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Yousei Ningyo Shoujo Kurumi Oneshot : Yousei Ningyo Shoujo Kurumi

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Nov 3, 2009 07:28 | Go to Yousei Ningyo Shoujo Kurumi

Say Thank to H3: http://haneulnim.wordpress.com/2009/12/15/yousei-ningyo-shoujo-kurumi-2/

Okay, this should've been up here like a long time ago... Like 3 days after spiritovod uploaded this one-shot... But then I started playing final fantasy 12 and let's just say I have a lot of catching up to do in a bunch of stuff online and off...
Anyways... One day I'll hopefully get someone to edit this one-shot but until that day, this translation is free for anyone wanting to use it, but I should note that this was simply like the first draft so I left a few lines here and there alone that I felt awkward about. Okay that's all.

Yousei Ningyo Shoujo Kurumi
Fairy Doll Girl Kurumi

page 1

1. Fe~ugh...

a. (Title) + Coppélia Maestro

2. I couldn't even give my one letter!

3. ......

b. My weak self... so shy... couldn't had even give to a friend
TL note: reCheck

c. In the crucial moment... I couldn't bring out my courage at all.

4. Just one word... Just a little courage

5. No matter what... No words came out no matter what...

Left side text: The bit shy girl is...?! Out from Block Toys, a special non-serialized story!!
TL note: I have no idea wtf this is talking about

page 2

1. I'm so... pitiful.

2. I got this picture book when I was really small...

3. Since then... I've always opened this book whenever I was sad.

4. The picture book was written of a troubled foreign land... I still don't really understand the contents, but...

5. Kurumi... This is a magic picture book, you know.

6. It'll give you the power of courage when you read this book. (music)

page 3

1. However... Even so, I was also awfully intrigued with the book's main character, the tiny protagonist.

2. To the point where it was like I was the one laughing and crying...

3. In the finale... As a reward for being able to muster up a tiny bit of courage,

4. by the fairy's magic, she was given the body she wanted, an adult's body. Definitely... This sort of story I still believe in.

5. SFX: Fue... Hic! Uh...

6. SFX: Sniff......

7. I also... want to be... strong.

8. I wish... I'll could be reborn with courage...

page 4

1. ...ake up!

2. Wake up you!!

3. Huh... Did I fell asleep...?

4. That's right. It's morning already!

5. Well then! Go freshen up!

6. Today too, we're going to do our best!!


page 5

a. Love and Courage and Maybe Some Nudity?!

b. A special fantasy battle story that's a little bit H(heart).
TL note: H means rated-x sorta...

page 6

a. SFX: Snap!

1. Morning

2. Morning(music)

3. Insulting!

4. Within this academy, right now...

5. A Coppélia other than me has appeared!

6. Eh....? That's rare.
TL nore: or unusual... I'm not sure if coppelias are common or not in this world.

7. Do you understand? This school is our private flower garden, you know...?

8. I know(music). "Vermins" are...
TL note: confusing when they just cut off like that.

page 7

1. So basically...

2. Ms. Fairy came out of this book...?

3. I'm not a fairy! I'm a Coppélia!

4. My name is Chestnut, a Knight Coppélia!!

5. A knight... huh...

a. I was certain you were a rabbit...

6. It was all 'cause of Kurumi that I was summoned...

7. by chance through that book to the human world!

page 8

1. The spirit world's inhabitants, the Coppélias, can appear in the human world once summoned by strong thoughts and dreams from a human...

2. Spirit World

3. Excessively strong dreams!!!

4. Human World

5. And then, in exchange for allowing that human to use them...... is how a Coppélia can operate in the human world!
TL note: reCheck 1st half

6. It's not easy to do at all. It requires great skill. (music)

7. Constantly... Resiliently... In order to open the "door to the parallel world" you must've constantly prayed a truly sincere wish to that book!!

8. Constantly... Resiliently...

9. The results of continuous prayer...

10. Wait! Kurumi... This looks odd!!

page 9

1. W-What... are these "flowers?" The school... has been completely covered...

2. Look!

3. ?!!

4. They don't look injured, but...

5. What in the world could've happened?

6. ?

page 10


2. Watch out!


4. Are you okay? These things aren't the main culprits...

5. Stay alert! Somehow...

6. an "Enemy" seemed to have appeared!

7. An enemy?

page 11

1. Are you that Coppélia's "Maestro?"

2. Ah... You don't need to concern yourself with them.

3. My ability put them all to sleep... It's mutually beneficial like that, no?

4. ...Huh......? ...Was there such a kid like this in my school? ...Were you very inconspicuous or something...?? / I am "Aria Yajou," what's your name?

5. Eh?! Umm... Kurumi Hiiragi...

6. Oh, and this is Chestnut.

7. What arrogance...

page 12

1. Oh(music). Well, Kurumi(heart)

2. Let's go(heart)(heart)

3. Eh...?

4. You transformed?? Moreover that's... a Coppélia?!

5. Ah? Could it be... that this is your first time?

page 13

1. Heheh(music) Stay calm...(heart) It's not scary(music)

2. My "Coppélia" is very gen~tle...

3. S-Shit! Transform as well! Kurumi!!

4. Eh?

5. Take my love(heart)(heart)(heart)

page 14

1. ?!! ?!! ?!!

2. Wah! Dah!

3. Yah!!

4. "Protect-Hex!!"

page 15

1. Okay! Now we can fight on equal terms!!

2. NoOO! W-What's this? C-Cosplay?! / ...Wait, Eeeeh? Am I suppose to fight?

3. Eeeeh? I-Isn't it obvious?

page 16

1. Ready, Kurumi?

2. Though this is a battle, it's not some struggle for one's life.

3. In the human world, the power Coppélia has is "possession"... In other words,

4. Power in the spirit world

5. Possession!

6. Shown in the human world!

7. My power changes into "clothes" and you're required to wear them.

8. Another way to say it is that you can only use your power while wearing those clothes...

a. The battle's outcome is very simple! Basically

b. The victor is whoever that can completely strip off her opponent's clothes!!!

page 17

1. Eh?

2. T-T-Ti-Ti... Time-Time out! Eh? Eh? What was that? Strip? Did you say strip??

3. EEEH?! Did you say completely strip??

4. It's-It's fine! Even if all you're left with is only your panties, you'll win if you're the last one remaining!

5. EEEEEH?!! O-Only my panties?!!

6. Umm... Then, what about only having that fluttering apron-like thing left...

7. NOOO! N-Nude apron??

a. Everyone, please

8. ......

b. wake up

page 18

1. You shouldn't look away(heart) Kurumi!!!

page 19

1. I don't know this power! Try to avoid it as much as possible!

2. ...Seeds?

3. T-This is fine... I still have strength!!

4. Hah

5. Hah

6. Zeh

page 20

1. Kurumi! You're hit!

2. It's... It's sprouting!!

TL note: okay the "an" at the end is an embarrassment sound

4. Heheh(music) The seeds that sprout becomes flowers and then scatters...(music)

5. NOOO! L-Like this... I'm... already...!! I can't!!

6. Hey! Calm down, K-Kurumi! You were just a little stripped!!

page 21


2. NOOOO... EK! ....! NOOOO

3. KYAH!

4. Kyah!! Noo!

5. K-Kurumi! You can trust me so... Calm down!!

6. Hyaah! Y-You can see it

7. !! I-Idiot!! Don't lose your focus!!!

8. Dodge them! KURUMI....

page 22

1. Chestnut!!!

page 23

1. She was a very admirable Coppélia, wasn't she?(music)

2. Hah....

3. She died in your place, Kurumi(music)

4. Chest...


6. Wha?!

7. This girl! She took the clothes from herself...?!

page 24

1. I'll give you everything I'm wearing as well!! So!! So! SO!

2. Come back!

3. Open your eyes!!

4. ...What a frace!

5. Yea, so stupid. / Is this enough? I should end it now, right?

6. I'm sorry, Chestnut... Because I didn't have any courage...

7. Because of me...

8. I've always looked up to you.

9. Ever since I was little... You've always encouraged me.

10. You were constantly giving me courage.

page 25

1. So... This time, I'll give it... I may only have a little bit, but...

2. Courage and power, I have them now...

3. So... Open your eyes.

4. Live...

5. ?!! W-What?!

6. This... This is...?!

page 26-27

1. ....She... She revived?

2. Be-Besides that... What with this ridiculously huge sword...?

3. Kurumi!

4. Thank you... The courage you poured into me... I definitely received it... And so I transformed!

page 28-29

1. Ver...! Vermin's status in society!!

2. Insulting!!!

3. Let's win this, Kurumi!!!

4. No way!

a. All of my seeds on are on the sword?!!

5. Together now!! / We'll return the favor!!!


page 30-31

1. Damn...! Damn it!! / They're entangled around me now... They're... They're sprout-...


page 32

1. Kurumi! Look!

2. ......

3. Thank goodness! Everyone woke up!

4. Everyone! Thank... Thank... / Huh?

5. This means...

6. ........ ........ ......Um...

7. Uh... Ugh...

8. No... NOOOOOOOO N-Nude Apron!!

a. Please look forward to Mikoshiro Mitoiri-sensei's next work!

9. End

Right side text: Courage. Friends. Victory!... Nude Apron?! Will she use true courage from now on?!

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#1. by haneul-nim ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2009
have you checked it out? i finished editing a while ago
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