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Boku wa onna no ko 1

I am a Girl

+ posted by boke as translation on Sep 21, 2009 21:59 | Go to Boku wa onna no ko

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[boke's comments in brackets like this]

[Ver 1.2 Oct 19, 2009]

[Thanks to NaweG for Proofreading]
{NaweG’s comments in brackets like this}

Page 9 Panel 1
A Natural Disaster Happened

9-2 I've always... had this dream

But, it's a very strange dream

9-3 There's this naked girl. I'm all excited.

But on the other hand, I'm chilled to the bone


9-4 No matter how you look at it, that girl is me

10-1 I am a girl

11-1 No, it's not a dream or anything, Tsukaki-kun [-kun is used to address young males]


11-2 My goodness, it's been two months... but you've finally opened your eyes.
You've been asleep all that time.

11-3 "It's not a dream"...? So, uh, I've been a girl since I was born?


11-4 You were a boy

But you've been a girl since two months ago

11-5 Kyouko-san... I'm not really getting what you're saying [Kyouko is a girl's name]

...you've got that right

12-1 However, the world's gone through a huge upheaval

Girls becoming guys. Guys becoming girls. Adults. Kids. Everyone.

12-2 So that's why up till two month ago, you were...

Th-that's right...

12-3 My sister-in-law's got stubble on her chin... [I'm moving the sister in law reference here because it works better in internal dialog]

It was a pretty big shock for me too...

12-4 But it was a bigger shock than that for you
I mean, you didn't even wake up once in two months

12-5 W-what about... mom and dad? And my brother...

12-6 Yeah, they're sleeping too
They wake up from time to time, but...

13-1 Satoru-san...
He ended up leaving the house

Looks like becoming a woman was harder on him than my becoming a man.

13-2 I wonder where he is... what he's doing...

13-3 I hope he's ok

...so this really isn't a dream, huh?

13-4 ...if it is just a dream

We're all sleeping until the end of time, I guess

13-5 So in other words, this is reality

This is the millennium, so I guess anything is possible

14-1 You should eat something
I'll fix something, ok sweetie?

14-2 Your hair...

14-3 you cut it, huh?


14-4 I thought I'd better get a start on being manly
but it's pretty hard

It's really hard to change the way you talk [men and woman often use different grammatical forms and pronouns in Japanese]

14-5 Click

14-6 Squish

15-1 So these boobs belong to me...

15-3 Kyouko-san must have bought this...

I am a girl [book]

15-4 That's right

I thought you'd find it interesting

15-5 It was written by a 4th grade girl who used to be a boy


15-6 You think it's ok to bring this to school?


16-1 You're going to school!?

Huh... I shouldn't?

16-2 It's not like you can't, but...

To go today? That's amazing...

16-3 Not really...

16-4 I've been sleeping for two months...
somehow, my head feels really clear

16-5 Must be your youth

Your mom and dad are physically healthy, but...

16-6 But, well

16-7 Satoru-san's missing and you were like in a coma, so I guess it's to be expected...

17-1 So if they wake up, tell them I was fine and went to school

17-2 It'll be my pleasure

17-3 Tsukaki-kun?


17-4 What do you think about being a girl?

I think my boobs are kinda small

17-5 Like I could tell you that

...it feels like my body's a bit heavier

17-6 You might get it next week
Your period


17-7 It's ok
I've got plenty of pads left

This is pretty confusing...

18-1 Ok, I'm going

sfx: creak

18-2 "The everyday blue sky [he's reading the book here]


18-3 Has suddenly become black

18-4 You're cute. Totally.
I knew you'd make a cute girl.
To tell the truth, you're absolutely beautiful.

18-5 Kyouko-san...
You're handsome too...

Not like the darkness of night

But it's really black

It's become totally black, as if I had been splashed with soup

19-1 Mom and Dad...

That's right...

my little sister Yumi too

It was like that for me too
Everything before my eyes went black...

I couldn't see anything

19-2 And when I came to, I was a girl

"The next day

Outside, and inside the house too, was bright. I was really relieved.

19-3 Then I felt that I needed to urinate

and sprang to the bathroom

19-4 When I lowered my underwear, I had a shock


19-6 I had grown a penis"

20-1 Whoa, so your mom and dad are still sleeping...
It was kinda the same at my house

20-2 Yamashita Tesuo

20-3 My folks run a green grocer's, right?
I think they knew they couldn't stay that way, so they're up and doing great.
Well, they run the store, so there was that too

Your folks seem a bit on the delicate side, huh?

20-4 And your brother's missing too...

20-5 Tetsuo, you look good in a sailor suit

21-1 Eh?

Dude, I really pushed back at the beginning, but,
I mean it felt like drag, right? But now it's pretty fun

21-2 If you were to wear this, it'd totally suit you, dude
Hate to admit it, but you're way cuter than me

everyone seems so blase about this

21-3 Whatever! Everyone's freaked in the beginning, but you get used to it.
Just get used to it!

21-4 I mean, look, I'm a girl now. Can't do nothin' about that

21-5 But

Not everyone can think like that


21-6 If they could

22-1 My brother wouldn't have a reason to leave

Not a single one

22-2 As for me

22-3 I'm pretty happy about it
I always, alllways wanted to be a boy

22-4 Takahashi-san...
I would have never guessed. You always seemed like a serious type of girl

22-5 I... just always put up with it...

22-6 If this is just the bizarre disease of the 21st century
I'm happy about it...

I see...

22-7 That's right...

People think this way about it too

Library [sign]

22-8 "My younger sister Yumi also...

22-9 It's funny...
I've never told this to anyone before
But somehow I can just come out and tell you, Tsukaki-kun

23-1 Gotta be because we're both Library Monitors!



Might like me

23-2 "My younger sister Yumi, is happy she's a boy, just like her older brother

23-3 I might be reading too much into it, but

23-4 but my mom said...

23-5 Ken-chan's no longer your older brother, Yumi

23-6 Because, starting today, I'm a girl

Can I have a moment of your time?
I'd like to inquire about

Your opinion of this strange phenomenon

23-7 Well, it's the millennium
Makes me think that strange stuff really does happen

But I don't really understand

23-9 The other day, my wife ran away
Ah, my husband, I guess?

24-1 Look, after finally going through surgery, I'm back to being a man?
I'm back on hormones now, but...

If this was going to happen, maybe I should have stayed male
It really pisses me off!

24-2 It's kinda easier
It's kinda fun in it's own way

24-3 Ah... my mother died of the shock

24-4 Wellll...
I did want to try being a woman at least once... [under the legs of the girl in panel 1]

It's still a shock [directly below]

Well, the whole world's affected, right? It's not like it's just me

Ah, I don't need my sailor uniform. Anyone wanna buy it?

Momma is daddy. Daddy is momma. And I... [lower left]

24-5 These are a sample of the opinions we've...

sfx: click

24-6 I'm home

Ah, welcome back, Tsukaki-kun

[ignore sfx]

25-1 It took me a second to figure out whose voice I was hearing

Her smile

Is the same as when she was my sister in law

How was school?

25-2 It was fun
Everyone's doing really well

It's good to be young

25-3 That right!
It's a little early, but let's take a bath together!
It's already ready!


25-4 Together...?
Me.. and you... Kyouko-san?

25-5 You don't wanna?

25-6 It's not that, but...

25-7 sfx: Shhhhhhh

26-3 To tell the truth
I wanted to see your body, so that's why I invited you

26-4 That's totally sexual harassment!


26-5 You should have more confidence
Your boobs are cute. You've got a nice body

26-6 I, uh
I'm pretty happy with this body

But I know that not everyone is going to be like that

27-1 I...
Really love Satoru-san you see

27-2 Male, female, it doesn't matter
I love Satoru because Satoru's Satoru...
But it doesn't work that way for him

27-3 My brother'll...

27-4 be back soon...
I get that feeling...

27-5 I'm not just saying that
I really have that feeling...
I'm not sure why, though

27-6 "My mother says

I am a girl [book]

27-7 Yeah
If you're saying so, Tsukaki, I'm sure it'll happen soon

27-8 That this is one of Nostrodamus's predictions coming true

28-1 Ah, Tsukaki-kun!

That someone called the King of Terror would come to Earth and cause terrible things to happen

28-2 It made me cry

Let's go buy you a sailor suit tomorrow

28-3 But I don't think that's true

28-4 I think it's because I wanted to be girl just a bit

28-5 There a girl that lives next door to me named Akane-chan

28-6 She can fight, she's really strong

Sailor suit...

29-1 ...I'm a little excited, I guess...

I wonder if everyone starts changing their thinking about being a girl like this...

So before I get I get too wound up about things...

29-3 "Since I was pretty weak, I always wanted to be a strong girl like Akane-chan. So I'm sure that's why today I...

29-4 Shut

29-5 sfx: knock knock

Tsukaki-kun, I made hot chocolate

Ah, yeah!

29-6 My first hot chocolate in two months...

30-1 You read that book?

Ah, yeah, a little

30-2 Kyouko-san...

30-3 Do you think the prediction came true...?

30-4 Mm, who knows about the words of some old guy who has nothing to do with this

30-6 Forget him.
I think your words will be a lot more accurate, Tsukaki-kun

Hey, so what else can you see?

What else...?

30-7 Yeah, so let's see...

30-8 That's right. I'll make some predictions

31-1 It doesn't matter why
It's ok just to go ahead and decide things

31-2 Our future is bright

31-3 Pretty soon, my brother'll come home. He'll be fine.

Yeah, yeah

31-4 Mom and Dad will get better
We'll all live happily together

and then...

That's right [vertical text]

31-5 Yeah


31-6 Lemme do this

That my small tits will start to grow into nice ones

That I'll become cuter than anyone

That I'll become a fantastic woman

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#1. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2009
Thank you for helping to make another new series possible!
#2. by boke ()
Posted on Oct 19, 2009
Panel 20-3 updated thanks to proofing by brilliantfool.

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