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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Yumekui Merry 8

Cogito Ergo Sum

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jan 22, 2011 00:03 | Go to Yumekui Merry

-> RTS Page for Yumekui Merry 8

//read only//

Okay, because of what happened last time. Let me say this. You see the 2 words up on top there that says "Read Only" ? No? Well... Let me say it again.

Read Only

One more time?

Read Only

Okay, now that that is done. Let me say why I put those there. The translations I put on mangahelpers are usually either reserved or a first draft that I don't want to see it popping up anywhere I don't like. If I don't put such a sign on the translation that means it is not reserved and I don't care what happens to it, but don't come asking me for translation checking since they are still quick drafts.

Anyways, I know I said I wasn't picking this up. And I'm not. But, I liked the title for this chapter. I'm not doing anymore since the next chapters aren't latin phrases. I will delete any messages requesting anymore chapters of this manga translated.


Yumekui Merry
REM 8: Cogito ergo sum
TL note: see page 2 line a

page 1

1. Regret

page 2

a. REM 8 Cogito ergo sum
TL note: or if you don't like the original latin phrase: "I think, therefore I am" however do note that the japanese omits the "I" in the phrase.

page 3

1. 383 rounds, 383 losses...

2. Yu-Yumeji, one more round! Just stay for one more round!

3. Those words say we can win!

4. How long do you think we've been playing this?! I have had enough of this!

5. Ah!

6. -ll then, next is entertainment news!

7. The center of teenage popularity, the singer-songwriter YOKATO has accounced an unexpected pause of all activity!

8. You have misplaced one of the songs you like to sing. Can you please elaborate on that?

a. YOKATO accounced an unexpected pause of all activity
TL note: tv screen box thingy

9. When he will return is unknown. As for the company office...

10. Aha...
TL note: he actually says: "Acha..." but that's really more of a japanese thing

11. Isana is going to by devasated...

page 4

1. Whoa... This is beyond what I thought will happen.

2. I've suddenly lost sight of myself.
TL note: reCheck bolded

TL note: hm... Is she reciting that guy's lyrics? maybe...
TL note2: I'll come back to this later. Possible I may forget to TL. So, will definitely be tl by 2nd look.

4. I'm sorry, Yumeji. Please go dinner shopping in my stead... / I don't have the enery...
TL note: the second half of the bubble, in the japanese, it literally cuts off like this: "My energy to move..." However, that sounds either stupid or confusing in English I believe.

5. Wha?!

6. I don't know what to do! What should I buy?!

7. No worries since I wrote down all the important items. / You can also show where the store is to Merry.

page 5

a. (music)I.am.by.your.side.
TL note: left side

b. by.your.life.(music)
TL note: right side
TL note2: reTL: come back to this to make it make better sense.

1. You're very good!
TL note: merry commenting about the lady's cooking

2. Any family household will enjoy this kind of flavour.

3. The White Radishes that are hollow...

4. Hollow?

5. Yumeji!

page 6

1. I'll carry that basket!

2. No, it's alright. Isn't it a bit too heavy for you?

3. Don't you know?

4. I am very strong!

5. Ah, okay okay. / Since you insist.
TL note: on carrying it

page 7

1. Is this good?


3. So, what's next?

4. ...You seem to be enjoying this.

5. .......... / You can tell?

page 8

1. ...Nah... This is simply the first time I'm in this kind of place.

2. Since all I have been doing is chasing after Nightmares.
TL note: I forget what we called the dream guys... Nightmares or Dream Demons as gg-fansub so translated it as.

3. Oh yeah.

4. How long has it been since you came "here?"

5. A month? ... Or could it be a year?

6. Hmm?....

7. I think this is the 10th time I'm seeing this.

page 9

a. Eh... That means...

b. 10 years...?!

1. Well, I was always searching for those guys who I had no idea when will appear.

2. Is that all?
TL note: reCheck, assumed yumeji is talking

3. I don't remember too well myself.

page 10

1. There wasn't anything else I did except that.

a. Yeah.

b. I can't even imagine something...
TLnote: reCheck

2. You're thinking that it must've been lonely, aren't you?

3. Heheh.

4. I'm not so weak-hearted.

5. You have often said that you cried though.

page 11

1. There were times when I didn't know if I was really able to go back or not though. / There would be nothing left if that was taken from me.
TL note: reTL to clear up vagueness

2. ...But because of what you did for me.

3. ........

4. You treated me as you would anyone else.
TL note: reCheck, reTL, reEverything line 2,4

page 12

1. Thanks.

2. O...Oh.

3. But you're the one who insisted! You're only here with me to return me "over there!"

4. ...I'm correct, aren't I?
TL note: of course you can just shorten to "am I wrong?"

page 13

1. You promised!

2. Ye-Yes mam! I'll fulfill it at once!
TL note: reTL, don't like wording

3. ...No abnormalities! Mam.
TL note: you can remove the mam if you want. It's there for politeness.

4. Peace is best.

page 14

1. This

2. This is SO COOL!

3. Wait, Yui!

4. Did you find another weird doll again?

5. Aah, Be aware of these people's ideology. What a handsome look... / Surely, it must've been hard to have transversed the sea... / Welcome to Japan.

6. The Yui-theatre has started again.

7. Yoink

8. How about this one? / This one is similiar toYui's funky style, isn't it?

9. Not quite. / You don't understand. Nao simply does not understand at all.
TL note: I'm going to assume that girl's name is Nao.

10. I don't get Yui's worldy perception.
TL note: reTL, wording

page 15

1. Well, Yui also... with me...

2. After becoming a high schooler, this is a bit you see...

3. Being interested in this is well... You've changed.

4. I've changed?

5. Till a little while ago, you collected them on your strap with a keyholder.
TL note: keyholder? keychain? meh...

6. Now, you're satisified if it isn't this big...
TL note: reCheck

7. That's not what I meant...

8. (><)

9. I do want it... But it's pretty expensive.......

page 16

1. Hey Yumeji! We've finished so let's hurry back!

2. Hey, come on now. Look where you're walking.

3. I'm fine. I put an "eye" behind me.

4. No, that "eye" is closed. Hey!...

5. Ah!

page 17

1. Ah! Sorry...

page 18

a. Hi-Fu-Mi.... Eh?

1. That was lucky. It's still okay from the drop...
TL note: reTL

b. This good-catching pervert!

c. Damn this generation!

2. S-Stop, Nao! It wasn't a big deal. That couldn't had been avoided.

3. You're talking as if he's an elementary school kid! You always downplay these things!

page 19

1. We are really

2. Sorry!

3. Sigh... Nao is quick to jump to the wrong conclusion. / It must've hurt, huh?

4. But I thought he was a molester...

5. NAO!

6. Before, you did see 'Sana and me naked as well, right? / Does Yumeji like to do that sort of thing?
TL note: author might have did a typo and left out the I in Isana or he is giving merry an accent... whichever

7. I-Idiot! You say that now?! That was also an accident!

8. Besides, isn't it your fault for all that had happened here?!

9. I wasn't paying attention either. / The doll is okay so let's let this go.
TL note: hm...

page 20

1. But that was amazing! / Do you play some sort of sport?

2. My Grandpa is a master of Kabudo... I'm kidding.
TL note: Kabudo = Okinawan weapons fighting

3. I don't know Kabudo. / I'm just a guy who gets special powers at a scene of a fire.
TL note: reCheck

4. Rather than someone in the middle of a fire...

5. If that had broke, my money would be all burned up...
TL note: okay, she does not literally say that. In the japanese, she says: "...my purse will go into a finanical crisis." but japanese and their punning joking speech... Which is why I said "money would be all burned up..." so to relate to the fire...


6. Hahah?

7. Forgive me, Yui. I just remembered that I have something I need to take care of.

8. Eh? / Ah, okay.

9. You shouldn't be doing that sort of thing. Your girlfriend is right there!

10. What?! / NO! She isn't my girlfriend...

11. Hey, good luck!

12. ?

13. ?

page 21

1. Then, we'll be going as well.
TL note: you know... I'm still not completely sure who was speaking in page 20 line 7 so, reTL

2. Ah.

3. Umm.

4. Would it be alright if I have your name?

5. Hm, my name?

6. I'm not going to etch your name into a voodoo doll or anything!

7. I'm Yumeji... / Wait, voodoo?!
TL note: okay there is a slight problem in this line. You know how in japanese you say your last name first... well, since this is a english translation, you say your first name first. Which causes a translation problem. In the japanese, he says his last name first which is "fujiwara"

8. Yumeji, let's go!

9. Sorry, see you later.

page 22
TL note: I count the first frame as the top bubble. line 2 and 3 will be the bubbles in the box with the girl in it

1. Your heart rate is rising. What's wrong, Yui?

2. Nothing at all.

3. Rather, are you okay?

4. Aah, I'm recovering. / How are you doing?

5. I'm fine. In the beginning, it was hard, but I guess I'm used to this by now.

6. Well,

7. Shall we begin?

8. Let's review. Right now, I can cause an opening of the "boundary" door to anyone within 50 meters of me. So, if those guys are within that radius...

9. We'll expose any Nightmares clinging to a human and kill them. Am I right?

10. ...When I'm "over there," I will make sure you'll remain safe. I don't want you getting dragged into this, Yui.

page 23

1. Let's go.

2. Engi.

page 24

1. Me... / Merry!

2. A "Daydream," huh? Lucky me.

3. Is a Nightmare trying to take over someone again?

page 25

1. I sense multiple Nightmares.

2. Don't you... kill as well?
TL note: reCheck

3. Ha-Hah?

4. I foolishly let myself be taken in by you just to satisfy my rage...

5. Don't you kill Nightmares as well?!
TL note: reCheck, hm... something is off

6. I'll never forgive you!!

page 26

1. Hey, Yumeji, what is she talking about?...

2. Eh-Hey, she's coming!!

page 27

1. I've shown you the difference in our strength.

2. Know that resistance is futile!

3. My name is Engi Sleepies.

4. Answer me. Your boss.

5. Falce Hércules
TL note: that accent marker is important

6. Where is he?!!

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#1. by Higurashi ()
Posted on Jan 24, 2011
Oh Thank! >w<
#2. by ATGC ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2011
Thank you very much for this last translation.

I hope you authorized the translation to be used, though... but know that most of us probably find your translations of utmost quality.
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