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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

DoLL 11

Red Light Green Light

+ posted by boke as translation on Aug 25, 2009 06:38 | Go to DoLL

-> RTS Page for DoLL 11

[boke's comments in brackets like this]

Page 1 Panel 1

The diary of how an old guy, a girl and some sex dolls overcome awkwardness and manage to live together

[ignore the vertical text on both sides - it's just an ad for the tankobon]

Let's play at the shrine [vertical banner]

Doing what?

Chapter 11 Red Light Green Light

2-1 You seriously think she's coming?


2-2 Where's Ucchi?

What's he doing?

2-4 Jingle jingle

2-5 Don't go asking the gods

2-6 Are you really going to ask?


2-7 You're going to ask to feel her boobs?

3-1 How do you think I should put it?

C'mon and let's think about it

3-2 I ran through some simulations, but...

I bet it doesn't go the way we think...

3-3 That's why it's up to the gods...

I'm really uneasy from the bottom of my heart

3-4 She's here!


3-5 This is Izumi-san

Who's that?

My friends


4-2 So what did you want?

Um, well... we've got somethin' we wanna ask you

4-3 What?

4-5 W-what?

Nishino, you say it

Eh, I can't!

First, let's calm down a bit

5-1 Glub gulb glub

5-2 Glub gulb glub

5-2 Why are you carrying that big one around for?


5-3 This is all I had at home. So don't drink it.

Er, I'll have some...

6-1 ...Izumi-san, so just what's going on between you and Nishino?

6-2 He hangs around my teacher

Who cares? C'mon!

What kind of teacher?

6-3 He's Nishino-kun's manga teacher, right?


6-4 Seriously?

You draw that stuff?

6-5 What stuff?

"What stuff"? C'mon!

7-2 Um, if you're not going to talk, I'm going home


7-3 So what's this all about? Just tell me

I-is it ok to say it?

7-4 Sure

You can say anything

8-1 Ah, um

Ah, a kitty!

8-2 Kitty

That asshole

8-5 Could you maybe let us touch your boobies?


9-2 N-no?

Ok, can we see them...?

sfx; meow meow

9-3 Just a touch

With our hands cupped

Like this

9-4 Aa... um... see...

10-1 Yesterday, Nishino, Y'know...

H-hey! What!?

10-2 Nishino-kun, did you say something?

I didn't say anything!

10-3 Hey! Ucchi!

10-4 I-it's not like that. He said he knew this pretty lady...
And you're kinda close like cousins

I didn't!

You did!

10-5 And we kinda got carried away

Took it to extremes

10-5 And Nagatomo said he rather have someone see his than look at yours


11-1 I didn't!

You did! You said you wanted Izumi-san to see your dick!

Don't tell her that!

11-2 I'm going home, okay?

11-3 Eh!

11-4 You s-serious?

Wait a second, please!

11-5 Izumi-san, Wait!

12-1 What's with that approach!? It's too direct!

What happened to your simulation?

Uh, I kinda drifted away from it...

12-2 'cause you started talking about stuff that doesn't matter...
Manga? What the hell? Is he drawing that shit?


12-3 Where's Nishino?

And don't go telling people that I want her to see my cock!

12-4 But it's true!

But it makes me sound like a pervert!

12-5 Let's go

Forget it! I'm already too embarrassed

Don't say that

13-1 She's really giving it to him. I don't wanna go...

L-let's go!

13-3 What the hell do you want?

13-5 It's their fault!

Who gives a shit!

14-1 Give us a chance

Hell no

14-2 Some sort of competition

Where if we win we can touch your boobs

W-what kind of competition?

14-3 What?


Well, I'm not gonna do it anyway

14-4 You think of something too!
Like what?

14-5 Red light green light


14-6 Not Yakyuuken? [Yakyuuken is a strip version of rock paper scissors sometimes played in strip clubs]

You say it!


15-1 A modified version of red light green light!

You'll be it, Izumi-san, and the person that gets closest gets to touch your boobs

W-why would I?

15-2 Normally if you move, you're out

But if someone moves, they'll have to go back to the start and try for you all over again!

15-3 There's no benefit in this for me at all!

Y-yeah, that's true, but...

15-4 N-no way

C'mon! Let's do it!

15-5 Yeah! Let's do it!

It'll be totally fun!

I said no

16-1 Please!

It's the only thing I'll ask you as long as I live!

16-2 Please!

Go, Nagatomo!
My bud!

16-3 He's bowing to the ground!

Hey! Stop that! [handwritten]


17-1 Lemme tell you, if you cheat, it's over for eternity

"Eternity"? [handwritten]

Get behind the line

I am!

17-2 Green light

Red light

17-3 Ok, you're out. Nagatomo, was it?


Hah! Got you! Back to the line!

Back to the start!

17-4 You're out too


You spoke

17-5 We can't talk?

You breathed?

You're calling out breathing?

17-6 Nishino-kun, you're out too


18-1 Kaw kaw

18-2 Green Light

Red Light

18-3 Just how long is this going to go on?

18-4 Here we go

18-5 Green


19-1 t!

19-4 Glance

20-1 Whoa!

20-2 I said don't cheat!

We didn't!

'cause we can't make any progress!

20-3 I wanna go home

Hang in here!

20-4 Green Light

Red Light

20-5 Uchida-kun


21-1 I didn't move

21-2 Nishino-kun

What!? Not this time!

21-3 Isn't she being easy on Nagatomo?

21-4 Ok, here I go

21-5 Green light, reeeeed


21-5 Light!

Whoa whoa

22-1 Let hurry up and finish and go home


22-2 Hey! He said something!

He's a pervert! His big brother's a pervert too!

Out. The two of you.

22-3 Nagatomo! If you can't do it, give up already!


He moved! Izumi-san, he moved!

23-1 Here we go!


23-2 Green light

23-3 Gaah

23-4 Reeeed

23-5 Liiiiiii

24-1 Yaaaaah


sfx: squish

24-2 Both hands!?


24-4 Going home?

It's over.
Bye bye.

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