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Mahou Gyoushounin Roma 13

The Fledgling Mapuru

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Feb 12, 2013 03:31 | Go to Mahou Gyoushounin Roma

-> RTS Page for Mahou Gyoushounin Roma 13

I thought I give this a try and see how many different things I did while translating this...
A lot... A lot of different things. I believe I read and watch at least 30 articles and videos about mlb spring training during all this... Go Giants!

I don't really know if I will continue to translate this.

and if any groups want to use this, please shoot me a pm on mangahelpers first.


Mahou Gyoushounin Roma
Chapter 13
Title: The Fledgling Mapuru

page 1

a. Popularity on the rise!! I know the joyous feeling quite well (music)
TL note: Left-most text

b. Amutaur Paparazzi
TL note: top-most of the webpage big letters not the small, I’m not going to bother with the small. Can’t even read it.

c. Found a cat waiting for the commuter train!!
TL note: the headline

1. Awesome!!

2. Even though I just uploaded a photo I accidently took...

3. the number of hits jumped up a bunch!!

4. I see!

5. This is how I can rise in popularity(music)

6. Kouhei Akune (15)

page 2

a. Your desires, I see them... in your heart(music)

b. Chapter 13: “The Fledgling Mapuru”

page 3

1. That picture...

2. was totally cute(heart)

3. Re...Really?!

4. Those other sites don’t do that stuff.

5. You captured it well! Was it really by accident?!

6. No... What should I say?...

7. I was lured to the perfect shot(star)

8. Put up another one of those, okay?

9. I’ll be watching your blog!

page 4

1. Meow

2. Ah!

3. Don’t move!! Come on!!

4. Hah...

5. There aren’t many chances for a perfect shot, aren’t there?...

6. I don’t have the means

7. to quickly take pictures

8. that’ll astonish everyone...

9. Cheer up(music)

page 5

1. We’ll lend you the power(music)

2. If you...

3. desire so(music)

page 6

1. The fledgling, Mapuru.


3. A rare bird that possesses omniscient(music)

4. This bird...

5. loves places filled with human interests, attention, and excitement(music)


7. Using his wonderful ability, he can foresee those places(music)

8. In short (music) / the places Mapuru fly to... something is bound to happen(music)

page 7


2. Ah(music) / It seems there is something strange nearby(music)

3. Eh?

4. !!

page 8

1. WHOA!!

2. Wha... Why?!!

3. is there so many kittens?!!

4. Ah...

5. an accident...

6. See(music)

7. …...



page 9

a. Amataur Paparazzi

b. Kittens’ big escape!!!

1. oh wow...

2. This is....

3. What the...

4. Such a soothing picture(heart)

5. That was totally... stupendously...

6. CUTE(heart)

page 10

1. Good work on your blog!

2. Your blog is awesome!

3. You’re being linked to quite a bit by other sites as well.

4. It revived me(music)

5. Well, you got me(music)

6. Everyone’s slow...

7. I have, a long time ago...

8. thought Kouhei-kun’s blog was interesting!

a. …...!!

9. Mapuru(music)

10. I did it!! (music)

11. PIPO

12. Ah...

13. ...huh?

page 11

1. You really did...

2. get a little bigger...

a. If you give Mapuru too much bird feed, he’ll grow(music) And...

b. as he grows,

c. the events he finds gets bigger too(music)

d. That’s all you need to pay attention to...

3. All I need to pay attention to... it said...

page 12

1. The bigger the events you find, the better(star)



page 13

1. Oh! It stopped!

2. There, right? Mapuru!

3. I wonder what kind of scoop I’ll get today?(music)
TL note: man... there is a lot of music symbols...

4. !


6. 17!

7. !

8. Eh?

9. 19!
TL note: what happened to 18?... :(

10. 20!

11. A university sumo club...

page 14

1. 21!

2. 22!

3. PuhPuhPuh

4. Sumo wrestlers jump roping...

5. is a little cute!

6. I’m sure this is possibly of novelty interest...

7. Well then, one snap...

8. SFX: Screech

9. Watch out!!

10. AHH!

11. Hey... Hey?!!

12. Guah!!

13. Uoh!

page 15

1. uuh...

2. ow...

3. Hey, are you alright?!!
TL note: no he is not alright, he just got hit by a scooter!

4. Ambulance, call an Ambulance!!

5. The event...

6. is this...

page 16

1. You...

2. haven’t been updating your blog recently, haven’t you?... Haven’t been taking any photos?

3. Eh? / No... That’s not why...

4. I just can’t upload that photo.
TL note: eh, it looks like a bubble, I’m going to number it as a bubble

5. You got to update.

6. I check on it everyday.

7. Mina looks at it too, right?

8. Eh?

9. Ah... Sorry...

10. I haven’t looked at it recently...

page 17

1. You there....

2. Find me a little more funny event...


4. I’m not putting in photos of such sort of accidents...


6. Besides... You’re a little...

7. gigantic...

page 18

1. Hey... What are you doing?


3. Fly already...


5. Maybe there is nothing happening...

6. Come on! Go!...

7. It’s no use...


9. He only flew up...

page 19

1. SFX: Flap

2. SFX: Flap

3. What am I going to do?...

4. SFX: Splash

5. Eh?

6. That’s...

page 20

1. a dog?!!

2. He’s going to drown...

3. I see!! This is the event!

4. Is that why you didn’t move?!

5. But... a dog drowning...

6. is that really big news?!

7. No...

8. it won’t be...

page 21

1. This...

2. Someone is going to rescue it, right?!!

3. That has to be it!!!

4. Woof

5. A thoughtful person will save the drowning old dog...

6. Now this will be interesting news!!

a. Sorry...

b. I haven’t looked at it recently...

7. Come on... Hurry up you...

8. Rescue him...

page 22

a. Hey...

page 23

1. What am I saying?!

2. I should...

3. sfx: clink

4. The one do rescuing...

5. should be me!

6. Hold on!!

7. I’m coming to save you now!!

8. Woof

page 24

1. Come on! Stop trashing!

2. I can’t swim!!

3. Woof

4. sfx: Gasp

5. We’ll both drown like this...

a. A dog drowning like this... Completely unable to swim...

b. No... Because I jumped in wearing clothes... Damn it... I’m going to die...


7. …...Ah!

8. A thoughtful person saving a drowning old dog!!!
TL note: meh... let’s call this a bubble, it has its own frame and everything.

9. Isn’t this considered news?...

10. …...I see.

page 25

1. A high school student trying to save a drowning old dog...... dies!!!!

2. ...Yeah...

3. This would be big news...

page 26

1. RuBeRa
TL note: I guess this is just gribberish

page 27

1. ?!!

page 28

1. …... …...?!

2. You... You...

3. saved me?!

page 29

1. That’s why I said that’s to pay attention(music)

2. WooWoof

3. Thank you!

4. Hmph(music) We were only saving that dog(music)

5. SFX:zzz

6. zzz...

7. ?!

8. I’ll take your Kleshas as promised.
TL note: I don’t remember her saying anything about that...

page 30

1. BoRuDo
TL note: more gibberish...

2. sfx: doop

page 31

1. Sucking away your “Klesha,” you’re be immediately struck with a strong depression(music)

2. but you’ll be fine(music)

3. you’ll recover after a week(music)

4. Woof

5. And so(music)

6. For your bravery in trying to save that dog...

7. We’ll grant your “Klesha”(music)

8. (music)

page 32

1. Are you feeling better?

2. Eh?... / Ah... Yeah...

3. Great(heart) / Everyone grew worried because you were gone for a week.

4. Everyone is looking forward to seeing you, Kouhei-kun(heart)

5. Heh?

6. Why?

7. Why you say...
a. Headline News
TL note: left of line b

b. Heroic High School Student saves old dog.
TL note: right above line 8

8. Didn’t you look online?

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