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Prunus Girl 9

This is our school's ghost story? (Part One)

+ posted by boke as translation on Dec 29, 2009 01:31 | Go to Prunus Girl

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[boke's comments in brackets like this]
[Thanks to NaweG for proofreading]

[Ver 1.0, Dec 22 2009]

Page 1 Panel 1 No matter if there's a lot or just a few, if they're big or small
Ghost stories exist at each school

In truth, some are unfounded rumors
and there are some that have been experienced by many people...

sfx: rummble

1-2 This very evening, you too
might experience

Evidence for their existence

sfx: click

2-1 And so!

It's time for the Big Test of Courage!

Ch 9: This is our school's ghost story? (Part One)

Matsumoto Tomoki

3-1 Tell me why?

Yes! Excellent question, Maki!

sfx: whip

3-2 Actually, I had been planning to ask someone to show me around the school

But merely asking someone lacked a certain excitement, so...

3-3 So when I consulted with the acting chairman of the board (whom I'm buddies with), I was lent the school's master key

He said I should hold a Test of Courage or something [handwritten]

Hey now, chairman, it's this really ok...?

It's a security hole! [handwritten]

3-4 Ease up, Maki! It's all ok

We get to do something fun like a Test of Courage, right?

4-1 Look, I didn't invite you

4-2 You suddenly gonna ban me?

4-3 I think it'll be more fun even with Kadoyama

Maybe [handwritten]

Isn't that being damned by faint praise? [handwritten]

See! See! Tachibani is backing me up!

4-4 Well, if Non-chan says so
I guess I've got no choice

H-hey, Shion-chan...!

So close...!

sfx: squeeze

4-5 sfx: Stunned

Hm Hm, no need to be embarrassed now

4-6 sfx: bop


That's enough, right?

sfx: th-thump th-thump

5-1 Ok, for a quick and dirty explanation
Simply start from the entrance here and pass through the wing where the special purpose rooms are

Through the 3rd year's wing, then the 1st & 2nd year's wing, and the goal is in front of our room, class A

5-2 Hanasaka, it's nice that you're explaining and all, but...

5-3 It seems you don't really need to be shown around, huh?

And so the Test of Courage isn't really... [handwritten]

Don't sweat the details!

sfx: whap whap

5-4 Since there are 4 guys and 4 girls

It'll make pairing up easy, huh?

A Test of Courage needs pairs, right?

6-1 I-I'm not getting paired with some guy! Seriously!

Eh? Ok, so we all go separately...?

So her goal was to have 3 guys, 5 girls...

If I'm not paired with a girl, this is pointless! [handwritten]

6-2 And of course for a Test of Courage

We pull straws and let destiny decide!

6-3 A girl! Well, Kizuna-chan would be ok too

6-4 A girl! Any girl would be ok!

Even Aikawa!

6-5 Please let me be paired with Maki-kun...

6-6 I wanna to talk to Shion-chan a bit more

6-7 It's been a while since everyone's gotten together like this

6-8 So sleepy!

7-1 Yay! Yay!

If you guys aren't going, we will

Whoa, no hesitation

7-2 sfx: Nab
sfx: Nab

7-3 Um...

Just what...

7-4 the hell is this?

"Ghost"? [handwritten]

Ghost [on sticks]

8-1 Ok! So Maki and Kizuna-chan are the ghosts!


sfx: Whip

8-2 Well, we need someone to scare us [italicize "someone"]

Well, that's true, but...

8-3 Geez, this is a pain [handwritten]

But it'll be fun [handwritten]

But really...

8-4 Those two got paired up?
Is this destiny, or what?

9-1 Well, Kizuna-chan's a nice girl
I guess I'll just watch over her

9-2 It's just you left, Shion-chan

Mm? Ok, ok

9-3 Don't look so disappointed

sfx: Bam

Pair 3

Pair 1

Pair 2

10-1 What's the point if I'm paired with a guy?

sfx: wah

Uh, you do realize that's normal, right?

10-2 That's right, and you're quite the beauty, Hanasaka

So how about me? [handwritten]

sfx: Tah-dah!

You're losing out by not dating guys!

10-3 twitch

10-4 I really hate guys like you

Not sensitive at all [handwritten]

sfx; hmph


11-1 That's a little harsh after I just praised you, don't you think!?

These two'll never get along....

sfx: blah blah blah

I hate what I hate! What's wrong with that!?

11-2 Ok, we, the ghosts, are going on ahead

Ah, they're running away!

sfx: sneak sneak

11-3 It's not even 2nd semester

And Hanasaka's jerking me around already...

11-4 But it's great that everyone can have fun so soon

I think Shion-chan's pretty amazing, don't you?

12-1 So, what's that?

Ah, this?

12-2 Shion-chan gave it to me for when we play ghosts...

12-3 This may be harder than it looks, huh?

Whoa, yeah you have a point
Maki [box]

sfx: blaaaah

13-1 Booooo...!

13-2 Uh, is that supposed to be scary, Aikawa-san...?

sfx: bop bop

13-3 But seriously, I can't see ahead of me

sfx: flutter flutter

Hey, be careful!

It's dark here [handwritten]

13-4 Wham


13-5 I just said to be...
Are you ok? [handwritten]

sfx: Umph

14-1 Ow...

sfx: flip

sfx: spt

14-2 Wah Wah

14-3 Did you see?

sfx: Whish

15-1 I did, but...

But, um

15-2 I kinda had a feeling

15-3 About what your taste was in... um...

That is, to say...

15-4 No, forget it

I'm used to it after all this time

15-5 What? You want to take a nice long look?

If that's what you really want, then... [handwritten]

No, thanks!!

16-1 ...It's night... at school

sfx: fidget

I get that the mood is right, but...

16- 2 Wha...?

16-3 But
We can't, ok?

16-4 Even if the rules don't prohibit same sex relations, it's... [bold "same sex relations"]

No, no, no! We can't, and the "same sex" part doesn't even come into play here!!

Use your common sense!

17-1 Enough of that, help me out already!

With getting props to scare people and stuff!

We can't just rely on what Hanasaka has prepared [handwritten]

17-2 We're lucky it's our own class, we might find something in our lockers...

sfx; rummage

17-3 Hey...

You ok with ghosts and stuff?


17-4 I think I'm more on the scaredy-cat side

But I'm fine with getting excited like this with everyone

17-5 And

18-1 And if a ghost were to appear

You'd protect me, right?

18-3 If a ghost really did appear, I couldn't beat it up

You don't have to beat it up [handwritten]

sfx: whish whish

18-4 ...mmOh?

19-1 What?

19-2 No, I just thought...

Beyond the window

19-1 A light...

sfx: Shhhhhhhh

20-2 Must be one of the group, right?

No, that doesn't make sense

20-3 One, it's on the other side of Class A, and it's the teacher's wing. That's not in the route.

20-4 And in the teacher's wing
There was nobody left, so...

21-2 The reality is that Hanasaka's got the master key
So that might mean

21-3 There might be "something else"

in this school besides us

21-4 Ah wahwahwah...
I-I'm getting scared...!

sfx: shiver shiver

22-1 Well, It's not like I really believe in ghosts, but

Ah wahwah [handwritten]

But since Aikawa saw that as well as me, it's not like it's nothing

22-2 Luckily the teacher's wing is there
If it's a thief or something, then there's something that could be done...

22-3 ...Aikawa, I'm going to go check it out

22-4 So, you stay here...

No way! No way, no way!

23-1 Don't leave me alone heeeere

You're getting too worked up over this

What's with you? [handwritten]

23-1 Geez, so we'll go together?

It might be a real ghost, you know?

23-3 Let's go exterminate a ghost. What a pain.

Ah wahwah
W-wait! Wait!

23-4 Who would want to be with a girl like you!!

Like anyone would choose you!!

Meanwhile [box]

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