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Hourou Musuko 41


+ posted by boke as translation on Mar 21, 2009 04:06 | Go to Hourou Musuko

-> RTS Page for Hourou Musuko 41

[boke's comments in brackets like this]

[since the scan I worked off of were double page spreads, this script is keyed to this particular set of scans. Take note that I use FILE number, not page number]

Chapter 41- Revival

94-2 Takatsuki-kun!

94-3 She's awful

94-4 She got mad at me

94-6 It's your fault, Chi-chan!

94-7 Momo's mad at me too!

94-8 But the wrong person overheard!

94-9 The god of mischief said this in a gentle voice:

95-1 I will grant your desires

95-2 For those who desire it, and for those who don't. I will reversed the order of the world

Mothers become Fathers

95-4 Fathers become Mothers

95-5 A modern Romeo and Juliet
But where they don't die

95-6 Eh...
They don't die...?

95-7 Do they have to die?

No, no.

96-1 Nitori-kun wrote this...?

96-2 Chiba-san wrote...

96-3 I guess an original story is better, after all

96-4 This is a story everyone knows, and this is really interesting too...

96-5 Excuse me

sfx; whump

96-7 Nitorin, yours was rejected?

96-8 Seems it was and it wasn't

96-10 I'm not trying to be polite, you know

96-11 I'm not either!

96-12 So Chiba-san submitted something too

97-1 Actually, I prepared myself to have mine rejected

97-2 I think sensei might be trying not to hurt either of our feelings...

97-3 You both won? What the hell?

97-4 But not a murder mystery...

97-5 Even after I said Romeo and Juliet wouldn't die

97-6 But when he said he'd combine our works, I was happy. I think it's interesting

97-7 You don't like it?

97-8 Asked like that, there's no way Nitorin would come out and say so...

97-9 That's a cowardly way to do it!

Stealing the best parts of your stories!

98-1 If he wanted to do a mystery so badly, then he should have said he'd write it from the beginning!

...I hate that guy!

98-3 Shuu-chan, phone!

98-4 It's Chiba-san


98-5 Hello...

Shuu-chan's popular!

Can you talk?


98-6 I... was really mad today, right?

98-7 After I came home, I cooled down a bit

98-8 Ah
I still won't forgive sensei

98-9 But all we have to do is accept his condition, right?

98-10 If he wants a mystery that bad

98-11 Then let's give it to him

99-1 But how about in return, we cut him out, and just write it ourselves?

99-2 Shhhh

99-3 Let's rewrite it from the beginning
So both main characters survive

99-4 Today

99-5 It's raining really hard, but
Will you come to my house...?

99-6 I promise I won't do anything weird...

99-8 I knew it! You look cute!

99-9 Th...


99-10 Ok, let's start...

Ah, don't just sit there, stand up! Stand up!

100-1 No photos!
No photos, ok?

100-2 Awww

So, Romeo

100-3 He really wants to be a girl

and Juliet really wants to be a boy

100-4 How about that?

100-5 I'll take notes

Me too

100-6 Why am I Romeo?

100-7 Why am I Juliet...?

100-8 And so the two of them

Go on secret dates...


100-9 It's just like Nitori-kun and Takatsuki-san...

100-10 They would be perfect for these roles

I want Nitori-kun to play Juliet

101-1 And then Romeo could be Takatsuki-san

101-2 That would work out

101-3 That would be the best

101-4 I've try to think that way but

101-5 I can't stand it!

101-6 If Nitori-kun is Juliet...

I want to be Romeo!

101-7 And if I don't get picked

sfx: whish

Chiba-san! Good morning!

101-8 Whoa! She'll get mad if I touch her!


101-9 Chiba-san returned my greeting!

Oh come on! That's nothing to get so happy about!

101-10 For this, she would be ok

101-11 Anyone would...

102-1 As long as it's not Takatsuki-san!


Good morning, Saorin!

102-2 Morning...

102-4 Did everyone get a copy?


Summer Vacation Schedule [flyer]

102-5 Please be sure to show it to your parents


102-6 Ok! There's only one more day, so let's keep it up!

sfx: clatter scuffle whuck

Cleaning Day [board]

102-7 Bow.

Good byyyye

102-8 Teacher's Room

102-11 So how have things been coming...?

We figure to finish up over summer vacation...

103-1 I really didn't think of your feelings at all, and forced you to do what I wanted. I'm really...

I'm not mad

103-2 Can I go home now?

103-3 Really. I'm not mad anymore.

103-4 It's not my play, but class three's play.
Sensei has a right to have an opinion

103-5 I'm really do understand that in my head, but

103-6 I guess I can't control my feelings

103-7 Nitori

So, that means you're really mad after all, right?

103-8 Why does he have to be here?

Ice cream


103-9 Whump

103-10 What?

104-1 Chiba-san, do you still love Nitorin?

104-2 It's none of your business!

104-3 I think Nitorin may still be in love with Takatsuki-san

104-4 You must think I don't know when to quit

Not really. Nitorin's the same, after all

104-5 Since you both were turned down, I wouldn't call it not knowing when to quit...

104-6 ...you really are mean!

104-7 But that's how it is, right? When you're feelings won't obey you?

104-8 Ah, that's so cool
Being in love...

What's good about it?

104-9 It's just not knowing when to give up
For both Nitori-kun and myself

104-11 Tea...?

104-12 Nitori-kun, as a guy, do you like the female Takatsuki-san?

105-1 Or do you want
To become a girl, and have Takatsuki-san to love you like that?

105-3 Eh

When you ask me out of the blue like that, I...

Sorry, Nitorin...

[afterward has nothing to do with the story. I'm passing on it.]

106-9 Special Bonus Manga

What might have happened if...

Taka [seal]

106-10 In reality
Mom's sister is really Kimishima!

So, Saisho-sensei's first love is really Nitori-kun's aunt

Eldest daughter

Sisters [middle]

4th daughter

106-11 Whaaat!

When sensei learns this, what a shock!

106-12 Waoooow
Amazing! Amazing!
This is destiny!

Please marry me!


Saisho-kun, why do you always say that stuff?

106-13 I just got engaged!


106-15 No waaay!

106-16 Ah

106-17 Wah

106-18 My first love is your aunt...


Stop saying that around your students

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