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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 20

Red Rising

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jan 1, 2013 03:07 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

-> RTS Page for Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 20

I'm playing planetside 2! come join me as I blow your heads off!


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 20
Title: Red Rising

page 1

1. She's a kid.

2. Small body

3. Soft skin.

4. With a uniquely sweet voice.

5. Such a form can only be that of a little girl's.

6. A very young

7. Child.

page 2

Title: Red Rising

page 3

1. Don't get in my way, big brother.

2. Emily has no intention to kill anyone but the Queen.

3. Those are big words.

4. I won't hold back if your aim is Iwai. / Even if you are a child, I can't pardon such a thing.

5. Hey. / big brother has scissors.

6. I have knives.

7. ...?

8. Which do you think are better at wounding people?

page 4

1. I am naturally different from everyone like you...

page 5

1. A specially created Good with that kind of Author.

2. That is... the "Tailor-Made."
TL note: okay, so it really says Order Made... But I looked it up.

3. All of my being

4. is specialized for murder.

5. wa... / What?!

a. SFX: sway

page 5

1. Uh / AH...

2. She's fast! / and also...

3. two knives? / Just how many does she have?...

page 6

1. My Killing Good is not just one item...

2. Thus, I am capable of using it as such.

3. Shit!

a. Hah

page 6

1. Hold

2. a sec!

page 7

1. He ran...

a. How uncool

b. Hah...

c. Hah...

2. What the hell?

3. Is she really...

4. a child?

page 8

1. Kiri...?

2. Ah

3. s-sorry...

4. Hey, you, are you this girl's friend?

5. Are you okay? Are there thugs out there?

6. ---...

7. ---.---

8. Must be guards

9. I don't want to be dragged into that...

10. big sister?

page 9

1. Papa really did love me.

2. Whenever papa talked about you, / he would always make such a sad face.

3. ...That's all I wanted to say.

4. What?

5. So there is someone out there...

6. Ah / Wait

7. Stop!

8. hm? no one...

9. Hey, you, we're gonna go take a look around.

page 10

1. When CrimeEdge left my hands, / slowly... Panic setted in.

2. Shameful...

3. I don't want you

4. to see me like this...

5. Kiri...

page 11

1. Witchie, / I'm back.

2. Ah, so you've returned, / Emily.

page 12

1. I met the Queen.

2. Eeh?

3. I only threatened her though.

4. Obviously, it should be done on the anniversary of my papa's death.

5. Since I gave her a proper warning,

6. I want to be the one to kill her.

7. You're being oddly fussy...

8. It's a private matter.

9. I don't want to simply treat it like my usual jobs...

10. Woof! / Woof!

page 13

1. Hello!

2. Jack, Peter!

3. You must be hungry. / I'll go get something.

a. Okay, okay

4. ...Emily... I specifically told you that you couldn't take your pets out of the country.

5. Witchie is so cruel.

b. Jack

c. Peter

6. These boys are family.

d. We all lived together with Papa.

page 14

1. Family is important

2. Very important.

3. You must be angry with the Queen...

4. She looked happy.

5. seemed like she has forgetton about Papa.

6. right now / it looks like she has filled her head with that cutting and severing boy.

7. I cannot allow that.

page 15

1. Why are you going this far?

2. You, Trailor-Mades,

3. are not capable of controlling the muderous impluses brought forth by the Goods.

4. That's why, you do not need the humanity lost as compensation. / And yet despite this, for that human, why would you...
TL note: compensation for using the Goods

5. ...I know.

6. It's because Papa was kind.

page 16

1. I lived in the slums.

2. In order to live there, you had to hurt and steal.

3. Then, Papa one day suddenly appeared there,

4. giving me just about everything.

5. Even the name, Emily,

6. was given to me by him.

page 17

1. ...So, this kid?

2. All of this, / "has the qualifacations to become an Author of a magic item" thing

3. I don't get those complicated stuff. / I just heard she's special.

4. However, if this flithy kid has some use...

5. ...!!

6. You dumb brat! What ya think ya doing?!

7. Ya got me bleeding! Dumb kid, bullshitting around...

page 18

1. Don't fuck with adults...

2. STOP!!!

3. What's the matter, sir?

4. Clothes. / Here's some cash.

5. ...hah?

6. Got it? / Go ready some suitable children's clothes and shoes.

7. GO!

page 19

1. ...You must be hungry.

2. Eat?

3. ......

4. Than... You...

page 20

1. Saying thanks?

2. That's good.

3. After that,

4. Papa gave me my Killing Good.

5. Gave me life as a professional killer.

page 21

1. Papa, after completing his business, would live with me when he was in my area. / However, one day, he suddenly broke off all contact with me.

2. ......

3. Most likely, for Big Sister... For the "hair queen," / someone killed him.

a. sfx: whimper

4. ...Are you boys... / trying to comfort me?

b. sfx: slurp slurp slurp

c. Hah

5. Wah! / Ahahaha!

d. Hah

e. Hah

f. Hah

6. I'm okay... Emily is alright. / Papa will be back.

page 21

1. And then, we can all talk with Papa.

2. I'm sure he'll be shocked by how big you boys have gotten.

3. Just plently of playing... feed you meals... / and then...

4. Is resurrecting your papa your wish?

5. yes

6. it is.

page 22

1. It can be done, right?

2. My wish will be fulfilled once I kill the queen, right?

3. ...That's right.

4. ...yes

5. okay then.

page 23

1. Can you defeat Cutting and Severing?

a. I beat him already

2. ...That boy is weak...

b. He's pretty hopeless

c. you didn't need to be so frank

3. ...is that so?

4. He doesn't carry himself well at all / and he has zero abilities with his blade.

5. I had also used the Opener's ability.

6. He won't die, but / he can no longer fight capably.

page 24

1. If that's all true

2. then I wished to have had a proper discussion about Iwai's hair

a. SFX: bababa
TLnote: wooden/paper door opening sound

3. But... damn it...

4. I'm too pitiful right now to speak in person.

5. Iwai must also be confused about herself

6. From those final words that Emily kid left her.

page 25

1. When that Emily comes back / will I be able to fight her? will I be able to beat her?

2. How should I go about this?...

3. ...Hey, Kiri

4. KIRI! Are you finish in there yet!

page 26

1. oh shit, I fell asleep.

2. Okay! Time to...

3. !

4. O-odd. / I feel dizzy...

5. ...... / ...This is...

page 27

1. is specialized for murder.

2. I see...

3. So, is this why you left so many small cuts on me?

4. If this is surely the case,

5. I will die eventually die despite getting away from that place.

page 28

1. The "Opener of Bloody Dissection" / special power is...

2. the power "to prevent wound recovery."

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