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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 26

Tailor-Made "2"

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Feb 6, 2013 04:24 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

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I got jury duty!


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 26
Title: Tailor-Made “2”

page 1

1. Eh?

2. Big brother got discharged?

3. Don’t

4. Don’t make such a dejected face...

a. haha

5. ...No! / I pissed myself!

6. sfx: grab

7. you haven’t gotten over your trauma, haven’t you?...

page 2

1. It will be at this time that I will make my leave.

a. okay

2. leave?

3. to hide.

4. I had lost. I am one of your allies.

5. So, it wouldn’t be strange for Gossip to eventually go after me.

6. While underground, / I will try to ask around to get the full story on papa’s death.

b. sfx: Bark

c. It’ll be okay. I’ll keep in touch.

7. ...I see...

8. Tell Big Brother / to “do his best,” okay?

page 3

1. do his best?

2. if he doesn’t protect Big Sister from Emily’s replacement.
TL note: reCheck

3. The “pain augmentation power.”

4. I wish to not remember it, but / it is a very powerful weapon.

5. Big Brother must fully master it.

6. He may still be perplexed by it, but... / the enemy will not wait.

7. The time for that power to be needed...

8. is most definitely coming.

page 4

Title: Tailor-Made “2”

page 5

1. Oh, / Did you finish all the discharge procedures?

2. yeah, they said I’m better.

3. Thanks for coming, Kotarou. / I had quite a few luggages.
TL note: reTL

4. Yeah...

a. it was unexpected

5. My little sister was supposed to come but...

b. She went to her club stuff

c. That brat hasn’t changed at all

d. So... Good luck!

6. you’re very much like a bug to her, aren’t you?
TL note: reTL, actual: she very much treats you with contempt, doesn’t she?

page 6

1. Ah, we’re here, here, Kiri.

a. What’s up?

2. Hey, you two...

3. I met up with them earlier over there.

4. well, everyone’s here to help.

5. ...But, Iwai, you called in sick, so why are you here?

6. Eh? / Ah! / I’m all better now!

b. * Strongly had to get a haircut in the morning, so didn’t go to school by calling in sick.

c. hmm...

7. A-Any-Anyways!

8. While I was gone, you switched to the summer uniforms, didn’t you? / I’ll have to get those out too.

page 7

1. mhm

2. yep.

3. oh... / They seem cool.

a. haha

b. tch

4. say they’re cute or something.

page 8

1. Ah. / right right, I should return these to Kashiko.

a. What is it?

b. SFX: scraping scraping

2. Eh?

3. what?

4. The class notes you lent me while I was out.

c. They weren’t bad

5. I thought they were easier to understand than the ones from my own classmates

d. I could’ve done it if I seriously tried.

6. so, thank you.

7. the handwriting was also very clear.

8. Eh? / Really?

9. yeah

10. If something like this happens again, you’ll have to show me them.

page 9

1. Okay!

2. Anytime!

3. Hey, / we should hurry up.

4. Kiri’s grandpa is waiting for us below, you know?

5. I’ll call the elevator!

a. Eh?

6. Kiri hurry to it, okay?!

b. ah

7. hey hey... Don’t run while you’re injured...

c. Are you okay?

d. They said you were more or less still healing

page 10-11

1. Miss Violet? / It seems that Crime Edge guy was discharged.

2. I won’t be able to attack the Queen in a hospital room anymore now.

3. It’s too bad, but should I just go after the boy? / He should still be coming and going to the hospital.

4. Eventually, I should find an opportunity for the Queen as well...

a. sfx: Ba-bump Ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump

page 12

1. ...Could get into the Queen’s house.

2. Ah, I will?
TL note: reCheck

3. ngh...

4. But... What about that guy?

5. Mine is solely a long range Killing Good.

6. it’ll be insane for me to get close to the enemy.

7. I don’t have special murder training. / Even that Opener with those skills lost to him, right?

8. And also, that new ability of Crime Edge, the “Pain Augmentation.”

page 13

1. Naah. / I super hate pain after all.

2. ...Ichirou Jinkei... / ...You...

3. If you weren’t so whimsical, you would be so much easier to deal with.

4. I’m so flattered.

5. I’m not praising you!

page 14

1. ...He’s quite eloquent...

a. At least from his words

2. It’s a little disappointing.

b. He doesn’t look like a Goods Author...

3. …...

4. Let’s get out of here.

5. Eh?

6. He doesn’t seem like that dangerous of a guy from his appearance.

7. I’ll be making sure that I won’t be coming back to this hospital, / so for now...

8. B-But... Will it be okay to go that far?...

9. I...

10. do not want to fight.

page 15

1. That day when I was possessed by Grayland,

2. my consciousness remained but faint... I remembered what had happened then.


4. I fear that I may have injured another with what seemed like torture.

5. It’s of course a bit terrifying.

6. Let’s go.

page 16

1. Come on. / Kachiko and them are waiting.

2. O / Okay...

3. I understand

a. Cell phones are prohibited!

b. Huh?

c. Ah, sorry for this...

4. Kiri is feeling very...

5. ...But,

page 17

1. Is this okay?

2. for some reason,

3. I don’t believe that person will leave us be...

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