...

71-1 It's Seya-kun


71-2 Good Morning



71-3 Um, where's Nitori...?


71-4 She's got a cold today...


71-5 Thanks

71-6 Seiya-kun sounds like he has a cold too, huh?

71-8 I think that might be

71-9 Hey

Is that his voice changing?

72-1 Ah

You're so dense!

72-2 It's going to come one day! To you and me too!

The horrible....

sfx: Change in voice

72-4 Ah, I've got a good idea!

72-5 What?

Still a secret

72-7 Morning!


72-8 What the hell...

Eh Eh Eh

It's just that Chi-chan's really into touching people's stomaches right now

72-9 whumpa whumpa


"It's just"...? The hell?

72-10 Chiba-san would hate that


73-1 This one's a pain too...

Sarashina-san's gone now

73-2 Ugh

My indoor shoes are dirty

73-4 Takatsuki-san... have you gotten taller?

73-5 Eh?

I wanna be taller too!

A little...
It's seems so

Me too?

73-6 Sasa-chan, your turn's next


73-12 Ah, um...


74-1 Is Nitori-kun here...?

Ah, yes, he's here

74-2 Gotcha!



There's some 2nd year to see you...

73-3 What are you doing!?

73-4 How's... your sister?

She's not that bad
She's got an appetite

73-5 She just has a little fever...

I see...

73-6 Can I come see her today?


73-9 Is she sleeping?


73-10 Ok! So let's get ready!

You really going to do it?

73-11 But I don't know when this voice is going to dissapear
I want some sort of record of it...

74-1 It'll be too late when we get Adam's Apples and our voices drop!

G-got it!

sfx: Bam


74-2 But...
We don't have to dress up just to record our voices...

74-3 This is for a great cause!

sfx: The main point

sfx: Bam

Is because we like to do it!

G-got it!


74-4 "Great cause"...?

If we dress up, our feelings will become more heightened

74-5 You put up such a fuss even though you really like to do it, geez

84-6 You look better in drag than I do, so just shut up!


Ok, let's get changed...

74-7 See, look. He's not unhappy about it after all...

Mako-chan, which one?

74-8 Ok, I'll go first

74-9 Yeah

74-10 click

84-11 Hm mm mm

75-1 My name is Ariga Mako [Mako uses a feminine pronoun "watashi", instead of his normal masculine one "boku". "Mako" is also a name that could be for boys or girls.]

76-3 Like that


76-3 Let's listen

My name is Ariga Mako

76-4 Eeeeeh?
That' my voice?
I thought it would be cuter

76-5 You're next, Nitorin


Just consider it practice. Don't stress.

76-6 I'm going to press it
Here I go

Hm hm mm

76-7 My name is Nitori Shuuichi [Shuu use his normal masculine pronoun here. He also use his own name, which is clearly a boy's name.]

76-8 Hey! Nitorin!

After all this to set the mood, you're ruining it!


76-9 Well
Shuuichi is boy's name after all

76-10 For the moment, use your sister's name

76-11 Click

77-1 My name is... Nitori Maho

77-2 So cuuute!

77-3 Just who the hell

Is Nitori Maho!?

77-4 S...

Ding dong

You two... Every time I turn my back

77-5 Don't move, you idiots


77-7 Guest! A guest!
Four eyes! Get the door!

Whumpa whupa

77-8 Stay still. Get the door...
Let's go, Nitorin...


78-1 You stay put!

78-2 Four eyes!

Ah, yeah yeah!

78-3 If it's come to this, I'm going to see if I can pull it off!

78-4 I'm Ariga Makoto's younger sister

Ariga Mako!

78-5 Ka-cha

78-6 Crap!

78-7 You!
What are you...

78-10 Ah! Breaking and entering!

Shut up!

Thud thud thud

79-2 You moron!

79-3 What the hell are you doing!

You're mean!

79-4 I'm embarrassed 'cause Shuu's nude!

79-5 I'm embarrassed that you're stripping your brother!

79-6 You just...

Get some sleep!


80-2 Um, here. Tangerines...

I can't believe you saw that!

It's ok, c'mon...

80-5 Seiya...



80-6 You think you gonna make it tomorrow?


See you tomorrow

80-8 Hey
You're just weird because you have a fever

80-9 Weird voice

80-10 Yesterday

I kissed Seiya

81-1 Maybe I gave him my cold

81-4 It was about the time we became used to junior high life...

Finally, the season when we change to summer uniforms.

81-6 Thank you very much!

81-7 You've been been making a lot of mistakes!


81-8 Takatsuki!


82-1 Starting tomorrow, wear a bra!

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