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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Hourou Musuko 40

The Door to Summer

+ posted by boke as translation on Mar 21, 2009 04:05 | Go to Hourou Musuko

-> RTS Page for Hourou Musuko 40

[boke's comments in brackets like this]

[since the scan I worked off of were double page spreads, this script is keyed to this particular set of scans. Take note that I use FILE number, not page number]

Chapter 40
The Door to Summer

83-1 Wow
Can't believe it!


83-2 I've never seen someone take a shock like that

Yeah, but that's a bit over the top

Hey, Takatsuki!

Hey, you look like the world's going to come to an end...

83-3 Ahahaha

And her...

Hee hee hee

What's tickled her fancy?
It's not *that* funny [bold]


83-4 Ring ring

83-6 Sorry! I've got to make a call...

sfx; snap

83-7 Be right back!

83-8 Slam

84-1 Does she intend to work, or what?


84-2 What?

Don't get mad at her

84-3 Maho-chan promised to go to the beach with her boyfriend this summer
And there's been some...


84-4 Eh...?
She's got a boyfriend?


Why did she tell you and not me?

84-5 Since you'd get mad if you knew the reason...

"If she's not serious, she should quit!" and stuff [handwritten]

She's blaming me?

84-6 If you're not serious
Why don't you quit?

84-7 Seeeee?
See? See? See?

Why did you tell her!?

Well, she's going to find out someday...

84-8 I don't mean to get distracted...


I just don't know what to do...

84-9 In cases like that, you talk to a friend, right!?

85-1 In cases like this, you go to a friend, right?


85-2 It's not like I didn't want to tell you, Anna-chan

Shut up

If you don't want to, then don't

85-3 Anna-chan's just ornery, see?


You're just making it worse...

85-4 I really did want to tell you...

85-6 I didn't want to seem like I was bragging...

sfx: snap

85-7 So that's why you told Tamaki-chan...?

But, but...
Tamaki-chan had a boyfriend sooner that I did!

Ah, don't say that!

85-8 Ah, see, It's...

You just seem like you hate guys, Anna-chan, so we just...!

85-9 It's been nice knowing you...

No! That's not it! That's not it!


86-1 Mo~~~~m!

86-2 Can I have some money?

What do you want it for?


sfx; beep

86-3 What? Sanitary pads?

86-4 Oh my!

86-5 My

86-6 I'll get ready right now!

I'll go buy it with my friends

86-7 thud thud thud

No fun...

86-8 Whap

86-9 Tug

87-1 Shhf

87-2 Clack

87-3 Foomph

87-4 Heeey!

87-6 Where's Shirai-san?

I didn't invite her

You look hot

87-7 I ran all the way here

Ah, geeez. So what kind do you want?

87-8 Anything is fine...

They have a place on the 5th floor that sells cute things cheap

87-10 I'll take this

88-1 You already decided?


88-2 Hey

That a boring one!

88-3 Boring is fine

They have lots of cute ones like this...

88-5 Let's show each other later, ok?

88-6 I don't do that stuff

88-7 You're no fun!

88-8 Squeeek

88-9 Ah!

Oka-kun! Stop!

88-10 Ok! me too!
And me!


Ok, me too!


[ignore small black sfx]

88-11 Ba-whoosh

88-12 I know you're happy about starting swimming, but

You're gonna get hurt if you don't slow down!

89-1 sfx: pweeet
Ok, now make three lines

89-2 Sarashina-san! You are not to wear a bikini!


89-3 She's got nice style, though [handwritten]

Right? [handwritten]

You've got a nice body


No fair! I mean, I'm... [handwritten]

89-4 T-that's not true...

It is true
You've got an hourglass figure
Chi-chan does too. Ah, that's cool. Like a grownup

89-5 Let's start the warm ups!

89-6 Wow, Sarashina-san stands out today too


89-7 Haaah
I'm tired
But I'm nice and warm. Feels good

89-8 Who wants to go for juice on the way home?


89-9 Did Chiba-san go home first again?



89-10 She just won't warm up to me

This is a pain

90-1 You got it good, Sasa-chan. No boobs.


90-2 I bet she doesn't have her period yet, either

Stop that!
You're staring at me, Takatsuki-kun

90-3 Bye bye

bye bye

90-4 Huh?

Takatsuki-kun's gone!

90-6 Bye bye


90-8 Nitori-kun

90-9 Takatsuki-san...

What are you so scared of?


90-11 It's been a while since you've been to my house

Yeah... I wonder when was the last time

90-12 Mom says for you to eat dinner with us

Eh? I can't do that

It's ok, it's ok

91-1 Here, snacks...


Eating snacks before dinner?

91-2 Um...

sfx: rip

91-3 Do you want to wear a bra?


91-4 B...


Sorry to ask such a weird question

91-5 I wish I had a flat chest like you...

91-6 I hate bras and stuff...

91-7 But me...

91-8 My voice is going to change
I'll start growing whiskers

91-9 And then I won't be able to wear girl's clothes anymore
Mako-chan says for us to do it while we can

91-10 I'm really jealous of you, Takatsuki-san...

91-11 Thump thump thump

91-12 Bam

92-1 Don't run it the house!

I know!

92-2 Uwah!

Takatsuki-kun! Haven't see you in a while!

Ojama shimasu.

92-3 What's this? You to back together?

Shut up

It's not like that!

92-4 Oho ho
Take your time

Sorry she's so weird

She's lively as usual...

92-7 Dinner!

92-9 Ah...

92-10 I got it...


92-11 Scuff

92-12 What?

You gonna barf?

92-13 How rude!


There are

93-1 Many stories in this world about men and women who want to be the opposite sex and their troubles...

93-2 There are all kinds of characters by all kinds of authors

93-3 But I'm going to add one more

93-4 Nitori-kun, you ok?

93-5 A story about a boy who wants to be a girl and

A girl who wants to be a boy...

93-6 Takatsuki-kuun [ignore small bubble hanging on]

One wanted to be a boy

93-7 One wanted to be a girl

93-8 Good



93-9 The two of them, in a secret place, make a secret plea

94-1 Goddamn you!

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