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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 24

Grayland isn't in the House

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jan 29, 2013 10:01 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

-> RTS Page for Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 24

There is actually a lot more lines in this chapter that I just did not know than I would've liked. I'll come back to those lines later.

so, this is the end of the loli knife arc! yay! *fanfare* *fanfare*

EDIT: now I usually don't update the mangahelpers tl I post, but there really were a lot of lines I felt were very very wrong. hopefully, this edit corrects most of them.


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 24
Title: Grayland isn't in the House

page 1

1. “I wanted to play with you some more.”

2. “I wanted you to be happy.”

3. “unfortunately, now and then”

4. “before I realized, you had become one of my loved ones.”

5. “Emily,”

6. “you’re another one of my”

7. “important daughters.”

page 2

title: Grayland isn’t in the House
TL note: alternatively: Grayland izn't in da house!

Opener of Bloody Dissection

Killing Goods

!Emily redhands
no victim named

!super slice
!hemostasis suspension
inhibits the recovery of cuts dealt to the target.
!memento attribute adoption
if the Opener were to increase to its max of 46 knives, the other knives can adopt the 2 above mentioned skills.

page 3
TL note: did you know the artist used to draw naughty stuff? I mean... who knew... right?

1. This is Emily's Killing Good

2. This will always and forever be my connection to papa.

3. you’ve read father’s diary. any thoughts?

4. ...I was disappointed...

5. personally, I was angry at something up till now.

6. I had always believed

7 that you took papa away from me.

page 4

1. how silly!

2. there’s no reason to believe that our father only neglected you!

3. Basically, Father was the type that couldn’t ignore anyone in front of him, right?

4. hehe... I guess

5. so, trust me when I say he was more often than not occupied by his work.

a. how troublesome

b. ...we’ve have to raise them...

c. let’s name then peter and jack

6. he had me help with my very best in taking care of the dogs when I got them.

d. sfx: heheheh

7. he’ll be sneezing in heaven now...

8. he sure is...

page 5

1. after that ordeal then.

a. Hair washing helper

b. wow...

c. thanks

2. Emily was the one who called the fire department and dragged me out of there.
TL note: remember? fire in forest

3. Kiri went to the hospital by way of ambulance

4. they did say the injuries weren’t as terrible as I had thought though

d. be okay, kiri

5. kiri...

e hah!

6. hurts... it hurts... no...

7. s-s-sorry sorry!

8. reminding you of that trauma!

page 6

1. I thought I wet myself

a. sfx: shrug...

b. it’s okay it’s okay

2. it was horrible. the cuts felt like they were being sawed. / like the stinging feeling from oilments times a hundred...

3. s-stop... / ugh...

4. big sister, aren’t you afraid? / for this to happen

5. I’m afraid of that

6. I scared, but...

page 7

1. I want to believe in him.

2. so, I can’t stay mad at Kiri.

3. he’ll most surely be his kind self again...

4. are you go going steady?

TL note: I usually don't bother with sound effects that doesn't have a meaning and its really obvious what is happening and what sound it is. so, no need to ts it if you so desire.

page 8

1. eh, / um...

2. ah...

a. tehe

3. I

4. I guess so...

b. I said it


6. kiss? did you kiss yet?

7. Ugh … not yet. that hurt

8. for some reason, we can’t act like lovers.

9. ...sad.

page 9

1. however, this child is innocent to those adult things.

2. she’s not accustomed to the ways of this world yet...


b. (star) ... (star) …
TL note: I honestly don’t know here maybe sparkle sparkle? i dunno... could be a word or a sound effect... i don’t know

3. she’s really so child like.

c. some reason, I’m flushed with pride

4. hey hey! / so! so!

5. did you have sex?


page 10

a. sfx: pant pant

1. ah, this kid!

2. you’re not supposed to know all these things...

3. but I do know.

4. because of the world I lived in

5. I seen many more things than you have

6. indecent things, horrible things

page 11

1. I have killed many people.

2. you should’ve saw one not too long ago.

3. hey now, remember? / at the party...

4. …...

5. STOP! / STOP!

6. I won’t listen. / I won’t listen!

7. if I’m listening, you mustn't speak of it

8. …...?

9. you must stop with those bad things!

page 12

1. those are

2. deeds done by you as a poor pitiful child.

3. you living by using the knife given by Father is all done!

4. So, I won’t listen. / You won’t speak of it!

5. …...

6. no more!
TL note: hm... nanode by itself... I feel like this is just a simple phrase that has many meanings depending on the context.

7. Dah!

8. Stop proudly talking about it!

9. okay?!

10. …...

page 13

1. ...Then,

2. I will also / stop thinking about reviving Papa.

3. !

4. I want that, but / ...if that wish is granted by emily killing big sister

5. I am now “all done” with you.

6. thank you

7. Emily

page 14

1. UH...

2. UH...

3. o...!

4. UH...


6. UH...

7. A hospital? / so, I live.

8. UH...

a. Sender:
I’ll try again, sleep...

b. Sender:
are you okay, kiri? (>...

9. ...Iwai

page 15

1. I remember

2. ...Grayland’s memory...

3. the pain augmentation power...

4. ...Heh

5. Interesting, right?

6. That power that is.

page 16

1. ...Witchie, / was it?

page 17

1. What are... / why are youhere?

2. This is a Gossip owned hospital. / I stopped receiving any communication from emily, you see, so, I’ve been in the dark.

3. ...I beat her

4. that tailor-made.

5. ...now that, / creating them are quite troublesome..

a. Aah

6. My Witchie ancestors are the ones who did, you see.

7. The descendants of murderers become Killing Good Authors.

8. if so, the killing goods you use should be created from the murderers themselves.

page 18

1. first, you brainwash them to kill / using drugs.

2. however many you want

3. Aah... while you leave out a small bit of themselves, okay?

4. you pair them up to mate.

5. then you wait.

6. It’s a small chance / but within their children, a goods author will be born.

7. The unsuccessful are thrown away.

8. From the many hundreds that are produced, the best are picked out.

9. the ones with the desired abilities.

10. Creating the ideal murderer.

page 19

1. quite interesting, no?

2. the Tailor-mades

3. Any mind pollutants are also minimized because of the Original’s weak tenacity.
TL note: no scary dreams from the original that haunts your every waking thoughts!

4. you guys are easily different beings.

5. by the by, there are two remaining.

6. ...disgusting.

7. that power of yours, right?

8. getting off on torturing others.

page 20

1. bizzaro murderer. / pleasure murderer.

2. the big snuff hobbyist pervert

3. stop

4. heheh

5. I understand. this has to be eating you up.

6. you seem so innocent is all.

7. …...

8. honestly, I can’t help being anxious over this power of mine...

9. you know?

10. ...I only use this power

11. to fight.

page 21

1. you must also...

2. ...want to experience it.

page 22

page 23

1. are

2. are you stupid??!!

3. heheh / how was that?

4. but... this... enemies...

5. oh lookie there, / aren’t you starting to get all flustered?

6. ...honestly

7. I’m jealous

page 24

1. you protect the Queen/ no

2. the girl called iwai mushiyanokouji

3. using that dangerous power

4. against all hope

5. through sheer strength

6. ...love it.

page 25

1. if you’re still alive, I’ll love to see the two of you again.

2. mr. most evil murderer.

3. hey...

4. WAI...

5. Ahow

6. owowow

page 26

a. aaah

b. damn

c. shit

d. owowowowow

e. die die

1. There goes

2. my first!

page 27

Crime Edge of Cutting and Severing

Killing Goods

!Kiri Haimura
“Cellar Nightmare” Norma Grayland

!spell charm canceller
!super slice
!pain augmentation (new)

1. Pi!
tl note: or Ding!

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