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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 16

Wonder Wheel

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Sep 28, 2011 07:26 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

-> RTS Page for Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 16

~read only~

I believe I promised you guys from my edit on chapter 15 that I will edit in tanko translations for chapter 10. I never got around to doing that so here is chapter 16. There are a few lines in here that I didn't mark that I didn't like the sound of. Those lines I will probably get around to redoing during my Quality Check part of the scanlation. I'll give you guys 17 and 18 as well when I like the sound of most of the lines. I'll also get to volume 4 when I get to it. That's a fun volume. The artist really shows off her previous ero-art skills in there.

Also, every time on the internet in a blog post or topic post about crime edge from what I see, the person's favorite moment always seem to be chapter 6 page 11 line 1,2,3,a. Heh, compare the translation in the release and the ones I originally planned to have on mangahelpers. I like to think that tiny change made all the difference.

One more thing, I need a cleaner... Badly, Pm me if you think you can clean crime edge with contact details. Examples of prior work is required. Examples must include the original uncleaned page for comparison.


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 16
Title: Wonder Wheel

page 1

1. Hey, Kiri

2. What's making you so tense?

3. Eh? / You can tell?

a. Done

4. I can tell.

5. You've been keep this stiff face for a while.

6. You should be more grateful to me who you insisted on cutting your hair.

7. S-Sorry...

8. To come here specifically to get a haircut even when the store is closed... / There has to be something else to this...

b. It can't be for a date, can it?

9. The party is today after all... / I probably need this since my hair was reaching my shoulders...

page 2

1. I don't know where you are planning to go, but... / Whereever it is! I don't allow it!

a. What is she talking about?

2. W-Why do I have to tell you?

3. ...I'm worried.

4. This reminded me of then.

b. SFX: Squeak...
TL note: sound of chair leaning back

5. Of the first time you came here.

page 3

Title: Wonder Wheel

page 4

1. Sorry, this is going to sound bad. / but, could you remind what happened then?

2. I hate to attack you on this, but

3. It's rather hard to have just forgotten about it.

4. It was exactly 2 years ago, right?

5. I have just arrived in this area and didn't know of any hairdressers.

6. Then, Kotarou told me about this place.

7 ...What?

8. What are you talking about, Mom?

page 5

a. To Kashiko
I'm leaving the customer to you, so I'll give you the money too, okay?

1. You're leaving it to me so you can go shopping, aren't you?...

b. Is this okay for the customer?

2. Well, nothing I can do... I just hope I won't anger him.

3. Hm.

4. Huh?

5. It's so dark, where's the customer?...

page 6

1. That

2. That scared me...

3. I see. He didn't get up 'cause he fell asleep.

a. Though it's not like I care if he got up.

b. SFX: Suuh...

4. Ah.

5. This is that guy who hangs around Kotarou in class.

6. Ah, Kotarou must've told him about this place.

page 7

a. SFX: Zzzzz...

1. ......

2. He doesn't look half-bad.

3. ...Haimura, was it? Wake up.

4. I'm sorry to have to kick you out.

5. But, it's night. You should go home now.

b. SFX:
TL note: sound of girl undoing the knot

6. My mom should probably be a little more thoughtful about these things.

7. you can't just leave a customer alone and go shopping.

page 8

1. You have been a good customer though.

2. So, did you only want a simple haircut?

3. I guess I'll give you a discount...

4. SFX: Ba-Bump

page 9

1. Eh...

2. Sorry...

3. I didn't do a thing so....

page 10

1. For a long time...

2. SFX: Ba-Bump

3. I haven't touched it so...

4. SFX: Ba-Bump

5. SFX: Ba-Bump

6. For this beautiful hair...

7. SFX: Ba-Bump

8. Ye...

9. SFX: BA-Bump

10. SFX: Ba-Bump

11. SFX: Ba-Bump

12. Yeah?...

page 11

a. SFX: Stretch...
TL note: note the hand on the bottom of the shirt

1. I appretiate this.

2. I haven't been able to say this to anyone till now.

page 12

1. ...I feel like you're making secretly fun of me by having me retell this.
TL note: reEverything

a. Boo

2. What's the point if it didn't do at least that much.
TL note: reEverything

3. You fetish freak.

4. Back then, you were really scary, so

5. maybe it was all just the suspension bridge effect.

6. Suspension bridge effect? what's that?

7. Ah! No, forget what I just said.

b. Shit!

8. Ah, well... Sorry.

9. That really was a mistake. / I will never do that again...

page 13

1. ...Ever.

2. You are doing well, right?

3. ...Well.

4. Sorry.

5. But... I remembered.

6. How you were like a different person during that evening.

7. ...I feel Like you are living a whole different life / from mine.

page 14

1. Apart from that one time you looked at me,

2. You appear to be just a spineless everyday boy.

3. ...and nothing more.

4. ...But still,

5. I sometimes feel like you've grown so far away

6. from me...

7. ...Sorry. / ...for saying such strange things...

page 15

1. ...It's all fine.

2. I'm still me.

3. ...Well, / thanks for today.

4. See ya.

5. Kashiko.

page 16

1. Thank you for all the help, Professor.

2. What are you saying? / We, Gossip, were the one who invited you.

page 17

1. Go satisify your curiousity of the higher-ups by diligently scrunitzing them.

2. Once you're done, you should go enjoy the food and drinks.

3. ......

4. Ah.

5. So, you

6. came.

a. Wah...

7. Hey, Kiri...

8. Ah.

b. Boo

page 18

1. So, you did buy it.

2. Yes...

3. Sister is so cute.

4. Not really...

6. As I am with this sort of thing...

7. It suits you relatively well.

8. Good.

9. Well, / You got your coins.

10. This is where we part ways.

page 19

1. Shall we go in?

page 20

1. Iwai?

2. This really is a bit terrifying.

3. "Te cursed girl"...

4. So many people sees me as some sort of freak.
TL note: Hey! I just noticed the quote in the front of the tanko are quotes within the volume... This line is the quote on v3

page 21

1. ...I'm the same as you

2. My Queen.

3. ...So you are, / Mr. Murderer.

page 22

1. ...Yes. / Yes.

2. They have been safely delievered.

3. I'll leave them to you, my lady... to you from here on out.
TL note: this is tricky in that he first uses a formal usage of "you" in this case "lady" but then corrects it to be a casual "you"
TL note2: Yes... I know the japanese dictionary has the definition as "Lord" aka male, but chapter 17 pretty much defines what it will be.

4. What will they see, / and what will they learn?

5. I will be keeping watch over them.

page 23

1. ..."Cutting and Severing"... No. / "Mr. Haimura."

2. Don't be like me.
TL note: Hm... I have a thoery in that the Professor is an Author and his instead of Iwai's mother. Very farfetched theory.

3. ...Kiri Haimura.

4. Iwai Mushiyanokouji

5. ...Two.

page 24

1. We're here to discover.

2. The meaning of what we held in our hands,

3. its very existence, we will come face to face with.

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