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Strange Mansion 1

Room 1: A Stalker Who Doesn't Realize It

+ posted by boke as translation on Sep 27, 2009 22:03 | Go to Strange Mansion

-> RTS Page for Strange Mansion 1

[boke's comments in brackets like this]
[Thanks to NaweG for proofreading!]
{NaweG's comments in curly braces like this}

[ver 1.1 9-29-09]

Page 3 Panel 1 [pages numbers from tankobon]

When I was in high school

There was someone I liked

3-2 I wasn't able to bring myself to tell him that, and then he graduated...

3-3 This year I am graduating [put "I" in italics]


He's in Tokyo now...

When I saw his address on the New Year's postcard... [It's standard to send postcards to friends and acquaintances at new year.]

I decided!

4-1 Room 1: A Stalker Who Doesn't Realize It {Title. Might want to add in the Author here also if this is ever going to be distributed}

I'm going to Tokyo too!

To where Sempai is!

5-1 So that's how...

There's an apartment available in Sousei ni-chome?

5-2 Yeah, there is


5-3 Heh heh heh
So this is my battle plan:

Pretend that I "happened" to move into this apartment...

5-4 Pretend that we just "happened" to meet again

And Sempai and I'll grow closer together!
Fufufufu {Editor Note, make sure to leave the heart in}

6-1 Now! The move-in greetings! [When you move into a new place, it's customary to bring your new neighbors small gifts]

sfx: ding dong

6-2 Click


7-1 I...

sfx: wobble

I never even imagined this would happen... {Editor Note, make sure to leave the ? in}

7-2 What's happening here!?
Is Sempai

living with some other girl?

7-3 My name is Sadashima... Ah... Um... Here's some move-in soba [Soba noodles are often used as gifts in these situations because the word "soba" is a homophone for "to be next to"]

Oh wow, nowadays it's unusual to have someone be so polite {Editor Note, make sure to leave the heart in}

So you're next to us? [hand written]

7-3 Yuko?
A delivery?

[ignore sxf]

Ah, it's move-in greetings

8-1 Huh?

8-3 Um, are three people living here...?

Eh? Just us two, so...?

8-4 Right now, we're living together {Editor Note, make sure to leave the heart in}

So if we get "noisy", please forgive us {Editor Note, make sure to leave the heart in}

Giving up the ghost

8-5 {Editor Note, make sure to leave the ? in}



Is that right...
Well, I have some unpacking to do, so...

8-6 What giiiives?

W-where did Sempai go to...?

9-1 Hey

The neighbor who just came over
Haven't you seen her before?

sfx: slurp


9-2 I don't think so...? {Editor Note, make sure to leave the ? in}

If I'm remembering correctly...

9-3 rustle rustle

9-4 Ah

9-5 Right here! It's her!

Here, look!
You know her too, right?

10-1 {Editor Note, make sure to leave the --- in}

10-2 Siigh

10-3 What the hell am I doing...?

10-4 I was so happy when I moved here

And now I don't even know where sempai's gone to...

10-5 I'm such an idiot

sfx: ding dong

11-1 Sadashima Koyomi, right!

sf: wham

11-2 What's this, all of a sudden?
How do you know my full name!?

Sadashima, so it's really you...

Your door was unlocked, ok? [handwritten]

11-3 It's me!


[ignore sfx]

Don't you remember me?

12-2 Nearsighted

[ignore sfx on right]

12-3 Se...Sempai?

12-4 ...Sempai's sister?


No... It's me
Shirahai Yutaka!

13-1 Breasts!?

[Ignore sfx]

He's in drag!?

N-no way! He was pretending to be a guy in high school!?

13-2 Excuse me
Sorry she's being so rude, but [handwritten]

Let me explain

13-3 I... in order to live with him...

I had a sex change!

14-1 So now that you know...


sfx: clap

14-2 Please don't let my parents know!!

sfx: bow

14-3 In the past...
There was a sempai I liked




But when we met again, after a whole year

He'd given up on being a man

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#1. by jackitshot ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2009
haha, thank your translate my Strange Mansion, your english and japanese are cool, the translate and scanlation is on going. BTW, do you also like Yuna Kagesaki? ^^
#2. by boke ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2009
Thanks for your comments. Good luck with the scanlation!

Sorry, I'm not a fan of Yuna Kagesaki.
#3. by jackitshot ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2009
Well, after you finish translation, i would like to read your translation again, though my english is not very good, i have translated Vampire Karin of Kagesaki into Chinese these years ago, it is so funny and MOE.
#4. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Sep 29, 2009
Looks strange, but with potential. Thank you for your hard work!
#5. by jackitshot ()
Posted on Sep 29, 2009
8-4 in love means cohabitation?
11-1 Koyoko → Koyomi
13-2 Sorry she's being so rude, but [handwritten]
#6. by boke ()
Posted on Sep 30, 2009

Thanks for the corrections!

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