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Change H Pink Oneshot : Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy

+ posted by boke as translation on Nov 18, 2009 07:27 | Go to Change H Pink

[boke's comments in brackets like this]
[Thanks to NaweG for the proofread]

[ver 1.1 Nov 21, 2009]

Page 1 Panel 1



This could be bad...

1-2 Junko's... [box]

Eyes... are scary... [box]

Ah, mm
Yer damn cute!

I like it...

1-3 Ok, next
let's have you lift your skirt!


Hurry it up!

1-4 Shit!!

Lift. It. Up!!

Lift. It. Up!!

Lift. It. Up!!


1-5 sfx: th-thump

2-1 Shit!!


hah hah hah

2-2 Koide Junko, you bitch!


For a goddamned girl...

hah hah hah hah

2-3 And I'm...
A guy... and I'm....

2-5 Gulp

2-6 shhff

3-2 Touch

3-3 Wha!? Wh-what the hell!!?

M-my bad

You look so good, I couldn't help myself

3-4 Ah, but...

It's not yet...

3-5 Sit yer ass right there
I'll get you ready, 'kay?

4-1 Ahh...

What the hell...

Am I doing...?

5-1 Let me alone!

5-2 I'm Okashita Yu

It's ok, Yuko! [Yuko is a girl's name]

I said lemme go!


Just a little!
Just a little bit!
It's not like I'm gonna use 'em up!

I'm a junior high 3rd year
I'm... a boy...
They call me "Yuko"

5-3 Nnn!!?


I have a post-pubertal sex change disorder

sfx: squeeze

5-4 Ah...

Super soft!

And ever since 2nd year, my body has
Gradually been changing into a girl

sfx: squeeze squeeze


5-5 Just like a girl's!


You've never touched a girl's, asshole

I'm next! Me!

sfx: excitement

6-1 My father's doesn't live at home and what's more, I have two older sisters, so I...

Stop that!!

You're both guys! What are you doing!?

That's disgusting! [upper left of page]

6-2 So when I played as a kid, it was "house" or with dolls

Shaddup, Koide!

OK, so let us squeeze your boobs, Koide! [italicize "your"]

I got female hand-me-down clothes [italicize "female"]

6-3 Guys are all so dumb, huh!?

Junko's right! You suck!

Perverts! Fuck off!

My chest started to swell

6-4 Th...

I thought "well, no surprise"

6-5 Okushita, act like a man!
Just say "no" already!

6-6 It was like I had already given up

Ah, well, maybe it's impossible. Yuko's a girly boy, after all!

7-1 I go to the hospital once a week

There's about 1 in 10,000 people with post-pubertal sex change disorder

7-2 There's not a doctor that can see me locally. I have to ride the train.

Ok, let's take a look, Okushita-kun

7-3 Mm...
They've gotten
A little larger, I think

Does it hurt, Okushita-kun?

Ah, well...

7-4 But


My n...

7-5 twitch

7-6 Ah, yeah, it's about that time
They're getting sensitive

That's right...
I guess...

8-1 It's about time for a bra, right?

That's a little...
They'd just make fun of me

8-2 I understand how you feel,
So just put up with like always then

8-3 Ah...


Every time

8-4 She says the same thing

My disorder is still progressing

My body is not stable, so surgery or drugs are not yet advised

8-5 When I graduate from high school...

I'll have to decide: boy or girl...

8-6 But in truth...

9-1 My chest keeps getting bigger


sfx: zip zip

9-2 It feels like my d-dick and my balls
are getting smaller

9-3 It's not like they were all that big to begin with

9-4 Am I scared, or am I...

sfx: pshhhhhh

9-5 shhhhh

9-6 If things keep going like this, I'll...


9-7 Pshhhhh


10-1 Ehh!?

10-2 Why...?


Huh? Why is Koide Junko here?

10-3 At this hospital!?


10-4 Waitasec! This is the men's room!

10-5 So... Eh?

10-6 Sshhhh


10-7 Eh!?


10-8 Huh?

10-9 Ah


11-1 What should I do now?

You saw my secret


Koide Junko is...

What should I do?

11-2 Okashita! You're gonna take responsibility for this, right?

That's right...
I wanna talk with you a little

The leader of the girls at school, Koide Junko [lower right box]

goes to

sfx: shff

11-3 the same

Hospital as me?

I got a change of clothes, so
It's ok, huh, Okashita!

A change of clothes?

11-4 Eeeeeeh!!?

Come on over to my house!

12-1 What the hell...

am I doing?

Dressed like this...

12-2 That looks good on you, Okashita...
No, that's not it
Ya look hot, Yuko!

Why are you dressed like that too?

12-3 Ah, this?
Do I look hot in this Gakuran? [Gakuran is the male uniform]


12-4 sfx: th-thump th-thump

sfx: glance

12-5 I bought it in secret! Mom and Dad don't know.
Didn't have enough to get the pants though

sfx: squish

12-6 I'm Koide Jun!
If ya call me Junko, I'm gonna knock yer head off!
Yeah, like that

13-1 O-ok! Look, Yuko!

Time ta get down to brass tacks!


13-2 I-I-I-I want ya to tell me [small panel]

all sorts... of stuff

13-3 [small panel]
As a male sempai [sempai = someone with prior experience in this case]


13-4 Eh?
As a male sempai?

What is Jun talking about...?

What kind of stuff?

L-look, Yuko
Like about a guy's...

sfx: th-thump th-thump th-thump

13-5 About a guy's dick n' stuff


14-1 Koide want me to...

14-2 There's stuff... I cant' figure out myself

We have the same condition...
We're in the same boat...

Junko of all people [box]
Wants me to...

14-3 Thinks of me as...

14-4 I've never had

anyone to

confide in

14-5 This thing!

So when you go pee,
You don't wipe it with tissue?

14-6 You can't flush paper down the urinal, right?
So what do you do?

After the stream stops, you just put it away

14-7 Serious!?
You'll get your panties dirty!

Guys are so disgusting!
You gotta wipe the tip! I'm gonna wipe the tip!

15-1 Ah,
And this!

It's suddenly gets bigger, huh?


Right! [by her head]

15-2 R-really!!
B-but why!?
The sex ed book said it gets bigger when you think about sex
But it happens even when I don't think of sex

Ah, it's got nothing to do with that

15-3 I just gets hard sometimes with no connection to what you're thinking
That's just how it is

15-4 Ah...



15-5 I get it!
So it has nothing to do with what you're thinking?
Like in the middle of class?

It happens like that

Every guy's gotta deal with that

16-1 But...

I see, I see...
Hmm, so that's how it is, huh?

sfx: yank [at shorts]

So that's what's normal [italicize "that's"]
I can't believe it. And it's my own body...

This is kinda disgusting [bottom of panel]

J-just where is she looking!? [right of Yu's head]
Er, well

Her's is bigger than mine...
I saw it

I had no idea that Koide was... [box]

16-2 Like this

But I feel better now

16-3 A while ago, it suddenly got hard
I wondered if I was a big perv or something

Her expressions... [box]

16-4 Change all the time

It's the first time...

16-5 We're the same... I guess

Hey! Back when the guys

Were squeezing your boobs, suddenly...

I got a woody! I couldn't figure out why

17-1 Mm...?

17-2 So that's also

Not related to thinkin' about sex... right?

Eh? That time?

17-3 Jun


Under her skirt...?

17-4 Eh?

17-5 Eh!?

17-6 Aaand... how to...

Tell me how to do it...


17-7 Eh!?

Look, when you masturbate, it gets smaller, I heard [put "masturbate" in small text]

I-it does, b-but...

So I had better know how, right?

18-1 M-my way?
Eh? But...

It's ok, already! Guys talk about this stuff
Like about how, right?
It said so in the book

18-2 So just do it like it says in the book!!

18-3 I...


it was...

She... [box]

18-4 tried it... [box]

The way in the book
When I gripped it...

I-it hurt...
I don't get how you do it

Jun tried it... [box]

18-5 Smiling [box]

I-I don't have anyone

Sulking [box]

I-I-I'm a boy-girl, so...
That's why
...I can't

18-6 Girly boy? Boy girl?


18-7 Geez

T-the way I do it?

You'll teach me!?

We're the same, I guess

19-1 F-first put a little spit in the palm of your hand...


Then... you take the head like this
And wrap around it

L-like this?

...and then you pump your hand like this

Ooooh!! Ah, I get it
Like this, huh?
I'm going to the bathroom, ok?

sfx: thumpa thumpa

19-2 sfx: slam

The bathroom...


19-3 In any case

What a big room, hm...

19-4 First time I've been to her house

19-5 Her whole house is big, I guess
I heard her father is a politician or something?


20-1 I look...

I guess
As a girl [bold this]
I'm a little embarrassed tho-

20-2 Koide Junko...

I wonder if she wants to be a boy

sfx: spin

I bet she does
Sure seems like it

20-3 If so...
Then as a girl
It might work out perfectly

20-4 Hm?

20-5 What the hell am I thinking?

Huh? Huh? Get a grip, dude!

sfx: click

21-1 Creeak

21-2 The way you said

I got it

21-3 She tried it? Wha?

Y-your welcome

sfx: Honk honk

21-4 A car!?

Ah, that's Mom and Dad!?

sfx: thumpa thumpa thumpa

21-5 Why!?
There were supposed to stay over...

Ah, but there they are

21-6 Yuko, stay here!
I'm going to go deal with my folks

Don't peek while I change!

Yeah, yeah

Why all the sudden...?

22-1 Welcome home, Mom and Dad

22-2 You're early, huh? I heard you had a party today.
I thought you'd...

22-3 Junko, has Masaya come home?

22-4 He hasn't...

Well, then where is he?

22-5 I don't know...

Why don't you!?
He's your younger brother, right?

22-6 He's not in his room either...

Masaya's not here?

23-1 What are you going to do now?
That party is Masaya's formal debut, right?

Seems to be heavy

I know that!!
Don't get so pissed off!

23-2 2Junko, do you know when Masaya might have gone off to?

23-3 This is your fault!!

You're so soft on Masaya that he...

23-4 It's fine for guys to be like that!
Especially if he's going to be a politician, he should play around while he can

Oh, really. I thought you were useless because all you did was study
But you were actually born that way

23-5 Hmph!
The men of this family!

Really, Junko dear
It would have been better if you were a boy

24-1 I'm sorry, Mom

24-2 Click

24-3 You heard?

24-4 ...sorry

24-5 Aahh!
You heard the

Dirty laundry, huh?

25-1 Don't

Tell anyone... please

25-3 Like I'd do that

25-4 Don't Worry

After all...
We're the same

26-1 Hey, Okushita
Were you scared? When you found out about your disorder?

Eh? Ah...
I don't really know
I guess I already thought of myself as girly, so...
But when I saw my chest started growing I guess I was a little...

I see

What about you, Jun?

26-2 Jun

I bet you always wanted to be a boy, right?

26-3 ...I don't know


26-4 I have thought about what it would have been like if I was born a boy

Especially when I look at my little brother


27-1 I was a boy


Mom and Dad

would love me more...

27-3 But!
It pisses me off!

What's so bad about me being a girl, huh!
That's what I think

27-5 When my penis came out...


Ah, I just don't get it...
What is it...?

28-1 Hm-hm


28-2 H-how was it? Being a girl today?

Ah... um, nothing special

28-3 Well, then, um...

H-how was I

As a guy...?

28-4 Mm?


So Koide wanted...?

28-5 Jun...

Wanted me to see her as a guy...

28-6 I dunno

And I also...

Ah, come on!!

28-7 J-just come out and say it already!
That's why the guys as school are always messing with you!

It pisses me off


C'mon, Jun, you're confused too [box]

28-8 Well, whatever...

I've figured one thing out

just like I thought

29-1 You and I

We make a good pair

30-1 The next day at school Koide Jun

Oh, right, Yu!


Surprised everyone by cutting her hair short

30-2 Koide looked totally boyish [box]

She told all the girls it was 'cause "she felt like it" [box]
As for me

I'm wonder about what to do...

next Sunday

Yu, you definitely need a bra

Ah... yeah
I guess

I've got some of my sister's

No way!
You've got to have one that fits you
Ah, that's it
Yu, about this Sunday...

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#1. by Teaparty ()
Posted on Nov 18, 2009
Uwah~ An amazume oneshot.
Though.. I don't suppose you have scanned RAWs for this? >.<
#2. by boke ()
Posted on Nov 18, 2009
Check out this thread on Farhad's TG forum:
#3. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Nov 18, 2009
Oh~ another transgender manga~
Thanks for the TL; I look forward to seeing whoever scanlates it. ^_^
#4. by boke ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2009
TL updated. Changes in panels 16-1 and 23-3.

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