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Boku wa onna no ko 7


+ posted by boke as translation on Sep 21, 2009 22:07 | Go to Boku wa onna no ko

-> RTS Page for Boku wa onna no ko 7

[boke's comments in brackets like this]
[Ver. 1.1 Oct 7, 2009]
[Thanks to NaweG for proofreading]
{NaweG's comments in brackets like this}

Page 116 {Title page}

117 panel 1

I'm an extra-terrestrial.
I've been captured.

And then forgotten.

119-1 The express train to Hakone Yuumoto
Will arrive momentarily

119-2 Shinjiku to Hakone Yuumoto

119-4 Ah, you've got the window seat
Please, please

Excuse me

120-1 She's so beautiful

120-2 Would anyone care for
Boxed Lunches

120-3 sfx: click clack

120-6 I don't wanna go

121-2 click clack

121-3 cl-clack

121-4 cl-clack

121-5 click clack

121-7 cl-clack

122-2 Slide

122-3 Oh



122-5 H-how long have you been awake!?

Just now

122-7 I-I-I'm sorry!
Please don't tell anyone!

I'll never ask anything else as long as I live!


123-1 You do this all the time?

Normally, I don't...

123-2 think "what a beautiful woman"
And steal glances while she goes to sleep
and then... decide to do something

123-3 When I was a high school student I had some office worker lady fondle my thighs
While on a train
I thought she was weird, but I got past it and fondled her back

I haven't molested... not since that time...

123-4 Um
Do you mind if I talk about something?

Go ahead

123-5 I'm going to my wife's family home

124-1 Oh, so you're married


124-2 She found out about my affairs
Not just once or twice, so she got good and fed up

124-3 She went back to her parent's house

124-4 And yet you still felt me up

Yeah [handwritten]

You're sure resistant to change

124-5 Did you get all excited looking at me?

Ah, yeah
You're totally my type

124-6 Did you get hard?


124-7 Don't you get the feeling you've seen me before?

124-8 Eh?

I guess only bored housewives watch that show

125-1 Eight transsexuals whoop it up!
When the steam clears, you'll be surprised!

125-3 Well, even if you saw it, no one can remember everything



What a tacky title [hand written]

125-4 So my parents saw that, okay?
And they ordered me home


125-5 Th-that's gotta be tough

Well, I'm pretty so I've got it easy

126-1 If I get found out, people give me problems
It's funny to use the words "give me"

It's like I have to get their permission to live my life

126-2 Ugly fags have it even harder than me

126-3 Just walking down the street is a battle

There was this girl I was close to, Lulu.

126-4 She was ugly, but she was really nice and sweet


126-5 She was cheerful and said the most interesting things, so she was pretty popular


126-6 She fell in love for real...

127-1 With a handsome guy that looked like Sada Keiji
And that stud said...

Sada Keiji...

Um, that's Nakai Kiichhi's dad, right?

127-2 That's disgusting. Do me a favor a lay off, ok?

127-3 After that she cried horribly and the girl who used to throw everyone smiles
Became useless right then, right there

She took those words seriously and her heart broke...

127-5 A-and then what happened to Lulu-san?

She was murdered

127-6 Eh

The guy she was living with found out
And stabbed her

127-7 Oh, I see...

click clack

128-1 Click clack

128-2 Um, Ah
My name is Okayama

I'm Yuki

128-3 Yuki-san... how long have you been...


128-4 Yea...


128-5 As far as I can remember, around 12

So you must have been into sailor suits, huh?

128-6 I totally was
Well, I got to wear them all the time

128-7 See, my family ran a uniform shop

129-2 My mother retreated to her bed from shock

129-3 Okayama-san, how long have you been cheating on women?

129-4 Next is the terminal station
Hakone Yuumoto

129-5 Aaaahhh
What a bummer

Me too

129-7 Um, but, you made it pleasant
By pleasant, I mean, well...

130-1 If I was by myself, I might have turned around

Me too

Ahaha [handwritten]

130-2 Well then

No more molesting, ok?


130-5 Yoshida

130-7 Maybe I'll go home

131-1 Hiroyuki

131-4 Hiroyuki's here?
Where? Where? Where?

sfx; Thump whump
sfx: click

131-5 Brother!

131-6 It's been a long time!
Welcome home, Yuki-chan!

132-2 My brother and his wife Ai-chan
They understood me back when I wasn't able to leave the house

132-3 I was so surprised to see you on TV

132-4 You were the most beautiful one, Yuki-chan


Shut up

133-1 What the hell was that?

133-2 By "that"
Do you mean the TV show?

133-3 The producer is a customer

133-4 At the bar, said he really wanted me to do it
No matter how many times I said no, he wouldn't give up

133-5 And then he said I'd be the main focus

sfx; clench

133-6 You planning on being a TV star?

He promised it'd only be one time

133-7 Don't do that kind of thing even once!

Yeah, yeah

134-1 But she did, and there's nothing to be done about it, right?

Well, yeah! [handwritten]

Yeah! That's right!

134-2 What the point of calling me on the carpet and
complaining when you can't do anything about it


134-3 Stop talking

Like a girl

sfx; slam

135-2 Where's dad?

Went to bed right after his bath

135-3 That scared me

Well, I was prepared for it
It's actually easier when it's straightforward like that

135-4 Ah, that's right
They're having a Sada Keiji marathon

No way!

135-5 You always liked the strong, silent type

I'll tape it for you


135-6 My mother's the only one who won't face me at all

136-2 ding dong

136-3 Yoshida-saaaan

136-4 Yuki-chan without her wig

136-5 Hold on

Shit. I just got to sleep...

sfx: ding dong

136-6 Thank you


137-1 Oh, it's from Ai-chan

137-2 Kya! It's Sada-sama's video!

Sada Keiji Marathon [videotape]

137-3 Brrring

137-4 Ah, Yuki-chan?
It's Ai. The package should have arrived by now

You don't have to go sending stuff!

137-5 I'm just about to start watching!

Yay! That's great!

137-7 I think I'll stop by the bar next time


137-8 Ah, but you'd better not bring my brother
The monsters will go after him


138-2 Well, I'd better focus on work

For the time being

138-3 Whump


138-4 S-sorry

No, excuse me

138-5 Ah

139-1 How'd it go?

139-3 The road to reconciliation is long

I see...
That's a tough problem, huh?

139-4 What about you?

139-5 No good


139-6 To get our minds off of things, how about a date?

139-7 Th...

That'd be nice

139-8 I won't tell anyone you're dating a fag

Th-that's not what I...

140-4 Um
It's not much, but it's a thank you
I mean

140-5 You should do this for your wife


140-6 But this makes me happy
Thank you

140-7 You like flowers?

As much as anyone

140-8 I am an alien

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#1. by Teaparty ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2009
Hmm.. not gonna translate the other short stories that contain straight sex? xD
#2. by boke ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2009
Yes! I love Shimura's stuff. However, I do have favorite chapters... ;)

Hang tight. I go in phases, and this is coming up to the top of the list again.

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