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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 17

Party Checkers

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Sep 28, 2011 23:53 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

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~read only~

I guess if I can't get a cleaner I might as well keep doing this. This would be more fun with a cleaner...


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 17
Title: Party Checker

page 1

1. Oh. / What is this appaling black hair?

2. So beautiful. So desirable.

3. You jest, My Queen. / I am but a simple village girl. / Yours is far far better.

4. No, No, I shall not listen to the words of a witch. / You were in the forest performing some sort of strange spell.

page 2

1. A play...

2. Along side a dinner party.

3. Seems sorta extravagant...

4. Iwai?

5. ...Queen?
TL note: heh... she looks like she has bunny ears.

page 3

Title: Party Checker

page 4

1. Have mercy, My Queen. / I did no ill-deeds.

2. No, you have wronged.

3. Yours is glossier.

4. Yours is longer.

5. Yours is more youthful.

6. Yours is more fragent.

7. I forbid it.

8. I forbid it. / I forbid it.

9. I forbid it.

10. I forbid it. / I forbid it. / I forbid it.

11. ...Well then,

12. why don't I give you this hair?

page 5

1. All of your decendants shall inherit it.

2. along with all your desires and indesires...
TL note: reCheck.

3. "Black hair."

4. "Queen."

5. Basically...

page 6

1. This play is my story...

2. Yeah...

3. ...This fairy tale sounds like bull to me...

4. But being in this organization and all, I believe it.

5. You're joking... The Goods is proof enough.

6. Aah, you like mystery novels, didn't you? / That is much like an occult, isn't it?

7. No, I know the story. It is...
TL note: yeah, when they speak vague I don't really know what they are talking about... but I assume it continues on page 7 with the narration.

page 7

1. ...It seems / everyone doesn't know eachother, huh?

a. Is it good?

b. Hm-huh Hm-huh.

2. ...Yeah...

3. I imagined them being like an evil secret society.

4. ...Afterwards, the Queen completely changed.
TL note: I'm going to assume narration of the play

5. Everyone sought to kill the girl with the eye-catching black hair...

6. For that's the witch's curse.

7. Her Majesty's hair became uncuttable.

8. While she was pregent, her stillborned baby strangled herself with her own hair.

9. It was impossible to not go mad.

page 8

1. Mister Haimura and Madam Mushiyanokouji?

2. We've been tasked to have you two go through here. / You're to help with the entertainment.

3. Entertainment?

4. These are costumes. / Could you wear them?

5. Okay...

6. ...What is this? Fur?

7. What's...

8. Uh...

9. Uugh...

page 9

1. Demon girl?

2. W-Why am I to dress like this?

3. What is this really?

4. Ah, well... We're hotel workers. / You'll have to ask the sponsor...
TL note: This is a Tanko tl.

5. ...Wait, this is...

a. We're on the stage...

6. Aren't you two the next actors?

7. EEEH?

page 10

1. Wh-Wha-What are we going to do, Kiri? I've never been in a play.

2. I did one back in kindergarden...

a. Wait, this is really strange.

3. The Queen is the sacrificial lamb. / The Authors of the Goods are the wolves that eat her.

b. Eh, what? Lamb?

4. ...Kiri?

5. ...So, you came to Gossip's party. / Nothing could've been more perfect I think.

page 11

1. Could it be that the one who invited us to this party, was you? / Justice Nakajima... "The Rulebook."

2. ...I

3. didn't think you would come.

page 12

1. I was sure you would've ran away scare like a baby.

2. How reckless.

3. I could have refused the invite?

4. I have thought of it... but

5. even if I had been waried of

6. the formal dress party, I am wanted everywhere...
TL note: reTL, umm... sounds weird to me.

page 13

1. This is the second time we've met, My Queen.

2. I have introduced myself before, and I do not have the time to do so again...

3. I know. / Kiri told me.

4. You're the person who choked Kiri by the neck with that rope.

5. I have not forget.

6. ...She's surprisingly blunt.

a. Ah?

7. I'm not fond of it...

8. Well, whatever. Kozakura doesn't know about this place, so she won't be coming.

9. I'm the judge. / Now let's continue where we left off as a play.

page 14

1. ......!

2. Iw-Iwai, are you hurt?

3. I'm fine... but.....

4. It's a play, a play. / So, use threatical words from here on.

page 15

1. Ah. / Oh, how I wish, how I wish for an enemy...

2. The cause of this power / Simple criminals are like babies.

3. Few and far between. Only an Goods Author can cure my thirst.

4. How I wish for a stronger enemy.

5. Powerful. / Killing them is the joy uncompared. / But still it's not enough.

6. I want to display my power.

page 16

1. For there's a Scissors Good.

2. SFX: crack

3. A boy said to be protecting the Queen.

4. However, was he truly noble?

5. For the boy to cut the hair he himself was so fond of

6. He accepted to injure an attacking human.

7. and now, see as he feels uplifted for battle...
TL note: ugh... reCheck all

page 17

1. What a horrible questioning.

2. You fit perfectly as a criminal.

3. To "desire" and "profit" from a murderer's power

4. I believe that to be a greater crime than any.

page 18

1. If you're going to deny it, then hurry up.

2. I came here to confirm that.

3. But, if you can't deny it, I believe you'll only have a few moments left...

4. ...Kiri!

5. Kiri! What are you doing?!

6. Tell him he's wrong!

7. Kiri protects me because...

page 19

1. SFX: Grack

2. Raise the curtains.

3. SFX: Guh Guh Guh

4. Applauses.

page 20-21

a-f. SFX: clap

page 22

1. What's that?

2. What are they doing?!

3. ...It's RuleBook

4. What's the matter with them... doing that right in front of these people!

5. It seems most of them still think it is a play though...

a. SFX: Boh...

6. ...How horrible.

7. Spoiling this party.

8. I even told them to treat the guest courteously.

page 23

page 24

page 25

1. Forcibly stretch the rope!

2. If I am to be hanged, I mustn't panic.

3. However, I can't hold my breath for long.

4. SFX: creak / creak / creak

5. SFX: gasp

6. An additional... / dozen seconds...!

page 26

1. For you...

2. Those crimes... are called justice!
TL note: reTL

3. ...We're quite similiar.

page 27

1. However,

2. I don't just randomly flail about.

3. You can never reach me.

page 28

1. Like you could win by just talking big.

a. pant

b. SFX: Guh...

c. SFX: Creak

d. SFX: Creak

e. pant...

2. Even if I can't reach you.

3. I won't die from this.

4. After, I'll show you how to really choke someone.

5. You coward.
TL note: reTL, unsure exact meaning here as english has various meanings.

page 29

page 30-31

page 32

1. Gasp / Gasp / Gasp!

2. ...My win, is it?

page 33

a. SFX: Thud...

page 34

a. SFX: Bang

page 35

1. ......?!

2. .......?

3. What?

4. What happened?

5. .....!

6. For the crime of "murder," / Rulebook of Sentencing and Exectution...

page 36

1. Eh?

2. The curtains fell?!

3. Where's Kiri?

a. I can't see at all

b. Hah

4. There's no rope.

5. Perhaps he was able to fend off that other man?

6. But... But...

7. Does he live?

page 37

1. Please...

2. Where is...

3. the Rulebook?

page 38

1. Fuck...

2. hah...

3. Hah...

4. What was that? / I should fall back... and regroup...

5. Hah...

6. Hey Rulebook. / I have recently been hearing some unpleasant things from the police about you helping them.

7. How you would arbitarily kill any criminal without needing any compensation. / It sounded a bit... much.

8. I see... So it's you.

9. I had no idea the Lady was so young.

page 39

1. Today is good. / I want you be more prudent.

2. Shut up. / That's for me to decide.

3. The Goods Authors are just your pawns, right?

4. I act by my own will. And besides,

5. The one that judges is me!

6. That's too bad.

page 40

1. !

2. Gah

3. Dah!

4. SFX: Gulp

5. SFX: Cough

6. cough / cough

page 41

1. Damn... / Kuh..

page 42

page 43

1. ...Hah

2. A-hem

3. Hah...

page 44

1. ......

2. ...You

3. So I didn't kill you. / Damn... When it rains, it pours...

4. The Lady Violet Witchie.

5. ...?

6. Remember that name. She's the head of Gossip.

page 45

1. That person... Had adopted Authors kill me. / That's what I gathered from the way she did it.

2. What should I do?

3. I don't know how to treat this...

4. Are you stupid?

5. You should be more happy.

6. You hated me from the first time we met, didn't you?

7. So, you needn't show any compassion in the end.

page 46

1. Don't be sad...

2. "Look, it's me."

3. "Prideful till the end"

page 47

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Raws are good - I can help you with cleaning.
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