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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Hourou Musuko 38

Sensei Likes Mysteries

+ posted by boke as translation on Mar 21, 2009 04:09 | Go to Hourou Musuko

-> RTS Page for Hourou Musuko 38

[boke's comments in brackets like this]

[since the scan I worked off of were double page spreads, this script is keyed to this particular set of scans. Take note that I use FILE number, not page number]

57-6 Chapter 38
Sensei Likes Mysteries

58-1 Wow
A School life love comedy, huh...?


58-2 The drama club is going to do that?

The kids want to do it

58-3 But it's interesting to see them all give their opinions [combined first and second bubble]
They've never been this into it before

58-4 You see...

58-5 The boys part will be played by girls and vice versa.

58-6 Whoa, that's interesting!

Isn't it?

58-7 Maybe I'll steal that idea

58-8 I mean, last year they made a movie
A really short one

58-9 Whatever it's fame, the students got really excited
They seemed to really enjoy the process

59-1 I'll talk to my class about it

Me too

59-2 Um
It's a little early to be talking about this, but

What does everyone want to do for the culture festival?

59-6 Don't ask me...

Ah, I want to do a coffee shop!

Me too!

59-7 A haunted house!

Flea Market!

Ah, that could be cool [handwritten]

Movie! Let's make a movie!


59-8 Ah, well
The reason I brought it up is...

59-9 How about a play?

59-10 Eh? Here?

No, in the gym

60-1 Isn't the drama club the only one who can use the gym?

That's it!

60-2 The only ones guaranteed to use the gym on that day
Are the drama club and choir

60-3 But I looked into it and last year
The Karaoke club or some other weird club reserved a spot!

60-4 Karaoke club member [handwritten]

Sensei, you're discriminating!

I take it back!


60-5 I hate Karaoke, so it slipped out

And so

60-6 There's one spot left!

Ok, everyone! What do you want to do?

60-7 Um...
When you ask like that...


60-8 Question!

Yes, Kuroiwa-san?

60-9 Do you have something in mind?

But we're ones who'll end up having to do it...


61-1 Well, everyone...

Have you heard of an inverted play...?

61-2 Ah
Sensei, you heard about the drama club, then!?

61-3 What? What?

Well, see, the drama club is going to...

61-4 Hmm

61-5 That'd be cool!
I wanna do it!

You do!?

My mom would totally be into that

61-6 Sarashina-san would be perfect for that!
She wore a boy's uniform to the opening ceremony after all

61-7 Come to think of it, Nitori and Takatsuki too...



61-8 Hmmm....

61-9 They seem to be getting into it

61-10 Now that they're getting into it, I've cooled off

61-11 I mean, there's no way that I'm going to get what I want...

61-12 Ah


I want to do it...

61-13 A school mystery!

62-1 A mysterious mansion

A secret society

62-2 A beautiful girl who holds the key

The cunning master

62-3 And the appearance of the famous detective...!

62-4 I wanna do it

I wanna do it so bad I can't stand it

62-5 But that's a little too much to dump on junior high 1st years.

And it's my own desire

My own desire...

Hey! Hey!
Sensei's looking away!

62-6 Wow

That's kinda interesting

62-7 Right?


62-8 What about you two? You want to play girls?


We'll pass...

63-1 I think Chiba-san would look really good in a boy's role

63-2 Sasa-chan, you'd be cute as a guy

If I dressed up as a guy, I'd look just like my brother!

63-3 Hey! What's up with her? Ignoring Chi-chan!

Don't say it so loud!

63-4 She's ignoring me too!

63-5 Let's just go home without her!

63-7 I really hate you

63-8 I don't like you either

63-9 I haven't since before we "made up". So let's go home seperately.


64-2 How straight forward...

I like that kind of person!

64-3 Chi-can! Why do you alway have to like the weirdos!?

I like you, Momo

64-4 I'm not a weirdo!

I'm going home!

64-5 Sarashina-san, you're pretty different, huh?


64-6 I like you, Takatsuki-san!


64-9 Nitorin....

Nitori [sign]

65-2 Our ambition might finally come to pass!



65-3 I'm sure that Nitorin will get handed the part of a beautiful young girl...

65-4 But that's ok! I'll take bystander A or B!

sfx: clench



65-5 If it's a girl's role...

65-6 I wonder what the story will be


65-7 12th. Daily class duty: Takatsuki. Nitori.

Nitori-kun, you should write it

65-8 You're good at writing
Why do you give it a try?

65-9 Heeey!
You ready?

Give me sec!

65-10 Sorry, I've finished recording today's duty, so go on.

It's ok! It's on my way

Duty Journal [book]

65-11 Ah

66-1 Let's get Yuki-san and Shi-chan to come too!

66-2 ...yeah

66-5 Sigh...

66-6 Huh? You waited for me?

Yeah, I did. I been waiting forever.

66-7 How was it? Being alone with Takatsuki-san?

Mako-chan, why do you always have to bring that up?

66-8 What I think is none of your business!

Don't say that...

66-9 Nitorin, you're head over heels, huh?


66-10 Nitori-kun, you should write it

66-11 You're good at writing

67-1 Wha?
An all-nighter?

67-2 And it's not even test time?


I'm going!

67-3 Why don't you get some sleep and go in late?

You always spoil him like that!

67-4 Go to the nurse's office and get some sleep!

You're sister is really scary

67-5 I stayed up all night working on it, but...

I couldn't think of anything

67-6 Excuse me

He's about to collapse. Please let him sleep here.

67-7 Zzz

That's was fast...

67-8 Even though I worked all night...

I don't have any talent...

68-1 Nitori-kun

68-2 Blink

68-5 Sensei...

Ah, you're finally awake

68-6 Did you just call me?

I don't go waking people who come here to sleep

68-7 First of all, I don't know your name

68-8 ...ah

68-9 Yeah, those kind of really real dreams happen
Where the voice is super clear

68-10 I can still recall the feeling of being choked even now!

68-11 ...that was Chiba-san's voice

68-13 I was in your dream, Nitori-kun?

It must have been a dream after all...

68-14 I see...

68-15 It's funny

You were also in my dreams last night

69-1 I thought it was something I could write about

69-2 I thought even I could write about it

69-3 But showing it to sensei is a little embarassing

69-4 Recently, I've been growing again

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