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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Koi wa Misoji wo Sugite Kara 5

+ posted by boke as translation on Sep 24, 2009 20:54 | Go to Koi wa Misoji wo Sugite Kara

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[boke's comment in brackets like this]

Page 1 Panel 1
[ignore vertical text]

1-3 Th-thump th-thump

1-4 Th-thump th-thump

1-5 sfx: squish

Stop that

1-6 Stop...



2-1 You need

To be looking

At... me

Love is for those over 30

sfx: Th-thump

Heart wrenching workplace love [tilted text at left

Now concludes!

3-1 Um, no it's not...

Uaaaa!! But she's just too cute!!

W-w-we're not done with work...
A-a-and we shouldn't... at work...
So... I...

3-3 Ah

3-4 Kiss

4-1 Lick lick lick lick

4-2 Ah

Sa... Saku...


sfx: Twitch

4-3 Lick lick

4-4 Lick

hah hah hah

4-5 Yama...


hah hah hah

4-6 Sa...


sfx: glomp

5-2 March 20, huh...
It's here

So today is...

5-3 I, Uehara Sakura

Am now

sfx: tap tap

5-4 Well, It's not like anything changes

5-5- From when I was 30

sfx: clatter

6-1 Chief, here are all the docs you requested

Thanks, Uehara-kun.
You sure work fast

So what's next...?

Ah, um, well
Why don't you take a break
for the moment

No, we have the Yamai foods job, right?

6-2 That's a lot for one person
I'll help out, Endo

6-3 No! No, it's ok

I've got time until the deadline

6-4 But! Two of us can knock it out today...

Let me handle this, please
Go ahead and take a break

What are you talking about?
"take a break"?


6-5 Ok then, Uehara-san
Can you... make tea?

6-6 Ok

7-1 From 30 to 31, huh...

I mean when I went from 29 to 30

I didn't think anything of it...

Just worked as hard as I could

I didn't have the time to think about it

7-2 31


7-3 Come to think of it

What did Tamaki say when we met last week?

7-4 Turning 31, Sakura,

Is an important age for a woman!

7-5 ...oh?

You don't get it...
I didn't get it until I was 30 either

7-6 when you're 31

It's the age when you have to figure out how to live the next 30 years!

7-7 The next...

But, look

I dunno.
Just like always...
Working, living, just like always

8-1 Um
Can I help out?


8-2 N..!! Nooooooo!!
You moron!
Go back to work, Yamada!!


8-3 That's right. That's why


Thank you

Now, at 31, I'm thinking about this stuff

That's right

sfx: fidget fidget

8-4 It's him!


Can I have some too!?

8-5 Yamada...
Told me he loves me

My life's divided
Before I met him

9-1 And after I met him





9-2 So when I think

Of the... next 30 years...

How's it going, Uehara-kun?

9-3 Ok
Here are the copies you requested

9-4 Ah, well, ok then
It's a little early, but

10-1 Why don't you go home early

...but, there's still...

10-2 Everyone's got work

I-it's ok! We're almost done, ok?

10-3 I'm almost done too
Ah, that's right, Uehara-sempai

sfx: clatter

10-4 Why not go drinking with me tonight?
I know a great place!

Eh? Kanada

Call from Yamai Foods


10-5 Yes, got it.
It's that right?
Eh? By today?

I see...

10-7 Um, Yamada-kun!
The contents of the Yamai foods job may change, it seems
They'll decide at a meeting today, so, um...


10-8 I want you to wait for a call from them tonight

I don't know how long it'll take, so...
Sorry, on this day [put "this" in italics]

I see...

sfx: glance

10-9 If we could, we wanted

To have dinner, but...

11-1 What can you do?

Ok, got it

11-2 Wow, thanks Uehara-sempai

It's been a dream of mine
to go out drinking with you like this

11-3 No, thanks for the invite


11-4 Ah, this one!
The stew is famous here

They use wine to cook it

11-4 Today's been a weird day...

Starting with beer's ok, right?

Work was too easy and didn't keep me occupied
So that's why I had the leisure to think

Um, two medium beers...
This stew...
And, um... salad and...

12-1 30... 31...
When I look back

Over this year...

12-2 Yamada... It's been a year with Yamada, huh

That fucking asshole!

He's completely destroyed my pace

12-3 Really, somehow we're all over each other

When we're alone, I always want to do it
Well... it feels good for me too, so...

12-4 Wonder if he's still at work...

That's right...
This last year
Has been nothing I've experienced before

12-5 It's been all nervous
and suspenseful

Getting all mad and disappointed.
Spacing out and... feeling good...

13-1 I'm so stupid

I should act my age

13-2 Yeah, I should act my age



It's almost 8

13-3 Um, sorry, sempai

I'm going to the restroom


13-4 Being with Yamada

For a year...


13-5 Ah

Oh, come on

13-6 Ah... I...

After just a couple hours...

14-1 After just 4 hours...

My 31st birthday
Will be over

14-2 No-not yet!?

The preparations take that much...

Eh? Yamada-san's still at work...

14-3 Can't help that, but...
We'll have to start without him

Ok! So I'll bring Uehara-san over

14-4 Sorry to keep you waiting, sempai!

Um, why don't we move someplace different?

I know another great place...

14-5 Huh?

Sem... pai?

14-6 Sorry, Kanada.
Forgive me

15-1 That wasn't nice to Kanada...


15-2 I'm so dumb

To act on impulse like this

15-3 Maybe because it's my birthday

15-4 I'm dumb
Not even an adult


Everyone's looking at me...

Ah, yeah

15-5 I'm

Smiling like an idiot

15-6 And I'm staggering too

Ah, crap!
I... I...

15-7 I'm dumb



16-1 This last year. Being 30.

I'm just being carried away everyday

It's just dumb


16-2 It's been

So fun!

17-1 It's been so fun!


You asshole, Yamada!!

17-2 A little cosplay for your boyfriend

50% off

17-3 lick

18-2 Mm
The call's not coming
That meeting's going long

18-3 It's 9 already...

Everybody is already


18-4 Sakura's birthday party

Uehara-san's not here?

She didn't go home either

Sakura'll be so surprised
Everyone kept the secret

18-5 And everyone's participating
They're all so grateful to her

Make's me happy


18-6 C'mon and call already

19-1 Eh!?


19-3 Thank's for

Your hard work

19-4 Gulp

20-2 Today... I...
Turned 31

Did you know?

Oh, man, Sakura is the greatest!

hah hah hah

20-3 Of... Of course!


21-1 I...

I... um

22-2 Um
D-d-don't you laugh!


Ah... um

22-3 I... suddenly

22-4 wanted to spend my 31st birthday

With you...

22-5 That's

What I thought

22-1 Ah... um

That means

22-2 That means... right?


So that means...

That you...

22-3 So! You...

Um, m-me... my...


Right? Right?
Sakura, you...

22-4 You...

I want to hear it from your lips

22-5 Sakura


Please say it

22-6 Please, Sakura...


You... me...

22-7 I lo...

23-1 So here you are!

Everyone! Uehara-san's here!

23-2 We were looking for you sempai!

Happy birthday!

23-3 We alway cause you so much trouble, so
Today everyone wanted to celebrate your birth...

23-4 Ah!?


Sorry to intrude...

24-1 Happy birthday, Uehara-san!

Here! Cake! Every...
one can... Hm?




You two...

24-2 So that's how it is?
Uehara-kun and Yamada-kun?

Huh? You didn't know, chief?

Everyone knew?

Chieeeef, you're so dense!

So what about the party?

Uehara-san, You're so cute!

24-3 Look's like we're intruding on this party

So the two of them are...

We should have the party later

Ah! Ah!
The two of you stay right like that

We'll hold your party in the future. Sorry to interrupt!

sfx: shiver shiver

24-4 Oh, dammit already!!
You all can go to hell!

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