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Otome Kakumei Ayameno! Gaiden Oneshot : Otome Kakumei Ayameno! Gaiden

Otome Kakumei Ayameno! Gaiden

+ posted by boke as translation on Oct 22, 2009 02:09 | Go to Otome Kakumei Ayameno! Gaiden

[boke's comments in brackets like this]
[Thanks to NaweG for proofreading]

[ver 1.0 Oct 20, 2009]

Page 1 Panel 1

You're being haunted by a devil!

Guardian Miko of the Academy! You've seen through me!

sfx: roaaaaar

1-2 Demon Exorcism!!!

1-3 Whoosh

1-4 Huff Huff


2-2 Himeko, hang in there!

2-3 sfx: dash

Juria-san... [could also be Julia]

2-4 Don't

2-5 Say anything more...

3-1 Popular girl's school re-incarnation comedy - boys forbidden!

Otome Kakumei Ayame No!
(Media Factory publication)

Now on Gan Gan Online!!

Oto Me Kaku Mei [in circles]
Ayame No!

~The magic when you and I kiss~

Sega Yukari

[ignore the rest]

4-1 Hanashigure Academy. Afternoon.


sfx: Kthud

4-3 sfx: silence

4-4 Did you have a scary dream, Harasuma Juria?

Pay attention in class, ok?

5-1 I'll help you right your desk

sfx: commotion

5-3 Ah, geez
I can't forgive myself for having a dream like that...!

sfx: creak creak

6-1 I hate hate hate Kayo Himeko!

I haaaaate her!!

6-3 Himeko's great at sports

6-4 Her grades are excellent too

6-5 And to top it off, she the cutest girl in the academy. She's calm and doesn't make enemies.

7-2 But it pisses me off how she's so friendly to everyone

7-3 glitter glitter

7-4 What's this...

sfx; glitter glitter

7-6 It's like a magic wand...

It's like the one I saw in my dream...

8-1 Demon Exorcism!! [top]

sfx: Whoosh

You're being haunted by a devil!

8-2 ...or something. Gotta say, pretty cool, even for me.
What happened after bothers me, though...

Oh, man... [handwritten - this it for both sets]

8-3 Oh, right
Lunch is almost over...

I don't have time for this...

8-4 I've been possessed by a devil?

sfx: blank stare

9-1 She saw me!?

9-2 I didn't know!!!

What should I do!?

Himeko believes that bull? [black circle]

sfx: whoosh [top]

sfx: glomp

9-3 I-I... didn't expect this! I thought she was perfect, not scared like this...

9-4 There's no way I'm not going to exploit this!

9-5 Just you wait, Kayo Himeko!!

9-6 I'm gonna totally exploit your weakness!

sfx: booong

10-1 Five story pagoda of the Hanashigure Academy.

10-2 creak creak

10-3 It's a secret, but I'm really a Miko that protects the school [a Miko is a shinto priestess/shrine assistant]

sfx: creak creak

10-4 But Harasuma-san
They'll get mad at us for being in here


10-5 It's ok. They say ghosts and monsters often appear in this pagoda, right?

It's just a rumor, though [black circle]

The devil that's haunting you, their real body is here

10-6 And then

11-1 If we don't defeat it, it will continue to haunt you!

11-2 Hehehe... She's scared! She's scared!
I've never seen Himeko look like this

11-3 Ha ha ha... I'm gonna scare you shitless!
Get ready!

12-1 Boooom

13-1 Kyaaaa!!

13-2 Miko from Kakitsubata!!

I'll take that body!!

sfx: Roaaaar

13-3 Roaaaar

14-1 So you've finally appeared

14-2 Flash

15-1 Himeko!!? [black circle]

This demon creeps into people's dreams!

This demon's been haunting you to try to get to me!

15-2 Dream...!?

It made me have that weird dream!?

sfx: blush

15-3 shhf

15-4 I'll take this back

16-1 As Miko of Kakitsubata

I won't let you defile this flower [this is more complex pun I'm not really grasping]

17-1 Shinnng

17-2 Princess Miko of Kakitsubata

Become my vessel!

If you do, I can dominate this world!!!

17-3 What's going on, Himeko!?
Just what are you?

I'm here to protect you

18-1 Although it was coincidence that this dropped, I'm glad it was you that picked it up

18-2 Does that mean I'm the one that got fooled?

sfx: blush

18-3 Go back to the land of darkness!!

sfx: Shing

18-4 Ba-booom

20-1 So you were really a miko, huh?

sfx: sniff sniff

20-2 I'm sorry
I tried to scare you

sfx: sniff

20-3 And you saved me too...

20-4 Clench

20-5 To tell the truth, I always wanted to be your friend...
I've always been watching you...

But I couldn't be honest with myself...

21-1 Harasuma-san

21-2 Don't say anything more...

21-3 Eh


Is this...
A dream?

21-4 Ok?

sfx: grip

23-1 Whhhish

24-3 Eh

Where am I...

sfx: Huh

sfx: Huh Huh

24-4 Shine

24-5 sfx: Whump


25-1 Did I have another dream...?

25-2 Where does the dream start...?

25-4 Even though it should have been a dream, my chest is burning...

26-1 Harasuma-san

26-2 See you in class tomorrow too

The continuation is in MF Bunko J - Otome Kakumei Ayame No #1 & 2.
(Media Factory Publishing)

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