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Change H Yellow Oneshot : Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy Oneshot


[second part of a two part story. first part is in Change H - Pink]

[boke's comments in brackets like this]

[ver 1.0]

Page 1 Panel 1

As you know
Okashita's body is undergoing changes

So he'll be wearing a different swimsuit

1-2 Ehm
Thats why I'm telling you not to get chilled, ok!

sfx: squeeze

1-3 Right!!

Ok, so today we're doing water polo

1-4 As soon as you split into teams, start the match!!

sfx: yank

1-5 I can't believe I'm wearing my sister's

sfx: fidget fidget

To have to swim in someone's old swimsuit

2-1 Ok, start the match!

Go! [in pink]


2-2 Hey!?
What the!?

You're being weird, ok

The ball's over there!!

Don't touch my boobs!!

sfx: Yeah Yeah Yeah

2-3 D-don't sweat it Okushita!

Yeah! Yeah! We're all guys, ok?

That's not how it works!!

It's not, I'm telling you!!

sfx: yeah yeah yeah

3-1 Hey you there!! Start playing!!


So soft


He's given up already [no balloon with arrow]

sfx: yeah yeah

sfx: squeeze squeeze

3-2 clench

3-3 Oh, c'mon Yuu!

You're pissing me off!!
You're just gonna let them do that to you

Junko, they're taking role!

I know!

5-1 I'm Koide Junko

Hey Junko, your hair's getting long

Ah, yeah

I'm a junior high 3rd grade girl

I was surprised at first

You really whacked it off, huh?

A girl, but...

5-2 I have something [box]

I'm keeping secret [box]
from them

Don't tell me - you confessed to someone and got shot down?


Yeah, the boys should be the one's confessing [left bubble]

Yeah, Junko's not the confessing type, she wants someone to confess to her

My body... [box]
My own body...

5-3 Is becoming a boy's

There's some like that, right? No courage to confess, the type to just wait...

5-4 It's post-pubertal sex change disorder
My penis is starting to grow...

Those kind are no good
Make me wonder if they've got a dick or something

5-5 Ah

Hey, Okushita!!

6-1 Here! Popsicle
Just as I promised! I rushed out to get it
Eat up


sfx: Yeah yeah yeah

sfx: hah hah hah hah

6-2 Ah, Yuko!
They're doing it again

sfx: grr

6-3 H-hey
Eat it with your tongue out
Do it, ok?


6-4 L-like this?

And this is Okushita Yuu. He's a guy. Kinda. [box]

sfx: slurp slurp

A guy turning into a girl [box]

Same as me, but...
Everyone knows about his change

6-5 Lick lick

Or should I say...

7-1 N-next!!
Suck it Okushita
Do it, ok?


sfx: slurp slurp

7-2 Whoaa

sfx: lick lick

7-3 sfx: slurp slurp

7-4 Sluuurp

7-5 Mm?


sfx: drip

7-6 It dripped

sfx; drip drip

sfx: [in background] whoaaaaa

7-7 stomp


8-1 Get a grip you guys!!

W-what's with you Koide?

It's ok, we're all guys here!!

It's not ok!! It's disgusting!!

That's right! You guys are thinking dirty thoughts!

Shaddup you ugly bitch
You girls can just go away


8-2 What's with you!

Why can't you say no, Yuu?

Um, well
It's not that big of a deal...

They've always picked on me, so

8-3 Yuu and I [box]
We're the same
We have the same problem with our bodies

And I guess I get
those guy's feelings...

W-what!? "You get it?" Are you stupid?
They're just messing with you!!


The worries we absolutely can't tell to others [box]
We can talk about
We accept in each other

9-2 Thank you, Koide...

It makes me happy that you care

sfx: smile

9-3 Th-thump

9-4 Listen Yuu, you're too defenseless!


You alway end up like that

9-5 It's not that I care...

Look, you're a guy

It' pisses me off

9-6 And how many times do I have to tell your your bra shows through...


I'm wearing a t-shirt

9-7 The material's too thin...
Don't wear hand me downs! We'll go shopping for new, ok!?

Pisses me off?

10-1 Pisses me off...

I mean, look!
Yuu has been changing...

Into a girl


10-2 No... not into a "girl"
He's a natural flirt, or something

Normally, even if girls attract guys like that, they won't do those things. The guy wouldn't try to make her

He's becoming a "girl who attracts guys"
I guess...

10-3 He's always surrounded by guys

Maybe because he's always around guys
he's like that?

And to top it off, he's just starting as a girl

10-4 He's totally defenseless
Against getting leered at... at getting touched

10-5 Furthermore, his personality is like that...

It's thank to Yuu's "can't say no" personality
That I've gotten to know him too

11-1 He's so indecisive and gets pushed into things
I guess you could say that's a strength
It makes him gentle

B-but at this rate
At this rate, sooner or later
It's not going to stop with ice cream!!

11-2 F-for instance

No way...
No that...


sfx: twitch

11-3 Mm?

11-4 Ahh!!

11-5 No!

No... I've...

sfx; bluush

11-6 Got a boner...!

12-3 H-how do I look?

sfx; th-thump th-thump

12-4 Wh-what's with that get-up!?

B-but my sisters said!!

If I'm going shopping for women's clothes... they said... Even mom said!!

12-5 His sisters, huh?

You look good though

13-1 At home [box]



At school [box]

Let's go, idiot!

Everyone accepts him as a girl

13-2 That's why he's got no trouble becoming a girl [box]

It's not something to be happy about

Yuu, you asshole...

Unlike me [box]

13-3 How can a girl be fun?

No trouble [box]

13-4 Hey, hey! Waiting for someone?

They're not coming, right?

Cuuute clothes


Gaaaaaah [box]


sfx: fidget fidget

You're hot

13-5 I haven't even been hit on [bold "I"]

Well, I'm avoiding it, but Yuu...

Um, 'scuse me

13-6 But he's
A guy (kinda)
He's got a dick


sfx: squeenk

14-1 That's a guy...?
We live in a scary world

A girl I was into once, she turned into a guy

Ah, thank you, Koide
I was nervous

I'm the one who was nervous [italicize "I'm"]

14-2 It's
It's cause you don't speak up for yourself!

Just do it! You're a guy!

14-3 Yuu's...


14-4 I guess Yuu will just become a girl [box]

How 'bout this?

I-it's see through...

Just like everyone expects
But... what about me?

14-5 What will I become?
Will I become a man?

One used to being a girl?

15-1 Being with Yuu is fun

Really fun...
I can talk to him, we're alike...

15-2 But I...

15-3 When Yuu finally becomes

A girl...

15-4 Will I have a place near him?

16-1 Hey! Hey! Big news!

16-2 Hunh?
What up?

I heard something mindblowing!!
You know Yamaguchi in class one?

He's that plain guy, right?

16-3 Yeah, that Yamaguchi!

They say he confessed to Okushita!!

What the

hell, Yuu!?

17-1 "What the hell?"
Yamaguchi suddenly asked to talk to me
And then

I'm asking just what the hell is a guy doing confessing to you!!

I-is that my fault?

Hell yes! You never speak up for yourself!
Man up!!

17-2 "Speak


"Man up"...?

sfx: sniff

17-3 Ah... I...

I'm starting to argue...

I'm getting carried away...

That's right!!
That expression is exactly what I'm talking about!

17-4 What's with you!!
Becoming a girl just like all the guys and your family want!
Because of all that

I'm getting worked up [box]


sfx: clench

17-5 Just like a girl [box]

You piss me off!
You sh-should man up, see

18-1 Y-you too, Koide

You never...
Speak up...

18-2 Why am I

Getting so pissed?

18-3 What.Ever!
Do whatever you want
I'm just saying this because we're have the same problem!!

I don't get myself [box]

K-koide! Wait!
What are you so pissed about!?

I said forget it!
Why don't you just go out with Yamaguchi?

18-4 It's not [bold "not"]



18-1 Actually, I do know...

The reason I'm pissed

19-1 Whump

19-3 sfx: squeeze

sfx: th-thump


where the one

19-4 Who was happy for me

The first time

I was a girl

20-1 I didn't know

sfx: th-thump th-thump th-thump

And? So?

Are you saying it's my fault?

20-2 Yuu's pretty

sfx: th-thump th-thump th-thump

Look, Koide

Just what do you want?
What do you want me to

20-3 How would I know?

sfx; th-thump th-thump th-thump

Do whatever you want!!

20-4 Ok

I will


22-1 Mm


22-4 th-thump th-thump th-thump

22-5 My first kiss...

I was kis...

I can't speak up

22-6 Boy? Girl? Doesn't matter
This is my personality


23-1 I was kissed [italicize "I"]

I wanted to be kissed [box]


Doesn't matter
K-koide... MmMn

Ju-Junko... I wanted to

I didn't have the courage myself [box]

23-2 I'm a coward...


23-3 Boy? Girl?

Doesn't matter?


23-4 Sorry, um...

I'm sorry I

23-5 sfx: yank

24-1 Mm...

24-2 Back at'cha!

24-3 If you don't return it...
It's not like a boy...
or a girl, right?

25-2 H-hey...


sfx: whisper whisper

25-3 Who cares if they look?

sfx: whisper whisper

25-4 Aren't we standing out?

Geez! Get a grip!
After you just kissed me

Everyone will hear!

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