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Translations: Gintama 702 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Strange Mansion 2

Room 2: I Quit Being a Guy

+ posted by boke as translation on Sep 30, 2009 04:58 | Go to Strange Mansion

-> RTS Page for Strange Mansion 2

[boke's comments in brackets like this.]
[Proofreading courtesy of NaweG]
{NaweG's comments in brackets like this}

[ver 1.1 sept 30, 09]

Page 15 Panel 1

Sfx: Glug blub blub

15-2 Well, it's kinda strange how we all met up again, but

Here's to the reunion of the Shizu High School Oen Dan! [Oen Dan is a group of cheerleaders (Usually male) who cheer on the sports teams. Typically using loud shouts and big drums, as opposed to female pom-pom style cheerleaders]

15-3 Oh, c'mon Dancho [Dancho is the leader of the Dan - the group]

Shirahai and I are still underaged!

15-4 Ah, it's ok. This is non-alchoholic beer.

Or do you prefer sake, Koyoko-chan?

16-1 Don't say "chan"!!!!!!

Room 2: I Quit Being a Guy
{Editor Note - Might want to add Author’s name here as well}

sfx: Crash

17-1 What's with you, Sadojima!? I thought we'd just have some drinks to celebrate getting together again!

Yeah! Calm down!

sfx: huff huff

Since Koyoko hadn't finished unpacking, we switched apartments

17-2 Iyaaaaaaaaaa

17-3 "Koyoko-chan"?

That's so weird! Why are you talking like a girl!?

17-4 You used to just call me "Sadojima"! That was sooo masculine!

Ko... Sadajima, calm down!

These apartments have thin walls!

18-1 I mean, look -
I'm not a male anymore...

18-2 Boing

18-3 Nothing there

18-5 He cut it off... (maybe)

19-1 Aah

Ah, you're early, huh?

Did class finish early?


19-3 Danchooooo


sfx: yank

19-4 You made Shirahai-sempai do that!

sfx: Shake shake

Hey! Stop that!

20-1 Harutaka-san did nothing wrong!

20-2 Look, I was the one that came on to him!

20-3 Although when I first came to his room here, I was still a guy

Dancho... I...

20-4 I've always loved you, Dancho!

Please! Let me stay with you!

20-5 Sorry, Shirahai

I just can't bring myself ta love a guy

Oh man... [handwritten]
The first time someone tells me they love me

And it's a guy...

22-1 He didn't despise me and he was really sincere

But he still rejected me...

Initially, it was a crushing failure...

21-2 But I tried again half a year later

sfx: ding dong

21-3 A-and who might you be...?

21-4 I-it's me! Shirahai!

sfx: spptt

21-5 Eh

21-6 Eeeeeh!?

22-2 So Shirahai changed his sex for me...

'n I felt I had ta take responsibility...

22-3 'n Yuko had a cute face even back when she wuz a guy...
And he... kept gettin' cuter somehow...

'n now we're totally in love!

Big Success! [box]

22-4 That's...

sfx: crink

23-1 So stupid!

sfx: whang

Big Failure [box]

23-2 You're disgusting! Both of you!

sfx: slam

23-3 Wah

23-4 Crash

23-5 Wah wah wha

Crying in her bed

23-6 Shirahai-sempai!


So Shirahai-sempai I know no longer exists!?

24-1 This is just too cruel!

If I have to lose him this way

It would have been better if he died

24-2 I had such pure feelings for him!!!


She's still crying up a storm...

Well, It's gotta be a big shock, eh?

24-3 To find someone you knew has changed sex...

24-4 Sigh

Tear stain

25-1 Sa * da * ji * ma

25-2 Swollen eyes

25-3 Sorry... about last night...

It must have been quite a surprise

25-4 Yeah...

25-5 Me too.... Sorry to have made a mess...

And that I called you two disgusting...

I'm sorry

It's ok. I understand.

25-6 But, I'm pretty happy that you've moved here

25-7 Eh...?

sfx: fuwaaaa

26-1 Because I don't have any girl friends down here

If I have a model, maybe I can become a little more "girl-like"...

sfx: smash

26-3 Sa...


Don't go ripping up the partition, you idiot!

sfx: crunch rip

And just like that

My new life in Tokyo is off to a miserable start

Room2: The End

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#1. by Obxist ()
Posted on Sep 30, 2009
26-3 Sa...

Sadajima! <-- sadoshima ?
#2. by boke ()
Posted on Sep 30, 2009
It's Sadajima. Fixed the script to correct her name.

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