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Fudanshism 10

Ism.10 Lovely girl with doubts

+ posted by boke as translation on Oct 3, 2009 04:37 | Go to Fudanshism

-> RTS Page for Fudanshism 10

[boke's comment in brackets like this]

[ver 1.0 Oct 1, 2009]

Page 1 Panel 1

Industry Uproar!! Dojin Style "Metamorphosis" Love Comedy

Ism.10 Lovely girl with doubts

What a Cutie!
Standing in the Holy Land

Presented by Morishige

2-1 My name is Miyano Tamae. I'm what's called a "fujoshi"...

Because I'm a fujoshi, since I'm a fujoshi, I'm troubled

[ignore the box. it's just back story and doesn't appear in the tankobon]

2-2 Recently my brother


2-3 What is it?


Has firmly started to walk down the "fu" road ["fu" from "fujoshi" or "fudanshi". It means corrupt, rotten or perverted.]

3-1 About this week's "OmaTen"...

I thought there was a wonderful Tenteru X Mikoto development

sxf: taka taka taka

3-2 R-really...?
It was a Uzume-chan x Tenteru love comedy episode, right?

It seemed to me that she was serving to preserve the connection between them, see?

3-3 We're now able to talk about TenMiko

And that makes me really happy, but!

sfx: taka taka taka

4-2 Somehow I get the feeling that as a fujoshi, my "fu" isn't enough

At this rate, Amata-kun may end up passing me by...

4-3 For my studies!

4-4 My studies!

5-1 It's all for my studies, ok!?

5-2 The total will be 10,500 yen [about US$120]

5-3 But, no matter how much I say that, it's really just an excuse

This is heavy! So heavy!

5-4 I bought too much stuff

6-1 Kiyo Kiyo!?

Hello, Tamatan-san

6-2 Help me! Help me, Kiyo Kiyo!

You sure bought a lot, huh?

sfx: wah wah

6-3 And I'm thirsty, too!

sfx: wah

That is a problem, huh? [italicize "is"]

6-4 So how are things on the dojin front recently, Tamatan-san?

7-1 Still doing it! What genre is your brother doing for Komiket?

Probably OmaTen, I guess. He probably is going to sell dojin software as usual.

7-2 Uzume-chan, I bet?

That's right - Uzume-chan!

sfx: It's obvious!

sfx: Good!

sxf: Good!

7-3 Speaking of Uzume-chan, there was a Uzume-chan cosplayer recently

Aren't you doing cosplay anymore, Tamatan-san?

7-4 Ah, coplay, huh?

I did it up through last year

8-1 Wow, the atmosphere day 3 of Komiket is really different

One year ago. Day 3 at the world's largest dojin convention - Komiket!

8-2 Day 3 is male focussed

[ignore sfx - unless you have something decent for crowd noises]

8-3 [ignore sfx - crowd noises again]
As far as I can see, it's just guys

9-4 Huh, so OmaTen is popular with guys too

A Yanami-tan cosplayer!

She's touching my dojin...!!

9-6 No Tenteru or Mikoto...

sfx: Awww

10-1 Yanami gets assulted in that one!

sfx: Erk

Are you really ok with looking at that!?

10-2 A Yanami cosplayer is...

I feel I've done something wrong...

sfx: Erk

10-3 All these dojin are just Yanami/tentacle stories...

So it was meaningless for me to come today

[ignore sfx - crowd noises]

11-3 There's a OmaTen dojin in the software area!

sfx: Heart-felt

I can't believe a OmaTen dojin would be here!

11-4 Tap

11-5 Huh

12-1 Real live Yanami-tan!!

sfx: Whoa

It's a perfect Yanami-tan!

12-2 Smile

12-3 Uh, hey wait a sec...

13-1 A copy book done in pencil...
Around 20 pages, maybe. Focusing on erotic images

The juices are really flowing here...
I bet there'll be tentacles...
Tentacles, huh?

13-2 Lick lick lick lick

13-3 TenMiko...!!

13-4 My brother told me to draw it, and I got into it, but...

I'm feeling like maybe it's an insult to the real fans...

sfx: Oh, man

14-1 I'll take it!

14-2 Wha?

14-3 It's dirty! Dirty!

14-4 Ah

15-1 It's this a illustration collection?

No, it's a game

That one's even worse...

15-2 Game

It's boring! Totally boring, ok!

15-3 Memorial Stamp Imprisonment Assault
Tear the perforations, lick from edge to edge

Confine them to the stamp book
Examine them with the loupe
Stamps are culture. Stamps are life.
The ultimate favoratism

15-4 This looks interesting. It take this too

You're buying that too!?

16-1 Oh yeah, I did that, huh.
Your brother's game was pretty interesting

It's a pretty specialized genre, so it didn't sell. This time he's trying something more extreme

16-2 Even more extreme than stamps...

Um... Ta...
Tamatan-san, are you still...

16-3 Mm?

I do some at home sometimes. That's enough.

16-4 Older sister? Cosplay at home!?

sfx: th-thump th-thump

What an erotic set-up!

17-1 Day

17-2 I'm sorry, Miyano-kun!
I'm sorry, Tamatan-san!

sfx: th-thump th-thump

Sorry that I have an Eroge brain [Eroge - Erotic computer game]

17-3 Kiyo Kiyo?

I-I've got to get home

18-1 taka taka

18-2 So are you going to cosplay as Uzume-chan?

There's no way I could wear that. It's indecent...

18-3 Nozomin emailed and said when she wears it the oval over her breasts stretches out

She's got big ones, huh? [handwritten]

sfx: taka taka taka

The oval...

18-4 Amata-kun

19-1 If I was Nozomin

I'd become your little sister

19-2 What are you talking about?

There's no way that's going to happen

19-3 You don't know that

You can't know that, Amata-kun

19-4 So for Komiket, which you should totally go to

sfx: stand

20-1 I bought you


sfx: ta-dah

20-2 Cool, huh? A part that duplicates a female crotch. What a convenient world we live in!

So you're telling me to wear this?

20-3 Well, let's have you start by trying it on, ok?

What do you mean, "ok"!?

21-1 Lessons by Onee-chan

The plan to change fujoshi is officially pronounced!

Episode 8 - Dojin Software

21-2 Hello, everyone, how are you doing? Today, I'm stepping in for Tamatan

Dojin Software

I, Sohora, will now explain dojin software, ok?

21-3 Dojin software

21-4 To begin with, how about you start by looking at this?

22-1 Whoa
It looks like a real music CD

But what's in the case is not a music CD. It could be a game or a collection of illustrations.

22-2 That's cool. People even make games, huh?

22-3 Recently, circles making games for girls have started to increase

22-4 What kind of game is it, I wonder?

It's faster if you try it out

22-5 To the bounds of OmaTen


23-1 Is this a novel...?

Strictly speaking, it's called a visual novel. But it's a game genre.

23-2 Ah, a choice has appeared

23-3 This is like a girl's game. Ok, so then...

23-4 Click

23-6 Click

24-1 Sohora-san! It's a MikoTen ending!!

sfx: Bam

The highlight of a visual novel is to get to the ending with the couple you want without any detours

24-2 Oh
My, my...

sfx: taka taka taka

As a TenMiko fan, I've gotta do it over!

24-3 [box on right]
Dojin Software
Dojin works distributed and sold mainly on CD-ROM media.
The contents range from computer graphics, Games, photo collections, animation, music, resource collections, etc. You also can purchase and download some over the net. Dojin software is a currently expanding genre.

Ok, boys and girls, promise me: you'll only play up to three hours a day, ok?

sfx: waaaah
sfx: taka taka taka

[box on left]
Dojin Games
Typically visual novels and adventure games. But recently cell phone games have become available.

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