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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Hourou Musuko 43

The middle of summer vacation

+ posted by boke as translation on Apr 9, 2009 04:10 | Go to Hourou Musuko

-> RTS Page for Hourou Musuko 43

[boke's comments in brackets like this]

Page 29 Panel 1 Make your own invitations to the Culture Festival and give them out to your family and friends. [page numbers from tankobon]

29-2 Whoooa

Culture Festival

29-3 Wooow
Did you make this, Saori-chan?

29-4 Is it really ok if I have this?

It's ok

29-5 ...this is great

30-1 Chapter 43 The middle of summer vacation

So can you just go home already?


31-1 Since he's already here, have him come in!

Ah, see!

31-2 Ta

31-3 Ah, Chiba-san, look at this!

31-4 Today Momo went all out and made this cake!


31-5 Ah



31-6 It's not like I made it for you or anything!

I understand that much

Calm down
Calm down

32-1 Hey,
Let's hurry up and cut it!

Yeah, yeah!

32-4 Are you Chiba-san's older brother?


32-5 I'm Saori-chan's boyfriend

33-1 Not.

33-2 He's a good friend who is really nice to Sa-chan

33-3 We're just going to the same church, that's all

Liar! You haven't been coming at all

33-4 Here, cake!


Can I have some too?

33-5 Here you go, Sasa-chan

Yay [handwritten]

Here you go, Kobayashi-san


34-1 Here, Nitori-kun!



34-2 Nitori-kun

34-3 Nitori...

35-1 Nitori-kun!!

I see!
So you're...

35-2 You're the Nitori-kun that likes to dress in girl's clothes!

35-3 Snerk

35-4 Eh




35-5 Is that true?


36-1 What did you mean by that?

36-3 Just what mean when you said "I see"?

36-4 Eh...


37-1 Who would like more tea?


37-2 I see

37-3 I see

37-4 So that's Nitori-kun

37-5 He's nothing special at all

38-1 Really!

38-2 Y'know... that!


38-3 Mm? Mm? Mm?

38-4 ...yeah

So it's true!

38-5 Since when?

39-1 Has it been a hobby or a custom of yours since you were little?

Behave yourself already!

39-2 You're making problems for him

39-3 Going home?

39-4 Ahh...ah...
She's pissed


39-5 I'm going too too

40-1 Ok, then

Thanks for everything

Thanks for the cake, Shirai-san

Bye bye

40-2 Takatsukiiii-kuuuun

You were laughing too!

But, but...


40-4 My fault?



It's not...

41-1 Sorry!

I didn't mean to cause you problems!


It's ok

41-2's all your fault, so why are you so calm!?


41-3 She just got mad all by herself

41-4 I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, Nitori-kun

41-5 Eh?

42-1 It's ok

It's ok, alright?

42-2 He's a fag?
So gross

42-3 So Saori-chan likes guys like that?

42-4 Just what does she like about that?

42-5 Is she into cute or what?

43-1 Bam Bam Bam


43-2 Shaddup!
Stop pounding on my door!

You've got a hairband, right?

43-3 Y-yeah...
I do, but...

44-1 I knew it!

44-2 I look pretty damn good

44-3 I'm way more cute!!

44-4 sfx: Vrrrrrrr
sfx: beep boop pip

45-1 Ah
I gotta give you one before I forget!

sfx: Vrrrrrr

45-2 Here, it's an invite

What's this?

Culture festival

45-3 Maho, did you make this yourself?

We all have to make our own

45-4 Nishigaoka
Culture Festival

Matsuhiro Anna-sama
Invited by
2-1 Nitori

45-5 I really want to invite Maiko-chan too, but
I'd feel bad if she caused a riot

Well sorry for not causing riots!

45-6 Well, ok
I'll go check out your boyfriend

Anna-chan, don't go falling in love with him

45-7 Like I would

46-1 Hey you two! Get into the bath already!

46-2 Ooookay

46-3 We can really stretch out since your sister isn't here, huh?


46-4 That's cute

My bath set

46-5 What?
You're really going to buy that?

Ah, shut up already

My mom was totally making fun of me when I bought this

47-2 Ok, go take your time

47-3 Click

47-4 Ah
We have ice cream


47-5 We can stretch out since onee-san isn't here, huh?


48-1 You want ice cream?


48-2 Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate
Which do you want?

Strawberry, I think...

48-3 Hey, Nitorin...

48-4 This is taking all my courage...
So don't laugh, ok?

48-5 I...
Brought a swim suit

49-2 ...I think it's probably one of my mom's old ones


49-3 She's always laughing at me, so...

49-4 I was trying to get back at her
She told me to throw it away
And then...

49-5 But that A-line is so cute it's unfair

50-1 Even if the person wearing it is twisted, the clothing itself has no sin...


50-2 I'm perverted...

50-3 I stole my mom's swimsuit

And I wore it

in someone else's bath

50-6 It really is

51-1 Cute...

51-2 Click

51-3 Good night


51-5 Nitorin, do you want to wear it too?

51-6 Eh...?

52-1 I want to hear

Your real

Honest feelings

52-3 Mm...

52-4 I want to...
I think


Yeah, right!

52-5 So unfair
An A-line that cute...

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