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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 21

Cooperation in Blood Donation

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jan 5, 2013 10:46 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

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My neck hurts... I sleep in odd angles...
Also! This chapter can be called Blood Donation Cooperation!
I think that sounds more happy!


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 21
Title: Cooperation in Blood Donation

page 1

Title: cooperation in Blood donation

page 2

1. ......

2. ...hey, kiri

3. What?

4. You should go to the nurse's office if you're not felling well.

5. ...nah... I shouldn't need to... / I'll probably be okay...

a. no, go

6. You can tell from all the uniform coats how painfully hot is it here.
TLnote: this sentence confuses me...

7. so, umm... who is the health officer?

page 3

a. Again?

b. SFX: squeek
TLnote: chair sudden movement

1. I said I'm fine

2. I just need a bit of healing to my cut and some rest.

3. a cut?

4 ......

5. ...so

6. the nurse's not in?

page 4

1. I guess I'm going to have to eventually...

2. ...Is that the cut?

3. a unique cut, isn't it?

4. The scabs around the cut is old but the blood is fresh...

5. ...Yesterday, I had a run in with this Emily kid.

page 5

1. The "Opener of Bloody Dissection" she said.

2. Opener... First time I heard that name.

3. So, what about Iwai?

4. Iwai's at home

5. She wanted to investigate a bit so she took a day off from school to go through her father's study. / She felt bothered by what Emily said.

6. ...Well, if she is safe, / then your cut is the current predicament.

7. If you continue to leave the bleeding untreated as is...

8. I know. / But, a hospital won't be able to fix this.

page 6

1. Anyways... I tried everything I could think of... So, maybe if I could just kill Emily...

2. When will that be? / Do you have any evidence that you will survive for that long?

3. And say you were to defeat her, what if...


page 7

1. Haimura, what is your blood type?

a. What?

2. Eh / B...

3. Okay

4. Good

page 8

1. Wait!

2. ...What's with that scary face?

a. SFX: roll roll

3. ...I am B also, so

4. it is quite fortuitous.

5. Lie down... Relax...

6. This will be the first time I will be trying this with my Injection, so
TL note: remember her needle is named the Injection of Coma Death

7. I do not know what will occur when I inject blood using the "drug enchanment" power.

8. SFX: Doop
TL note: blood rushing into the needle

page 9

1. ugh!

2. hot...

3. Gentily... / slowly...

4. so relax...

page 10

a-e. SFX: Ba-Bump
TL: all those semi bubbles

1. This does feel a little relaxing.

2. Later on...I'll inform the hospital knowledgable of the situation if needed, so / thanks...

3. for the blood.

page 11

1. Haimura

2. Why did you endure this pain for so long?

3. Why you say? / I guess it was a question of pride.
TL note: I'm not sure if I like why or how better

a. Don't ask such weird things

4. First and foremost... For Iwai.

5. She's the most important person in my life...

6. I'll protect her no matter what.

7. I see.

8. amazing.

b. sfx: hm...
TLnote: it really more of a small exhale sound of approval

9. I am jealous...

page 12

1. My sister said that since I was selected for the Good when I was little, / my emotional development got stunted.

2. ...I also think that.

3. ...Emotional development?
TL note: I like to think there is a "your" before the "emotional"

4. That is how it seems to be for Authors.

5. In my dreams... is the Original.
TLnote: its been a while, so there are a bunch of names in crime edge. There are various names for each of the magical murder items like crime edge, injection, opener... etc. Authors are the users of the magic murder items. Goods are the magic murder items. Originals are the original people who first used those items to make them into magic murder items by doing some unspeakable crime. Insteads are the emotional support people for the Authors since the Goods are constantly draining away an Authors' humanity. A Tailor-Made is an Author who embraced the Goods and has kept control of himself without losing all his humanity after losing his Instead... I think. I'll come back to that last bit later... I really only skimmed through volume 5 and havent gotten around to read 6 yet. Also, my japanese is a bit rusty... quite a few times I recongized a sentence pattern but did not know how to translate it. Also, it was never that good to begin with!

6. First, it is just a person... no voice.

7. However... She gradually comes closer... Then, she starts whispering to me to kill people.

8. Eventually... It becomes difficult for me to maintain conciousness.

page 13

1. I do maintain some sort of individuality, however... You seem fine. It must be especially nice to have.

2. Anyways, things like love and friendship, I know nothing of the sorts.

3. ...That is why, I long for that / a litt...

4. ...hey? / Byouinzaka?

5. ......

6. ......

page 14

1. oh right... / I don't have a lot of blood either...

a. I feel like vomiting
TL note: not really sure who is saying this line here

2. What?!

b. What a dummy!

3. Let us lay down here together...

4. Wai-wait!

5. I'm better already!

6. Is that so?

7. ...Forgive me

8. you are too kind, Haimura.

page 15

1. ...geez

2. Don't go crazy on me all of a sudden.

a. sfx: su...
TLnote: sound of glasses rubbing on hair something...

b. SFX: click

3. ...still

4. The "Original"... A dream of the murderer Grayland? / I really haven't witness such.

5. Am I still an imcomplete Author?

page 16

1. if so...

2. When I see it... When I should see it...

3. will I become stronger?...

4. Hey, Kiri, are you al... Eh?

5. Shh! / She's sleeping!

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