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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 25

Flowing Blood Relations

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Feb 3, 2013 02:24 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

-> RTS Page for Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 25

New character! I like her better with long hair... Looks too much like her brother with short hair.


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 25
Title: Flowing Blood Relations

page 1

1. sfx: Shhh

2. You look happy

3. Kiri

4. because / it’s been a long time.

5. Ah...

6. ...since I cut your hair.

page 2-3

title: Flowing Blood Relations

page 4

1. snip snip snip snip / nearing there.

2. I’ll cut you up. / as if its your life. / this black hair of yours.

page 5

1. It’s been about one week since that fight with Emily.

2. I can leave the hospital a little after.

3. I called Iwai to the hospital once I recovered enough to cut her hair.

4. ...no. / I really have a lot that I must think about.

5. like my scissor’s power and Iwai’s hair...

6. ...well, today seems okay enough.

a. Ow

b. my wounds are still painful.

7. SFX: knock knock

8. Brother...

page 6

1. Fweh, who?

a. hah

2. whoa, wait a minute, wait... / oh no no no

3. ~~~~~

4. ~~..

5. You’re good?

6. ‘cause I’m coming in.

page 7

1. …?

2. I’m... Hiri Haimura... / Who are you...?

a. uuh...

b. wow so suspicious

3. Iw / Iwai Mushiyanokouji / umm...

c. listen and be amazed

4. heheh... / my girlfriend.


6. so hey... What were you saying, Brother? Did you get beat on the head?

7. Are you okay? We’d better send you to the Neurosurgery Department. Should I call a nurse?

d. Cruel

8. THIS... this brat is always like this!

page 8

1. Basically!

2. You hurt yourself falling off a mountain? Are you stupid?

3. I shouldn’t had come visit you being so busy right now.

4. Then go home, idiot!

5. Don’t be saying that while coming here!

6. Wha...What’s with that attitude?!!

7. Not even one word of gratitude either??!!

8. Stop-stop-stop-stop-stop-stop-stop

9. And where is your gratitude, AH?!

page 9

1. You...

2. do whatever you want. God!

3. …...

4. Brother / you’re a big stupid idiot!!

page 10

1. ...your

2. little sister?

a. it was like a storm

3. bad blood?

b. Ah, it’s clothes
TL note: change of clothes but who says that in english?

4. ...so, / remember when I said I was made fun of for cutting hair hair a while back?

c. by the neighborhood kids

5. Aah...

6. She’s the one that started it all by calling me gross along with everyone...
TL note: reCheck

d. that time

7. since then... this

8. it’s not easy for others to understand your hobby, isn’t it?

9. that isn’t comforting.

e. but I can’t deny it

10. Before all of that, she used to be so happy when I gave her a haircut.

11. ...well, though / maybe I’m at fault as well.

12. ...I feel just a little responsible for this...

page 10

1. ...nah

2. nevermind.

3. ...okay

4. Hair cuts are hateful things to her, but / until that time, the little sister didn’t hate it...
TL note: reTL

a. hmm...

b. gah...

5. ...huh?

6. Ah

page 11

1. Eh?

2. You’re older than me?

3. ...I’m a 9th grader...
TL note: this is the japanese school system, so she is just in her 3rd year of middle school.

a. it’s still like this?...

4. t-then... / Forgive me. I was certain that you were...

b. how did it lead to this?
TLnote: reTL

5. I didn’t think my brother would be popular with girls...

c. sfx: twist fidget

d. 2 uncomfortable people

6. because of his weird hobby...

e. sfx: twist fidget

7. ah... the hair thing...

8. EH? Is that guy still doing that?

9. He occasionally trims my hair a little, I guess

d. (avoid saying it specifically)
TL note: meh... beating around the bush? avoid answering specifically?

page 12

1. He cut you when you were kids too, didn’t he?

2. W-We were just kids! / We can’t do that anymore...

3. more to the point, he’s not even a hairdresser...

4. ...I think Kiri is better than some two-bit hairdresser though...

5. Why don’t you try letting him cut?

6. Eh...

7. no... / that would...

8. …....

page 13

1. Any-Anyways!

2. I HATE it!!

3. How he only wants to cut girls’ hair!

4. ...Creating weird rumors for everybody... / ultimately, having me, the little sister, be made fun of...

5. Stop trying to tease me already!

6. just leave me alone!!

7. …...

page 14

1. I wonder what made the two of them

2. so timid

3. toward one another.

4. Fuh

page 15

1. The next day

2. ...still

3. ...I can’t

4. I can’t do anything about it now.

5. That happened a long time ago after all.

6. It’s not something that can be undo...

page 16

1. “Welcome, Fair Lady”

2. “To Hair Salon Haimura”

page 17

1. Wha... What’s this?

2. I worked hard making this. / I went out of my way preparing this.

a. it was difficult getting permission from the nurse

3. So as to

4. give you, the little sister, a makeover.

5. ...What / what are you saying?

6. N-No!

7. Hair Salon... that’s a word Brother used when he cut my hair a long time ago!

8. I don’t want to get cut anymore...

9. ...is that really so?

page 18

1. ...Did you develop some sort of trauma?

2. You / never consistently had the same hairdo.

3. Entering middle school, you begun reading fashion magazines too. / Is it alright for you to be abandoning all of that?

4. and about the hair cutting thing

5. if that’s creating a bad image... then I can...

6. ...No

7. that’s not it...

page 19

1. You’re not the one at fault.

2. It’s just that.... / if I change my hairstyle

3. I’ll see it as a complete betrayal of everything.

4. ...Back

5. Back then, I joined my friends in making fun of you

6. pushing you away

7. screaming disgusting at you...

page 20

1. I’ve always regretted that

2. but

3. everything that would come out of my mouth

4. were just more abusive remarks...

5. ...and now...

6. I can no longer make it up to you...

7. you can.

page 21

1. say what’s in your heart.

2. Wah

3. What is it that you want to do?

4 eh

5. ah

6 Ah...

7 Ah...

page 22

1. please make me pretty.

2. Brother

3. Cut my hair again!

page 23

1. sfx: squeak

2. yes yes. / as you wish.

page 24

page 25

1. ...good grief

2. that was troublesome.

a. I hope my wounds aren’t getting worse

3. heheh

4. You’re going to be giving her a hair cut once in a while now too.

5. So, I don’t want to be seeing any funny business with your little sister.

6. funny business... that should be obvious.

b. what are you saying

c. SFX: Ding Ding

7. ...ah... email.
TLnote: reTL

8. …”personally, it’s a little plain.”...?!
TLnote: reTL

9. then don’t ask me to do it!

10. hahaha. / it looks fine...
TLnote: reCheck

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