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Manga no Tsukurikata 22


+ posted by boke as translation on Mar 13, 2010 18:43 | Go to Manga no Tsukurikata

-> RTS Page for Manga no Tsukurikata 22

[boke's comments in brackets like this]
[Thanks to NaweG for proofreading]

[ver 1.0]

Page 1 Panel 1

New style "yuri" manga artist story

Hirao Auri's new collection
"April 1st"

On Sale now

Hirao Auri

2-1 Sempai, you love me, right?

2-2 Yeah


2-4 Um, Sempai

2-5 Do you want to go and get something to eat?

3-1 No, I'm good

3-2 Sorry, but I'm in the middle of concentrating here

3-4 That's right.
I'm sorry

3-6 What should I do? Maybe she doesn't like me now...

What is it? Did she see something in me she doesn't like...?

4-1 What do you think I should do?

Why are you asking me?

4-2 You love me, right, Masato-kun?

So you should stand by me in my love for Sempai!

No way!!
That ignores my feelings in all this!

4-4 Why did I act like that?

4-5 It's not like I'm concentrating, right?

4-6 Sempai, you love me, right?


4-7 I agreed without thinking, but...

5-1 I care enough about Morishita to say without thinking that...
I lo...

5-2 I've got to tell her

5-3 I've got to say it to her [italicize "to"]

5-4 She probably didn't notice I've got to say it
But I can accept that

5-5 I've got to
make her understand

6-3 Sempai!

6-4 If you're going to insist, I'll allow you to take me out to get something to eat

6-6 It's not like I want to go with you, I'm just normally hungry, ok?

7-1 What's the matter, sis?

There's nothing wrong! I'm so hungry I cant stand it! Hungry!

Enough to eat rocks!

7-2 Sempai... what's wrong?

7-3 Nothing's...

7-4 Are you being Tsundere? [a comic stereotype where a girl is cold and distant to cover up a tender heart. "Tsun" has the meaning "gruff". "Dere" has the meaning "to melt over"]

7-5 Is this Tsundere?

8-1 I can accept that, sempai!

8-2 As long as you are still you, even if you are Tsundere!

8-4 You can be even more Tsun Tsun! You can even stab me!

If she stabs you, she's Yandere [Yandere is a stereotype of the bad girl gang member with a tender heart]

8-5 That's a little...

Ok! Then bring on the dere!

That's even worse

9-2 Ahaha, I knew you were going to order au gratin

9-3 You should have ordered it too, Sempai

Nah, it's not Iike I wanted it

9-4 Sempai, is that enough?

Mmm, well, I'm not that hungry

9-5 Do you want a shrimp? It's payback for that time earlier.

10-1 Here
Say "ah"


10-2 No...
It's ok

10-4 That's right. It's not like you like shrimp, right sempai?

10-5 Mm...
It's ok if I do my roughs?

10-6 Of course!

10-7 You couldn't do it when we went to Tokyo and ended up running around like crazy

Get a grip, Asuka!
Get. A. Grip!!

11-4 Ah

11-5 Your cuff...

11-6 Wah

12-1 Waaah

12-2 Are you ok?

12-4 If something's going on, please tell me!
Whatever's troubling you... Anything!

13-1 If it's for you, I'm prepared to throw away my life!

13-2 No

13-2 I want to do whatever I can for you
I'll do anything!

13-4 Hey, you haven't done any work on your roughs

13-5 Yeah...

14-1 It's hard to draw manga, huh?

14-2 You always end up putting a little of yourself into your characters

14-3 Yeah...

14-4 I think I'm going to try a girl's love story

15-1 I feel I can write one now

15-3 So is it ok if I'm with you in order to draw manga?

15-4 You said the same thing before! Right here!

15-5 Yeah, I did

But it's different from that time, right?

16-3 Why are you crying!?

My heart's overflowing! I love you too much!

16-4 I love you so much!

17-2 Eh...?
What was that...

I can't do it. Too self conscious

17-3 Give it your best to not be self conscious, please

17-4 Why are you telling me that?

When it comes to Yuri, I'm the sempai

17-5 And so

18-1 What's with this awkward distance?

18-2 I miss the old days...

"The old days"?

18-4 C'mon, you used to hold my hand normally back then, right!?

That's because it was normal back then [italicize "was"]

19-1 Gimme


19-2 Don't dodge me!

I told you I can't!

19-3 This is just the same as if you didn't like me!
To think you don't like me anymore! I want to go back to when I was just uneasy

One hour ago [handwritten]

I don't have any ill will

19-4 Ok then, at least say you love m...

19-5 I can't!!!

20-3 Morishita, hurry up and go home!

Hey, you two still at it? Are you playing? Fighting?

She's Tsundere

20-4 Masato-kun, you love me, right?

I can't feel her love for me...
Tell me the definition of love

Why do you keep asking me!?

20-5 Sempai, hurry up and give me the dere!
Dere, please!
I'm being crushed here

Shaddup! Go home!

20-6 Both of you go to bed already!

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