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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 22

The Forbidden Game

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jan 22, 2013 09:58 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

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I don't like to press the shift key to make a letter capital when I'm typing with one hand...
I have forgotten what is mangahelper's policy on linking to scanlation so I'm just not going to do that. I was going to do something involving that but I like njt and his site. I do not know if njt still does anything with this site but I like him.


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 22
Title: The Forbidden Game

page 1
TL note: I hate page 1...

1. You want to know about Grayland?


2. It’s been bothering me a little...

3. Ah.... When movies were this super young thing of beauty...

b. go-go
TL note: meh... its top of head btw

c. That’s not it. Wagner, was it?
TL note: right of head...

d. Nigi...

4. Basically... Around the latter half the of 30’s? was when it’s all assumed to have happened! / He was this dandy trench coat wearing old man!
TL note: ugh.... something like that?

5. ...huh... eh?

e. are you acquainted?

6. Good body too. Must have had a lot of muscles! / Since he carried all his victims to his basement himself!

f. A middle-aged man though!

7. hey, you’re excused from the gory details you’ll say later.

8. so, what about his collaborators?

9. NONE. / Grayland always acted alone.

g. That’s far enough

10. He couldn’t have gotten to know anyone as he randomly moved from town to town killing people.

11. Coupled with his raggedly appearance. His beard, clothes, and etcetera.

page 2

1. Ah, but he was perfectly capable of conversing with others.

2. He could have lived perfectly well. / Like as a teacher or scholar!

3. hmm...

4. Thanks / I’ll ask you next time I need something.

a. is that okay?

5. YAY!

6. Ah

7. What?

b. Did you forget something?

8. No, nevermind.

c. it’s not important

page 3

title: The forbidden game

page 4

1. Aren’t I afraid? No, I’m not.

2. Is it dangerous? It probably is.

3. up till now, i have yet to go mad because of my good.

4. i believed the agonies of the other authors talked about something distantly far away.

5. I want to try to meet Grayland.

6. bounce! bo (bounce)
TL note: yeah... you should probably just ignore this bubble

a. I just said I want to have a dream about a mid thirties old man

7. And from that if I can get stronger...

page 5

1. sfx: ring ring ring

2. you looked at your email? about Iwai’s papa’s grave site.

3. I’m heading there now. / Sorry for asking for something so weird so suddenly. I needed to know.

a. Please tidy things up, Professor.

4. though, why didn’t you just ask Iwai?

5. Well, I... umm...

6. I thought she already had enough problems dealing with her hair.

7. her hair?

b. did you hear me?

8. you’d understand if you see it.

9. both iwai and i were completely stumped on what to do. / if you perhaps know anything about it, please tell me.

10. hmm

11. ...would it be alright to do this later?

12. I’m pretty numbed from thinking about it.

13. what?

page 6

1. You... / truthfully, why are you’re on the side of the people who are trying to kill iwai?

2. I just like cute girls.

3. ...right right. the new child author, I hear she’s a little girl. / is she cute? if she’s cute email me a pict...

a. sfx: bu-beep

4. this has been rather ridiculous.

5. are you growing desperate?

page 7

1. are you ashamed that you want revenge against the one that got away?

2. Because I care about iwai.

3. no matter what, I can’t be uncool.

4. when i visited iwai before i came here

5. she was sleeping soundly.

6. to be expected as she spent two sleepless nights investigating.

7. she had wrote down her findings in a memo.

8. emily is not related to her. she’s a child of someone else. / it was surprising when she referred to iwai’s dad as papa though.

a. well, they don’t even look similar

page 8

1. this mountain...

2. damn it...

a. hot

3. must be from the lack of blood...

4. something sweet?

5. flowers and...

6. sweets it seems...

page 9

1. this is like

2. Alice in Wonderland.

page 10-11

page 12

a. sfx click

page 13

1. pervert

a. pervert, eh?

2. I was asked to ‘cause of something.

3. flowers and... sweets. / you did all this?

b. isn’t this a little lively for a grave?

4. ...yep

page 14

1. yesterday, I had worried about byouinzaka’s words.

2. I wonder how I should go about this?
tl note: retl

3. ...I know that today is the anniversary of your papa’s death. / I imagine you did everything to her but... actually striking her.

4. to kill Iwai, were you gathering information before? celebrating prematurely?

5. ...which one now...

6. Don’t worry. I’m not going to kill you, big brother.

7. are you going to kill iwai?

8. should I not?

page 15

1. I do hate my big sister after all...

2. to hate and to kill are completely different things!

3. oh...?

4. they’re not that different.

5. right?

page 17

1. as i thought, this kid

2. is not capable of understanding death.

3. no, even I don’t understand

4. I don’t

5. I am lacking something.

6. Whether it’s like byouinzaka’s lack of emotional development or something else because of her special good / in either case, it’s truly like within this kid

7. she has forced herself away from the truth by “going to a faraway place” or “becoming one with the stars,” doesn’t it?

page 18

1. assuming so,

2. I can best win if I can get her to see me as a threat / if i can get her to even slightly show a fear of “death”

3. she just might hesitate in our murder...

4. …...

5. I have zero interest in you.

6. Just don’t be inconveniencing me, okay? / if you don’t, I’ll stop the bleeding for you later.

7. I see

8. well

9. I’ll have to do this then

page 19

1-3. sfx: twist

4. this is no doubt

5. a little villainous.

page 20

1. so, / what will you do now

2. little miss professional killer?

page 21

1. okay

2. it won’t be like last time where I got surprised and beatened

3. with this terrain, I’ll use the trees as obstacles.

4. this time i won’t run away... I should have a chance...

5. ...I am the crimson red glove

page 21

1. gifted with the arms of a wizard

2. hardened by loss

3. sfx: foosh

4. eh?

page 22

page 23

1. would you like to end up like rulebook?

2. the “opener of bloody dissection.” / 46 in all and all the knives are capable of “Super Slice” and “Blood Clot Prevention.”
TL note: kiri has the same super slice ability. I translated that as super slice way back in chapter 4 too... consistency? meh... I never really thought she would actually put those words in the dialogue.

3. which would you prefer? / to die instantly with one big attack or to die slowly cut by cut?

4. ...looks like

5. i dug myself quite a grave here...

page 24

page 25

page 26

1. many people were experimented to use this. / the ones who could use it became like me, a “tailor-made.”

2. ah

3. guh... / uh...

4. I am strong.
TL note: bold on strong

5. uh...

6. I... have

7. the “most evil murderer”...

8. blood...

9. that’s not right

10. he’s not the “most evil” / yes, that is a good, but

11. it is just a “very ordinary” killing good.

page 27

1. Grayland, himself, was not evil.

2. ...what did you say?

page 28

1. he was a fake. / he didn’t kill 200 people by himself.

2. the oils from the blood and human flesh would rust his iron scissors.

3. probably that later on created his fairy tale.

4. in reality, him killing at the most 2 to 3 people just got over exaggerated.

5. he was just a regular ordinary criminal.

6. you, big brother, are the same.

page 29

1. lies...

2. ah...

page 30

1. lies

2. lies

3-5. ...hah

6. lies

7. then, this power was not real.

8. I have no power

9. my... leg...

10. compared to that girl, I am nothing...

11. guh...

12. I don’t have enough blood. / my head is hazy.

13. are my bones... broken as well?...

14. I’m done...

page 31

1. No.

2. who do I want to be? / the hero or the villian is both good.

3. just can’t be nothing. / that’s

4. that’s all...!

page 32

1. ...who’s that...?

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