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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 19

Standing Ovation

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Dec 27, 2012 03:13 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

-> RTS Page for Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 19

So, anyone want to tell me what has happened since I been gone?

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 19
Title: Standing Ovation

page 1

1. Clothes, check.

2. Knives, check.

3. Everything, all check, Papa.

4. Emily / will try her very hardest to get revenge.

page 2-3

Title: Standing Ovation

page 4

1. Last time: Her hair has stopped growing.

a. No way.

2. Wha-wa-wa

3. What's going on?

4. It's still uncuttable, but...

5. If I had woken up earlier, / this might've not happened!

b. I wish I wasn't such a bookworm.

page 5

1. Today, Kiri is coming.

2. I need to cheer up.

3. I should tell him that I don't need my hair cut...

4. ...I so wanted to see him today...

a. Euh

b. Gueh Gueh
TL note: Ugh... This is my version of "sniff"... Yeah...

c. Beep Beep Beep

d. This is the last day of the holiday season...

5. Why did this have to happen...

e. puat puat
TL note: I dunno... step step whatever... feet on wood floors...

6. If only I had known that we would only have yesterday's party...

7. AH

f. Face Cleanser

g. Toothpaste

h. Salt

i. sugar

8. AH

9. AH / ...

page 6

1. ......

2. It's no use... I cause too much mayhem when I'm by myself...

3. I should go somewhere with a lot of people...

4. This is so weird.

5. I should be happy that I'm one step closer to being normal, but...

6. I felt better when I was cursed.

7. I just can't help think that.

page 7

1. ......

a. Sorry. I already had something to do today, so I'll see you tomorrow.

2. The day after I (almost) confessed to her, she does this...

b. How cold...

3. Did I do something?!

4. Nah, but maybe I should stop being so nosy.

c. See volume 2-3
TL note: above the arrow

d. I haven't been wrong yet though.

e. Beep Beep Beep

5. Hey, Kiri.

page 8

1. If you're free, why don't you go into the city to do some shopping for me.

a. A Do-It-Yourself toolset
TL note: DIY if you want to shorten it

2. ...Okay.

b. I guess I am free now!

3. ...Uugh.

4. Should I wear a wig or something?... No, no...

c. Aaah...

5. If I do that, someone will easily find out if they touch it...

page 9

1. Aah... I'm so tired...
TL note: in the I'm sad way

a. Haah...
TL note: exhale

2. What should I do tomorrow?...

3. I can't possibly ditch school...

TL note: ugh... I have no idea what that is... the thing next to little crazy loli

c. A foreigner...
TL note: On Iwai's hair

4. ...Huh... All alone. / Is she a stray?

page 10

1. Umm... What's wong?

2. Where's your mom and dad?

3. ......

4. Papa isn't here.

5. Aah, so she is a stray.

6. hey, what's your name?

7. It's Emily, big lady.

8. Big lady

page 11

a. Has always been treated as a child, so is now very very ecstatic.

1. Okaaay! / This big lady will help you find your papa!

2. ......

3. No way!

4 I don't want to go with you!

5. Hey!

6. Nywa...

7. Don't say that... / 'kay?...

b. Let's see...

8. Hm?

9. Why did / it seem like Iwai was right there just now?...

c. I must be seeing things...

page 12

a. Not here, is he...?

b. Co-

c. Come on. Smile. Smile!

d. You're hungry?

e. You're hungry, right?

page 13

1. Nooope.

2. Not here...

3. Why don't we try searching another floor as well?

4. We should be able to find your papa there, okay?

5. ...Big lady.

6. How old you?

7. Eh? Ah. / I'm 14.

a. She finally started talking (heart)

8. ...Well, then...

page 14

1. Please stop playing with me.

2. I don't have the energy, / pretending to play with such a feeble person.

3. ...So- / Sorry.

4. ...Today... I was just a little taken back by something...

5. and then...

5. I'm frightened of Ze Wulfa within you.
TL note: I forget if I had a space between Ze and Wulfa or not... whatever...

page 15

1. Witchie said something like that, I think.

2. Since your meeting at the party, something has changed.
TL note: I'm tired of trying to tranlsate the things that aren't said to make things clear...

3. Wait... / Emily... / You're not...

4. SFX: Clank

page 16

1. What...?

2. Emily / is a professional assassin.

page 17

1. My condolences.

2. ......!!!!

3. ...What?

4. Who was that?

5. A scream?

page 18

1. Im...

2. Impossible!

3. You're just a little child... / To have a Killing Good...

4. It's true.

5. This Killing Good is from my papa.

6. It's very precious to me.

page 19

1. After papa became one with the stars. / I was left all alone.

2. That's why

3. It's regrettable and horrible.

4. ......?

5. To you.

page 20

1. ......!

2. SFX: Tot

3. SFX: Tot

4. Ah!...

page 21

1. Iwai!

2. It was you! Good.

3. Are you okay?!

4. Ki-Kiri?

5. Why are you here...

6. That's what I should be...

7. ...?

8. The hair... / ........

9. ...Ah.

10. ...So-

11. Sorry. / I

12. I'm...

page 22

1. Kapu
TL note: I dunno...

2. Don't worry about it!

3. I'm

4. ......

5. I'm your boyfriend! So... / start treating me like one.
TL note: ugh... it doesn't really say that. This is as close as I can decipher it that makes sense to me.

page 23

1. Ki...

2. Kiri

3. is trying to act all cool!

4. That's / That's... Whatever!

5. Any-

a. Ahh, geez

6. Anyways, stay here!

b. You're cute when you're angry.

7. I see.

8. I'm attuned to Iwai's feelings as well.

page 24

1. If these scissors are no longer required, then I should hide them away

2. I don't know what cause this, but
TL note: where this is iwai's hair not growing

3. right now

4. This person, here, is the problem.

5. ...Hey!

6. Show yourself!

7. Are you an Author or an Instead?!

8. Honestly, I couldn't believe that someone of your age...

page 25

1. I have no Instead.

2. Emily is different.

3. ?!

4. I live solely for myself.

5. Such as a Killing Good.

6. ...I am the red of the red gloves.
TL note: someone tell me about whatever sort of culture thing japan has about red gloves 'cause I have no idea...

page 26-27

1. Gifted with the arms of a wizard.

2. Harden by loss.
TL note: of family members and etc

3. The name is Emily Redhands. / My Killing Good is

4. The Opener of Bloody Dissection.
TL note: eh...

page 28

1. As a warning, Big Sir.

2. Though Emily may be just a child

3. I am very strong.

4. ...She's going to be hard to kill.

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