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Random Canaan Translations

+ posted by boke as news on Oct 15, 2009 21:51 | Go to

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I won't let you die [title]

Panel 1 - The living have the right to decide!

Panel 2 - Since I'm living, I'm giving the orders!

I won't let you die any further!

Panel 3 - Your statement can't be considered a order

It's just your own opinion

Try again with correct grammar this time

Panel 4 - S-shut up! Fuck off! I'm gonna drop you!

Ah, please do

You moron! I told you I wouldn't let you die!

You really are stupid

I'm gonna kill you after this!


Sweeeet [title]

Panel 1 - Hey Canaan, I've been wondering about this for a while. What are you sucking on?
Doesn't seem like tobacco

Ah, Yun Yun's been wondering about that too

Panel 2 - It's one of those things you pour in coffee. It's been hardened somehow.

Oh? It's hard stick sugar. I like it 'cause it's got such a pure flavor.

Do you want one, Maria?

One for Yun Yun too

sfx: rustle

Panel 3 - Mm, it's just regular sugar

sfx: suck

Ah, this...

Panel 4 - This is the same flavor as when we kissed...


What the fuck is this!? It's sweet enough to make ya puke!

sfx: crunch crunch



What happened to the snake after that [title]

Panel 1 - Liang Qi-sama

Since that day, I have joined the priesthood and spend my days in quiet contemplation.

Panel 2 - Recently I have achieved some fruit from my training, and can see the doors of the underworld

I feel that I have come one step closer to you

Gate to the Underworld [on gates]

Panel 3 - Aah, Liang Qi-sama, I can feel you close to me...

I'll give you some love, Cummings

I shall always be with you...

Panel 4 - Aah! That fucking brat! Messing with your precious arm, Onee-sama!

But one-armed Onee-sama is so cool too!

In the vicinity of Shanghai airport [box]


Panel 1 - What's this?

Panel 4 - You're late. I told you to be back by evening.

Panel 5 - Hey...


Panel 1 - What's this?

Panel 3 - Hoho. I see.

You know what this is?

Panel 4 - It's a heart

Panel 5 - A-a heart?

Whoever gave you that is into you

I-in to me!? What's that!?

(pissed) It means they love you!


Panel 1 - Maria!
sfx: slide

Panel 2 - Hey

Mm... Canaan?

Panel 3 - snag

Panel 4 - I understand the meaning of that cat's cradle!

I feel the same way!
I love you too, Maria!


Panel 1 - The real answer is that it was an owl

Canaan seems to have made a mistake somehow

Panel 2 - Well, whatever

I love you too

Stop that

Move it outside, you two!


A theory Regarding Maria's Ultimate Strength. Love Song Version. [title]

Panel 1 - I get pulled along

I only follow you

Panel 2 - Today, again

I get kicked

sfx: clud whump

sfx: cough cough

Panel 3 - I get shot

Sorry, Canaan...

Panel 4 - I get blown up

And I still manage to survive

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