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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 18

Lyrical Night Firght

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Sep 29, 2011 00:12 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

-> RTS Page for Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 18

~read only~

Springs have such a wonderful mechanic to them. The molecules of the metal resist any change to their structure, but the overall structure is quite flexible. So, when you pull on a spring, it tries to maintain its shape by pulling back. Then, with the spring a million machines sprung forth from its properties. Imagine a world where the spring never existed. Such a world would be so alien from the one we have now.


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 18
Title: Lyrical Night Fright

page 1

1. You did well...

2. ......

3. The "police" / has arrived.

4. I am finished with the crime scene.

5. Now how about we begin the witness questioning?

page 2

Title: Lyrical Night Fright

Rulebook of Sentencing and Exectution

Killing Goods

!Justice Nakajima
<- original
"The Lawful Savage" Garibaldi

!Conditional Murder
<-tips: Death by hanging can only be executed if the following 2 conditions are satisified.
The target must be commiting a felony level crime. (The judgement is based on the level of the offense)
There needs to be edivence that catches the criminal red-handed.

page 3

1. There is more to the play.

2. The Queen, Zewulfa, went insane.

3. When a black haired girl is seen, she was called out as a reincarnation of the detestable witch and executed. / From there, her actions only escalated up.

4. Extortion, / dehumanization, / tortue.
TL note: PR, shorter word for dehumanization?

page 4

1. The queen herself became a murderer. / She looked follow to slaughtering those girls... It didn't take long for her to wish for it to continue forever.

2. The original system of the Goods and Queen came from this. / Later on, Gossip took to managing it.

3. Violet Witchie...

4. was it?

5. I am sorry. / ...For doing such an regrettable thing to him.

page 5

1. Regrettable, you say?

2. Yes. / I believe it so.
TL note: Trying to go for high class late 1800 victorian speech.

3. I sympathize for both the Killing Good Authors and the Hair Queen's dilemma.

4. But, all I do is mournfully make the decisions.

5. We, / the blood relatives of "Witchie" form Gossip.

6. My father's fathers has done this for generations ever since the beginning.
TL note: reTL

page 6

1. ..."Witchie"

2. "Witch?"

3. So, everything of the "Queen" is bad, is it?

4. I saw the play. / If maybe, just maybe all that was true,

5. then assuming the curse is what it is,

6. the queen isn't what she is, is she?
TL note: reCheck

page 7

page 8

1. Stop!

2. Don't take away my important person from me!

page 9

1. Don't do what you did to him...

2. to Kiri...

3. Weren't you in a cage?

4. To have met

5. like this...

page 10

1. Sorry for being so rude.

2. Today was supposed to have been a peaceful night.

page 11

page 12

1. That much is the same as what the Byouinzaka sisters said... / Though It was very public... We were not able to see the crime commited.
TL note: I believe the 2nd part is where she is reciting where their stories are the same.

2. Really now?

a. Where did the Professor go at a time this?

3. Thank you. / Later, I'll deal with the officiers, okay?

page 13

1. Even if psychological shock is an after-effect of suffocation, your's seem worse than normal, so / anything happens, please inform a doctor.

2. ......

3. What about you, Ms. Kozakura?

4. This must be hard on you, right? / I mean... Umm...

5. Didn't you like that guy or something?

page 14


1. No, / not at all.

b. Really?

2. Right. You're just Middle Schoolers. / An adult woman isn't that simple minded.

c. You are still young

3. Adult?

4. It's just...

5. ...Yeah. / He was like the troublesome little brother.

page 15

1. He always acted out so terribly mischievously... Didn't he?

2. He always, constantly made me worried.

3. ...Aah.

4. He did kill people, so / saying this may seem out of place, but...

5. But, I kept chasing after him, and he kept choking me at the neck, / while making a sour face as he ran away.

a. Agah!

b. Tch

6. I honestly found our relationship quite nice.

page 16

1. But it seems our little story together has ended, hasn't it?...

page 17

1. This was the first time I saw someone died...

2. ...Yeah...

3. I have seen the murder scene a little while ago, but... / it must've been very different.

4. Yeah... Right before my eyes, a perfectly still corpse appeared...

page 18

1. Even though just a little while before that, he was such a strong and talkative person...

2. He told me his final words...

3. It was something detestable, but

4. I am honestly quite similiar to him.

5. When I met you, / I felt so grateful that you brandish a pair of scissors that I loathed up till then.

6. I was shaking in joy.

page 19

1. So, when another person completely hits the mark, it's a little annoying.
TL note: reCheck

2. How I got high on the power of Killing Goods like him...

3. Aah... So, that is how you were able to jump so easily.

4. All of this is just so new.

5. yeah...

6. It is overwhelming.

7. Since someone so similiar could die as such,

8. I wonder if I keep using the Killing Goods,

9. would the same happen to me one day?

page 20

1. If I were to die... I wouldn't be able to cut your hair.

2. I would be so lonely.

3. Yeah...

4. I'm scared too.

5. If I died... I wouldn't be able to do anything with you anymore.

page 21

1. I want you to keep cutting my hair.

2. There's so much I want to say. I want you to always be with me.

3. All these emotions are just spilling out of me.

4. I'm scared.

5. I'm really scared.

page 22

1. There isn't any point / in trying to comfort her by saying, "Everything will be okay."

2. Yeah... / I can't even convince myself of it.

3. I'm the same, full of fear.

page 23

1. I want to touch this girl.

2. touch this body full of hair.

3. I feel a little weird trying to force myself into isolation...
TL note: reCheck

4. But, surely following these emotions is the right thing to do. / For Iwai as well.

5. I won't have another oppuntunity like this again, so / before I die...

page 24-25

1. Allow me to profess my feelings.

page 26

1. ...Kiri...

2. ...Lay still.

page 27

1. SFX: smooch

2. SFX: suck

3. SFX: lick

page 28

1. SFX: lick

2. I love your hair.

3. That is the honest truth.

4. But, / But, you see

page 29

1. It's more like / a simple love affair with you.
TL note: I cannot decide if I want to include the last two words or not... It is just a which one would be better thing... I can't decide.

2. ...Yeah, / I know.
TL note: remember when princess leia told han solo, she loved him? No? well, this line is what han solo said.

page 30

page 31

page 32

page 33

1. I can't... / the forehead is as far as I can go...

2. Kiri...

page 34

a. She's kneeing?!

1. I...

2. I will...

3. and my lips will wait, so

4. At the very least, until then

5. Please don't die!

b. ......

page 35

1. ...Ye

2. Yes!

3. aah...

page 36

1. I am happy.

2. The one I like, / the one I love,

3. Stop

4. Ehe

5. eheheh

6. Kiri

7. I pray from the bottom of my heart, he'll stay by my side. / Maintaining our love forevermore.

page 37

1. Once its morning, I'll get dressed.

2. Crouching down, I'll welcome in that person with all my love and care.

3. Then, I'll get my hair cut.

4. ngh...

5. Everyday, this hair that grows in bed...

6. This excessively long hair...

7. My cursed hair...

page 38

1. Huh?

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