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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Hourou Musuko 46

Party Preparations (2)

+ posted by boke as translation on Jun 28, 2009 05:39 | Go to Hourou Musuko

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[boke's comments in brackets like this]

Page 95 Panel 2

I'm leaving!

sfx: Click

sfx: Slam

95-3 Mako-chan's late

sfx: thumpa thumpa thumpa

95-4 Ah, you're still waiting?
You'll be late!

96-1 I'm going!

Chapter 46 Party Preparations (2)

97-1 Ehh?

Ariga Bakery [in window]

97-2 Mako left for school a whiiiile ago

97-3 Here, take some bread. Here.

97-4 See you!

97-5 Mako-chan...

98-1 ...but, look

98-2 When I run into Nitorin, I'm going to end up giving it to him. I know it.

98-3 I'm too embarrassed to perform in front of people...

I'm asking you to!

98-4 I can totally see myself
Caving in like that

98-5 And... I'm sorry for you and Nitorin, but
In my heart of hearts, I don't want to give up this role

99-1 If that's the case, then don't. Give it your best shot.

But if only I give it my best shot, it's meaningless!
I want everyone to give it their best shot!

99-2 I'm not good at doing that with everyone

You're so self centered...

99-3 You too, right?

99-4 If you gave the role to Nitori-kun, you wouldn't have these weird feelings of guilt

99-5 Ah
Look here now
It's not like the whole world revolves around you and Nitorin, ok!?

100-1 So now you're saying what you really think

100-2 That's right

The world doesn't revolve around Nitori-kun

100-3 ...don't just focus on that part

It's so boring that no one dies!

100-4 Kill them, kill them, I'll kill them all!

100-5 Hey now...

Everyone should die
Romeo. Juliet too.

I'll kill every single one of them

101-1 So no one will be left


That's morbid!

101-2 That's right!
I'm morbid, all right!

101-3 That's why I have no friends!

101-4 So...

101-5 So you're saying that Sasa-chan isn't your friend?

If Sasa-chan heard that, she's really be hurt!

102-3 And I consider you my friend too!

102-4 What are you yelling about

102-6 Good Morning!

Good morning

You're full of energy

103-1 Teacher's Room

103-2 So
So why are you making changes

Now of all times?

103-3 You're the one who said you wanted to see people die, sensei

Th... That's not what I meant

103-4 I've just come to think that a little extreme sadness would make it more interesting

103-5 Le...
Let's talk about this again after school

104-1 Why...?

104-4 I'm just not suited for working as part of a group, I guess

104-5 Even though you and I tried to make it something more

Everyday everyone would come and mess with it

What we ended up with was nothing more that regular old "Romeo and Juliet"

105-1 That's ok by me. It was pretty fun everyday

They just wanted to cut up and have a good time!

105-2 They thought it was a pain, and just kept on playing around

And after you and I both worked so hard on it, right?

105-3 And if you would have been Juliet, it would have been wonderful

That's the only reason I could put up with it

105-4 Ah

And now he...

105-5 Him, of all people...

Ah, that's right. Have you seen Mako-chan?

105-6 He was busy humbling himself earlier
He said he was going to give you the role

106-1 I didn't say that!

106-2 I didn't think so

I mean, come on!
Just who does she think she is, anyway...?

106-3 But...
You must have had your hopes up a bit, huh?

106-4 ...I did, a little. Maybe.

106-5 Thanks...
for being honest with me

107-1 So I'm going to be honest with you
I really want to do this after all
No matter what...

107-2 Even if I get laughed at

107-3 No one's going to laugh at you

107-4 You just don't get it, Nitorin...

107-6 Sorry!
I'm just complaining now
Anyway, I'm going to give it my best!

107-7 They... laughed at me

108-2 At me...
And at Takatsuki-san too...

But then I met you, Mako-chan

108-3 We became friends...

108-4 Since you told me not to mind
other people laughing at me, I could...


108-5 If people laugh, I'm promise to get mad at them

108-6 So, that's why...

Hey, Nitorin!

109-1 My bad!
I was just poking at you a bit, ok?


109-4 Let's explain it to them

109-5 Let explain to them exactly what we want to do

110-1 And if everyone thinks it's a good idea
Then let's re-do it from scratch

110-2 ...yeah

110-3 I didn't realize things had gotten like that

110-4 I... Remember? I got mad and left halfway through and that was that.

Ah, yeah, that

110-5 Oh, that was when I pissed you off

It really wasn't your fault, Chi-chan

111-1 Really, it was Chiba-san's brother that was the problem

Ah, that's not really Chiba-san's brother

111-2 Eh?
Then who was it?

111-3 You're going to redo it? After it was decided on? Just what are you doing?

112-1 Are you stupid, or what? Be quiet!

This isn't just your play, you know!

112-2 Just where do you think we are?

Because you're so self centered, we can't practice at all

112-3 Because you guys kept messing with the script, it's useless! right!?

112-4 ...and we got kicked out

112-5 It's your fault

You were the final straw

112-6 Aren't you Takatsuki-san's friend


113-1 Not especially

Recently she's been too friendly...

113-2 She's even calling her "Chi-chan" now


113-3 Drama Club

That's right

113-4 We can't spend money on the play like the pros
So we'll have to make everything

113-5 Sensei, my bust is pretty large, so I want to wrap it or something

113-6 Must be nice to be worried about that

114-1 I had a sempai back in high school
Who always wrapped her bust in a sarashi [a long band of cotton]
Like this here

114-2 Whaat?
What a pain

Sensei, did you do it too?

114-3 I didn't have to


...that's it

114-4 That's it!

That's it!

That's it

114-5 It's not like I have to wear a bra [italicize bra]

There are other things I can do!

Computer room

115-1 Ka-cha

Be Quiet In This Room

115-2 Ah, here you are

This is unusual
...something to look up?

115-3 Yeah, something...

115-4 Clicka click clicka

116-1 ...I know it's gonna be hard, but
Good luck!

116-2 Did you want to do it?

116-3 I did, but...

It's ok

116-6 ...oh?

117-1 I've got to go to Nitori-kun's house for a meeting now

Bye bye

117-2 Slam

117-4 Riiing

117-5 Hello

117-6 Ah, Nitori-kun?

Has Chiba-san gone home already?

118-1 Uh, she wasn't here...

Huh? She said she was going to

118-2 ...anyway


118-3 You wanna go out somewhere?



118-4 Somewhere far!

118-5 Somewhere...

118-6 Somewhere


118-7 Is this a date!?

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