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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Fushou no Musuko Oneshot : Fushou no Musuko

+ posted by boke as translation on Aug 25, 2009 07:39 | Go to Fushou no Musuko

[boke's comments in brackets like this]

Page 1 Panel 1

Even children have their own reasons

Fushou no Musuko [Unworthy Son]

Shimura Takako

3-1 Hmm
Pretty interesting

3-2 You should turn that right into a manga


3-3 Well, for now, I'll take these

Thank you

4-2 "For now"...?

4-3 Goddammit!
I can't count how many times he's accepted my work with "for now"!

How about some praise for the work right in front of your goddamn eyes!

4-5 Maybe I should change publisher...

5-1 What a pain

5-2 You should turn that right into a manga

5-3 Dad remarried

5-4 To someone way younger

5-5 To someone who was my teacher!

6-1 Whaaa

6-2 Oh my!

It's been a while

I can't believe it's Okamoto-kun!

6-3 Takeo-san, he's your son!

He's my son

6-4 I was all "when should I tell them? When should I tell them?" I could hardly contain myself!


7-1 Tomo-chan, when you were his teacher, his mom was still alive, right?
So we never had the chance to meet

7-2 Who woulda thougth we'd meet at the chiropractor?

Quick Massage

Rejuvenation Station

Stiff Shoulders and Back

7-3 Oh, hey
We often bump into each other

Yeah, we do

8-1 I was struck by how sexy she looked sinking into the padded table there

Oh, stop it!
Stop, you!

You bastard

8-2 You don't want dinner?

I'm not feeling good...

8-3 Stomp stomp stomp

8-4 He's always been delicate - mmm...
Kinda a feeble kid
But ever since his mom passed away he's been even more intolerant

9-1 I loved her

9-2 I've got a mountain

Of stories I wrote with her in them

9-3 Knock Knock

9-4 Can I come in?


9-5 S-sure

10-1 I'm sorry

It must be a surprise

10-2 You love you mother very much, I know

But you father didn't keep this from you to be mean, I think

11-1 I...
I'm going to do my best to be your mom, ok!


11-2 What kind of losing hand is this?

12-2 Shin-chan

12-3 Can you ink this too, please?


12-6 They did it

13-1 They've fucked

13-2 Shinichi! Don't sleep!

13-3 Thanks, everyone

13-4 Man, thanks to you all, we got another one safely out the door

Excuse me, add a beer to that

13-5 Porn?

14-1 You?

14-2 Didn't you want to do shonen manga?

Yeah, that''s right, but...

14-3 But I got an offer at a recent event


15-1 Ok!

knock knock

15-2 Shiichi-kun
Can I come in?

Whoa whoa whoa whoa

15-3 heheheh

15-4 Sorry, were you asleep?


15-5 Here's your underwear


16-1 S...


What's this?
Manga? Are you drawing manga?

16-2 No!
I haven't started!
I'm starting now


16-3 You're working as a assistant now, right?


16-4 When you get published,
I'll be your biggest fan!

17-1 Stepmother story, huh?

17-2 The set-up's not bad, but
Isn't she too middle aged looking?

17-3 So you're saying only women who look like junior high kids are ok?

17-4 I'm not saying that

17-5 Then just what the hell are you saying?

OX publishing

I'm fuckin' jealous of those guys people call "natural geniuses"

18-1 They say my art and stories aren't sexy

When I think of sexy...

18-2 All that comes to mind is naked women

18-3 Whatever. It's ok.

18-4 After all, it's a story about a guy and his stepmother getting it on

19-1 I'll be your biggest fan!

No fucking way
Like I could show her

19-2 Oh, really?
So it didn't work out


19-3 Hey, Shin-chan


19-4 Lemme see it next time


20-1 Not the mother-in-law one
The teacher one

20-2 That old one?

No way


20-3 I'm not that good now, but

Not only is it way worse
It's totally shojo manga

'cause you're such a girl, Shin-chan

20-5 Thanks for everything


21-3 I'm home

22-2 I had better move out soon

22-6 Ooooo

So crappy!

23-1 Kyaaaaa
The Teacher I Love

Okamoto Shinichi


23-2 Huh
What? Shinichi's home?

23-3 I can't move out... a minute too soon...!!

24-2 You'll really be ok?

24-3 I'll be ok
I'm staying with a friend, after all

24-4 I'll bring you meals

It's ok

25-1 Eh?
You've already got serialized?


Books CDs

Summer Clothes

25-2 Wow...

Well, well have to create workplace fast, huh?


26-1 What? You're helping out Ken with his pages too?


26-2 Don't you think that's why he's rooming with you?

Yeah, I think so too


26-6 Inks

26-7 Tone

26-8 Fix this

27-2 Why don't you lay down?

27-3 Ooh

27-4 Sorry
I'm crashing a bit

Yeah, do that

27-5 Snoooore

27-6 Finishing touches

Finishing touches

28-2 He's good

28-3 Pisses me off


28-5 Have you been writing lately?

28-6 No, I haven't

28-7 Between this
And helping Ken, I don't have time for mine.
I've got a job, too

30-1 Oh
This is perfect timing

30-2 Back from work?


30-3 Presents!

30-4 I thought I'd call before coming over, but we have each other's keys, so

30-5 Ah
But Ken often is asleep
So you'd better call ahead

That's right

30-6 I thought stuff that keeps would be ok

31-1 I'll tuck this one into the fridge


31-3 I bet you're not eating right
You're thinner than before

33-1 No way

33-2 Sensei, you've gained a little weight

33-3 No way
You noticed?

Is she serious?

33-4 I'm pregnant
I'm having a baby

34-3 I thought wouldn't say anything today
I thought I'd be better to tell you when you came home

34-5 But, yeah
I guess I have gained weight

34-6 Oh god! How rude to say I've gained weight

Sorry Sorry Sorry

Scheme [in box]

35-1 Oh?
You're gonna be a big bother at this age?

35-2 ...yeah

35-3 It was good you moved out, huh?


35-6 ...sorry


36-1 I
Owe you money...

What this, all the sudden?

36-2 Manga

36-3 I'm not drawing any at all

36-4 Don't give up. I'm looking forward to you getting paid, ok?


36-5 But
I've lost confidence

36-6 In reality

I don't know if I even like manga anymore

37-1 Whatever, just hurry up and bring you first love manga

You're mean

37-4 You find what you were looking for?

I found it

37-5 Ah

37-6 Show me! Show me!

N-no way!

38-1 Eh?
"The Teacher I Love"?


38-4 So embarrassing...!

38-5 But I want her to see it!

38-6 Back then

When I wanted her to know how I deeply I felt

39-1 The teacher's name is Tomoko!
The same as mine!
No way! What is this


39-2 You modeled this after me? Right?


39-3 Yeah

39-4 No way
Oh my
I'm so happy!

39-5 Eh
Write one more with me as the model

39-6 I
I'm not drawing anymore


40-1 'cause I...
Came to throw that away

40-2 Why?
What a waste!

40-3 Because I've given up on you, ok?

40-6 Shinichi-kun... you were in love with me?

41-1 Congratulations on getting pregnant

41-3 It'll be
your brother or sister, Shin-kun


41-4 Play with them, ok?
Big brother

41-6 Yeah

42-2 You brought it without throwing it away
Good boy, good boy

42-5 So
You're gonna quit or what?

My old man...

43-1 Maybe this kid'll like manga too, just like you do!

43-2 Oho!
Pretty cool!

43-3 Yeah, ya gotta man up, Shin-chan

44-2 I'm drawing my own manga

44-3 For now

I'm drawing

45-1 I haven't had my debut yet

But I'm drawing

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#1. by Doragon ()
Posted on Aug 25, 2009
Thanks~ (;´Д`)

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