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Yoru Naku Suzume Oneshot : Yoru Naku Suzume

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jan 17, 2010 07:06 | Go to Yoru Naku Suzume

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This translation is not permitted to be used by anyone that does not have my personal approval.
This manga I have been trying to get scanlated for months now... Seriously, months. I don't even remember when I first started trying to translate it. Hopefully, though, it won't be too much longer before it is done cleaning.
It really is a very nice one-shot.

Credits to Cerpintaxt of Kuu-scans for proofreading

All tlnotes were placed in the first draft and was never removed in later drafts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have included every and I mean every SFX in the manga in this TL. Now, the problem with that is that some of those SFX will be pretty hard to TS/doesn't make any sense. Those SFX should be ignored.

second note: I will use double letters for out-of-bubble text that I missed but found in my second run through

Yoru Naku Suzume
The Night Singing Sparrow

page 1

a. (This is simply the title. I will only say and include this once. Any instances afterwards of this appearing, I will ignore.)
TL note: should not be changed in TS

b. SFX: Waah...

c. The one watching over the children...
TL note: left-side text

1. If you stray for too long / you'll vanish.
1. ながくまようと / きれてしまう

2. One day definitely, / you'll vanish.
2. いつかきっと / きれてしまう

d. SFX: Ahahaha

e. SFX: Yeah!

page 2

1. Hide your doubts.
1. まよいかくして

2. Forever...
2. いつまでも

3. Another child has gone missing?

page 3

1. That’s the thirteenth one... / This is unsettling...

2. Hey, what do you think? Master.

3. It’s a mystery.
Proofer: “Well” doesn’t really cover the point, so I went with this if that ends up being too long try “Who knows.”
TL note: Literally: more like "I don't know"

4. Anyways, Aya.

a. SFX: Clink

5. Give this to that child there.

page 4-5

a. The curtains rise on this retro-romance fantasy story!!
TL note: change the "curtains raised" into just "begin"? Literal v meaning

b. Original story by: Yu Aikawa Art by: Atsushi Suzumi
TL note: I am putting first names first.
TL note2: If xtch did not redraw this, just TS above or below it

c. Atsushi Suzumi of "Venus Versus Virus" presents a special story!!
TL note: I rearranged the grammar. Literal: "A special story presented by..."

d. The Night Singing Sparrow
TL note: Title - so TS not really required here

page 6

1. Here, Runt!

2. SFX:Clank!
TL note: sound of the cup hitting the table

3. What is it?
TL note: Literal: Wha~t?

4. Someone you know?

5. Hm...?

6. Move it along, Aya.

7. Eh?

page 7

1. That child is still our only guest, you know.

2. ...

3. Haah?

4. Honestly...

aa. SFX: Grr

5. I'm always running errands 'cause of you.

a. SFX: Gulp Gulp

6. Ngh...

7. .. Geez.

8. I guess I'll be back later.

9. I'm going out for a bit!

10. Do you...

page 8

1. perhaps know of the Night Sparrow?

2. The Night Singing Sparrow has dark wings.

3. Would you happen to know something of it...?

4. Sigh...

5. Granny-

6. Sparrows are birds who sing in the morning.

7. There are no sparrows out at night.

8. Assuming one did exist, / Isn’t it…

9. Possible that it‘s one those things in our world that has yet to be discovered?

10. Who are you...

11. I / work there.

page 9

1. If you want, I'll listen to what you have to say.

a. SFX: Ring...

2. Welcome.

b. SFX: Smile

c. SFX: Lift

3. Hey, make way, make way. / Give the special seat to the guest!

4. Hmph...

d. SFX: Shuffle Shuffle

e. SFX: Shuffle

f. SFX: Lick

page 10

1. Umm... / That child is...?

2. Aah... She's just a homeless orphan.

a. SFX: Gaze...

3. Someone so small is...?

4. My master is the head here but / sigh, he's too nice to people...
TL note: Literal: ".../..., he's tends to spoil others"

b. Come

5. (heart)

6. Thanks to that, we're like this, but we’ve never missed a meal.

7. Well, don't worry too much about it.

8. Please, just consider us as the town's alley cats.

c. SFX: Shuffle Shuffle

9. ...

d. SFX: Ngh!
TL note: the sound of the little girl struggling to get up on the stool

10. Oh...

page 11

1. Truthfully, I also

2. Have a daughter like her...

3. Is that what you're worrying about?

4. That daughter of yours?

5. I named her Kinu.

6. From the start, that child tried to escape the eyes of others.
TL note: Basically very shy... which the next line says

7. She was always very shy...
TL note: I just noticed the lady speaks very very politely... A tad annoying for me

page 12

1. Whenever a guest came to the house, / even if they brought a playmate,

2. She would only go hide somewhere...

a. SFX: Rattle

3. Hey, go introduce yourself.

4. . No... / It's scary...
TL note: unclear if intro or the child is scary... I'm going to assume both

5. Scary...?

6. That child abnormally saw everything as scary...
TL note: every? any?

7. Being like that, she couldn't attend school. / Neither could I send her out as a bride on her own.

8. Complaints came from my husband because she wasn't disciplined.
TL note: I'm going to assume the father and not a lolicon husband
TL note: It is really more like "she didn't listen to what we said"

9. Then I would try to scold Kinu...
TL note: punish? PR! help! basically she is saying punish but in a very gentle way

10. Then finally, one day…

11. She stopped speaking.

12. ! / To you and your husband?

13. Yes / She wouldn’t even acknowledge my own voice...
TL note: she stopped talking and listening

page 13

1. The only thing she wouldn’t part with, not even for an instant, was a western-style doll my husband/ received from a famous doll maker in the capital.
TL note: It can really spilt anywhere... It doesn't matter all that much.

2. She doesn't acknowledge anything else.
TL note: omit: "...in the world."

page 14

1. She hardly even touches her meals.

2. Like a doll, she only stares out the window not moving a single inch. / When I took her to the doctor, he couldn't find any cause for it...

a. SFX: Nod
TL note: nodding her head down to take a sip

b. SFX: Clink...
TL note: sound of the teacup landing on the ceramic mini-plate

3. Furthermore...

4. We’ve started to notice something terrible.

5. SFX: Gulp

page 15

1. Night after night…

2. She seems to travel somewhere.

3. ...Eh?

4. No way... someone other than that runt.

5. To think such a little girl is wandering all alone at night!
TL note: unsure if line 5 is from bartress or not

6. And if she's going in the middle of the night…

7. Then she must be completely obsessed with something . / To leave her bed, abandoning her sleep...
TL note: Again, I'm not sure who is speaking

8. Of course, I tried to stop her.
TL note: Literal: "I tried to detain her."

9. I tried everything. / I even tied her up on occasions.

10. Even so... / That girl...

page 16

1. She hurts herself just to get out...

2. As a last resort, I tried to follow my daughter.

3. But I would lose sight of her and / couldn't locate where she was going, no matter what...

a. SFX: Do-Dip
TL note: Water dropping into standing liquid sound

4. I want to know.

5. Where my daughter is going. / What she is looking for.

6. And, if I can... / I want to hear Kinu's laughing voice again.

page 18

1. According to what I heard, / the Night Sparrow lives in this town.
TL note: Tricky... she is rearranging her sentence. I am trying to keep the same syntax as her.

2. A bird that's said to be able to solve all of the world's enigmas...

3. If I meet the Night Sparrow, then…

4. Surely my wish will be granted.

5. Believing that,

6. I came to this town.
TL note: remember, she talks very very politely... Which I cannot express into words

7. ...... ......

page 18

a. SFX: Glance

b. SFX: Snicker
TL note: I'm not really sure what this is...

c. SFX: Ding-Ding

1. Thank you. / Now if you will excuse me...

2. Umm.

3. Please don't look so sad.
TL note: Literal: "Please don't be so depressed." or something like that

4. I can't say any more except this, but…

5. The bird that can grant your wish,

6. has seen that which you have wished for.

page 19

1. That's why, wait.

2. For the sparrow of the night's song...

3. SFX: squeak

page 20

1. The girl called Kinu...

2. Perhaps, there is an epidemic of sleep-walking going around?

3. Hey, Master...?

4. Where the heck

5. do you think all those children went?

6. Who knows.

page 21

1. Maybe they went to the dream world...
TL note: world of dreams?

page 22-23

a. Pop
TL note: sound of her dropping down quickly

1. SFX: Buzz
TL note: I have no idea... I just copied that off of a SFX dictionary.

page 24

1. SFX: Ho-

2. SFX: Ho-...
TL note: Owl sound

3. SFX: Thud
TL note: Sound of landing?

a. SFX: Floosh
TL note: sound of a single quick motion

b. SFX: Swish
TL note: wind

page 25

a. SFX: wobble

b. SFX: wobble

c. SFX: wobble

d. SFX: wobble

1. ......

e. SFX: wobble

f. SFX: wobble

page 26

a. SFX: Click

b. SFX: Click
TL note: walking sound

c. SFX: wobble

d. SFX: wobble

e. SFX: floosh
TL note: sound of falling

page 27

1. Finally.
TL note: Literal: "....... ...Arrived." or something

page 28

1. SFX: knock

2. SFX: knock

3. SFX: creak...

4. Welcome…

5. You, little lady, lost your voice too, right?

6. ......

a. SFX: creak

7. Come. / I'll find you some suitable clothes / to replace that strange outfit.

page 30

a. SFX: Rummage

1. Oh! / Found it! Found it!

2. How about this red long-sleeve kimono?

3. I think it suits you, little lady.

b. SFX: Shake

4. ...

5. ? / Would a dress be better?

c. Shake-shake-shake

6. ...? You're okay like that?

7. SFX: Rattle...
TL note: the sound of the bookcase moving

8. Then... come.

c. SFX: Click

9. SFX: Clang

d. SFX: Click

10. SFX: Clonk
TL note: I don't know I guessed... hell I guessed most of the sfx

11. SFX: Plop

page 30

a. SFX: Te-Te-Te-Te
TL note: sound of fast walking

1. This night,

2. the number of companions have increased again...

3. SFX: Ku-Click

4. SFX: Ku-Click

b. SFX: Squeak
TL note: turning sound

c. SFX: rattle

d. SFX: Rattle

page 31

1. ...

2. Found~ya

page 32

1. Well now,

2. It's time to wake up.

a. SFX: Roll Roll

b. SFX: Guh...

3. No...

4. Stop

c. SFX: Shake

5. Don't... interfere...

6. I am a doll...

page 33

1. I annoy my father and mother.

2. Hearing nothing, saying nothing. / I wanted to remain lifeless like that...

3. Thus,

4. if I'm like that,

5. how would anyone be able to hate me?!

6. How can being hated be good? / That's how I felt...!!

7. SFX: Waaa...

8. SFX: aaah

page 34

1. ...Oh?

2. You two kids are going to go back already?

3. To that dreadful world...

4. I...

5. It's very hard for me to like people. / Being hated is scary...
TL note: huh...

6. But, / I don't know what I should do...

7. The people around me too, what should they do about me? / I found it so confusing.

8. It was getting hard to breathe...

page 35

1. I might as well not breathe if I were to be loved. By becoming like that doll.

2. That's what I thought...

3. Every day, I wished for that.

4. Then one day, one of the doll's shoes suddenly came off.

5. I drew a map to that place, and

6. felt like I told my doll, "It will be alright if we went there..."

7. But, I can no longer

8. SFX: Twist

a. SFX: Wipe

9. go there anymore, can I?

page 36

a. SFX: Shu

1. SFX: Ton
TL note: ball bouncing

2. SFX: Ton

b. If you stray for too long, you'll vanish.

c. One day definitely, you'll vanish.

3. SFX: Ton

4. SFX: Ton

d. Hide your doubts.

e. Forever.

page 37

a. Keep them locked away within.

b. SFX: Pat

c. SFX: Fuu

1. SFX: Sii..

d. The depths of your heart.

Page 38

1. Hey, come on!!

2. What happened? / Where did little Kinu go?
TL note: Changed: "Kinu-chan -> Little Kinu" This is the one and only name suffix that appeared in this one-shot and so I decided to remove it.

3. Where did all the children vanish to?!

a. SFX: Gulp

b. SFX: Gulp

page 39

a. Gaah~~

1. And that's why, Aya,

2. Certainly to children,

3. women are enough of a secret world.
TL note: I think it is like "children are only a mystery to females" I think...

4. But Master!

a. Grr...

b. Giggle Giggle

5. The secret world has

c. Another child who embraced the darkness in her heart is lost...

6. Eh?! Another cup of milk?

7. ngh
TL note: a grunt meaning yes

d. SFX: Lift
TLnote: the cup sound... Lift is just a guess

8. Our business will be ruined 'cause of you. Gah!

9. yet to be destroyed... huh?
TL note: line 5 and 9 are 1 sentence

10. Fin

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