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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Hourou Musuko 44

The End of Summer Vacat

+ posted by boke as translation on May 19, 2009 03:12 | Go to Hourou Musuko

-> RTS Page for Hourou Musuko 44

[boke's comments in brackets like this]

Page 1 Panel 1

Ah, program it to record at 8 o'clock


You just went to the beach with Grandma and Grandpa, right?

1-2 Hey, Shuu-chan
Let me scooch in front of you

2-1 The Nitori siblings

Are making fun of me...

Hourou Musuko
Chapter 44 The End of Summer Vacation

Shimura Takako

3-1 No!

3-2 Going alone with a boy? Absolutely not.


3-3 It's not like we're going that far

If that's the case, go to the local pool

4-1 Look, if you go now, there's lots of jellyfish

We're not going to swim

4-2 You're not going to swim! Then what are you going for!?

You totally had a dirty thought, didn't you!

You just stepped in it

4-3 We're just going to look at the ocean! You suck!

You perv!

Too loud, the both of you

4-4 So I suck. So I'm a perv. That's fine
I still won't let just the two of you go

4-5 If you just have to go, take Shuu along


4-6 Nooooo Way

5-1 Waaay!

Nooo Nooo
Nooo Nooo
Anything but that!

5-2 Mom, say something!

It would have been better if you didn't ask him

5-3 Satomi-chan!

Mom = Satomi
Yeah, yeah

You called her Satomi-chan!
That's gross!
Ah, gross

5-4 Ah,
You don't want to go, huh?

I hate you dad!

6-1 Dad, you don't have much hair, huh?

6-2 Same with grandpa?

Who knows? I don't think he's particularly got a lot of hair

6-3 Why? You want lots of hair?

No way!

6-4 Look, I don't have much armpit hair either


What are they doing?

6-5 ...mmm
I don't know

7-1 It might be average
But I haven't gone around comparing

What's up?
Why're you staring at me?

7-2 Fine! I won't go!

Things ok at your house?


7-3 So, you're going, right?

7-4 See you

8-2 Seya-kun's not here yet, huh

8-5 Nitori

9-1 Morning



9-3 So your dad's pretty strict, eh?

He's not strict at all
Normally, he's all "durr durr", but suddenly he wants to be all dad-like. Gross.

9-4 Want to skip on the beach and go to a movie?

10-2 I just thought of something awesome

sfx: pop

10-3 We don't have obey him and take Shuu. That's right!

10-4 You stay here

10-5 You go spend time with a friend or something

And we'll meet up coming back

Route to the beach

Route to friend's house


10-6 Then all we have to do is make sure we get our stories straight


11-1 ...that'd be mean, though

11-2 I mean, he couldn't go home until then, right?

11-3 How nice...

Don't talk like that

11-4 The train will arrive momentarily

11-5 click clack

12-1 Well, since we have a guest
Let's have him sit in the middle

12-5 Eh?
Oh, you don't have to

It's ok, I'm getting off soon.

12-6 Thank you then

13-2 Tons of jelly fish over there

14-1 This one's dead! Gotta be!


14-2 I'm going to get something to drink

14-3 There's quite a crowd, huh?

14-4 Whahaha

15-1 Wha...

15-2 Can I...
Can I look at your legs?

What? Why!?

15-3 Sorry! Forget about it!


15-5 ...where's Shuu?

16-1 He said... he wanted to look at my legs or something


16-2 Yeah, he said something weird like that to dad last night too

Ah, thanks

16-3 He was recording his voice with a friend too

16-4 It's not like he's going to stay cute forever

16-5 Why are you telling me that? [put "me" in italics or bold]

17-1 Ice

17-2 It's hot...

17-4 Shuuuu!

18-1 Maybe he went to the bathroom?

18-2 That brat. Isn't he hungry?

He left his stuff, so he probably didn't go far...

18-4 Ah, he... no...
Maybe someone mistook him for a girl! Some old guy sayin' "You're cute, little girl"!

Hey, waitta...

18-5 N-no, we can't be sure! Normally it's some weird old man

Sayin' "Where are you going? Are you alone?" and stuff

Calm down!
Calm down...

19-1 Kidnapped...

...I'm back

19-1 At least
At least he's ok!


sfx: whap whap whap

19-1 What were you doing all alone?

20-1 You're sister was really worried

20-2 ...I was playing girl

20-4 "Playing girl"...?
What in the world is that?

21-1 We're home!

21-2 How was the beach

Shuu was almost kidnapped

21-3 EEeeh!!

That's not true


21-4 What's "playing girl"?

22-1 You heard...?

Don't go doing weird stuff out in public

22-2 ...I'm not bothering anyone

You are!

Totally! [hand written]

You know how much I was worried!?

23-2 The poor flower...

Killed just for your own ego...

23-3 Like you care for flowers!

I don't! At all!
You hairless wonder!

23-4 Snerk

23-5 Hairless...
I said "hairless wonder"
I crack myself up

24-1 You're going to grow hair from now on. Your voice is going to change

You poor thing

24-2 I'm not a poor thing!

You are!

Totally! You poor thing!

24-3 I'm... not going to grow hair

I won't let my voice change...

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