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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 27

The Downpour from the Heavens

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Feb 13, 2013 07:12 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

-> RTS Page for Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 27

I have one anime I am looking forward to this season after not watching any for many months...
Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S!
I didn't like how that series of anime had an increasing amount of fanservice with each season... Come on, you don't need it Toaru series! Most of it is pretty pointless and adds nothing!


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 27
Title: The Downpour from the Heavens

page 1

1. ...I’m stumped.

2. They’re avoiding me.

3. I’ve waited weeks but I couldn’t even establish contact with the Queen nor the Scissors Boy.

4. My plans must’ve been leaked. / What should I do?

5. …...

page 2

1. MAH


2. WHATEVER! What happens happens!

b. Let’s just relax

3. Ichirou Jinkei
Stuffed Animal Collecting Cooking etc.

4. It will probably go well.

5. It will likely go well.

6. it will absolutely go well.

7. Well then, the usual special, Today’s Fortune

8. oh! For today... Virgo!

page 3

1. Today is a likely day for you to have the most important of encounters, you know?

2. Let’s actively go outside. / Doing so, good things will most definitely...

3. WAH (heart)

4. That’s what I thought.

5. Good things are likely!

page 4

title: the downpour from the heavens

page 5

1. Haah?

2. So, you’ve been running and hiding everywhere because you don’t want to fight that Author you met back at the hospital.

3. Er, running, more like... / I’m shying away from wearing out my Good on them...

a. sfx: squeek squeek squeek

4. Ain’t that the same as saying you would be completely victorious if you fought?

5. big mouth!

6. I understand your uneasiness from going insane that one time because of your Good, but / I hate how you’re talking like that!

7. uhguhguh

8. Haimura has became quite weird as well...

b. we match

page 6

1. I feel...

2. a little scared hiding here like this.

3. Surely with that Tailor-Made out there... I have this horrible feeling...

4. Yeah... This is not what I had in mind.

a. Where’s the business card?

5. ...hah

6. Because it’s rare for me to receive a call from you saying we need to talk,

b. hah...

7. I had thought it was to be a confession of love.

c. No comment

8. Even I don’t have the full details of the Tailor-Mades background. / They were a project by some select connoisseurs shrouded in secrecy even within Gossip.

a. sfx: teh

9. As it stands now, everyone but the completed products was discarded, I hear.
TL note: reCheck 9

page 7

1. What I know... / “knife,” “gun,” and “poison.”

2. Those three are the only ones I heard talked of.

3. I he said “long range,” / then it’s most likely the “gun.”

4. yeah...

page 8

1. Are you / afraid of that? to leave things as is?

2. ...yeah... / As of right now, I simply have nothing to hope for.

3. I just think it is better to do something than...

a. ...hm?

4. Ah! / No... I didn’t mean to say for you to fight!

b. wah wah wah wah hah wah

5. ...Huuh...

6. Ho-Hon-Honest!

c. sorry sorry!!

7. Truthfully, I just feel uneasy about all this...

8. I understand your fears as well, so I won’t talk you up into fighting.

page 9

1. It’s just... I wish you would confide in me a little more...

2. If you everything to yourself, / then I feel like I’m being left behind to die...

a. sfx: Bang

3. Warf!! / Wa... wa...

4. A dog?

b. how loud

c. are there dogs fighting?

5. seemed to have came from the backdoor.

page 10

1. ah...

2. …no way.

3. Must’ve just died.

4. ...how horrible...

5. Woo...
TLnote: the japanese are a little more precise in their dog whining sounds... the english have bark and woof... I don’t think they have a dog whine sound... well except for “whine”

page 11

1. This dog...

2. I wonder if he’s that dead dog’s friend...

3. …...

4. um... hey? / What had happened her...

page 12

page 13

page 14

1. ...hey hey

2. that just now...

3. …...

4. You two...

5. encountered the Author, but didn’t realize that was no coincidence.

6. ?

page 15

1. ...being so, conversely, while you overlooked it, / I’ve come to the realization of the other party.

a. Ichirou Jinkei
TL note: biggest characters on card

2. This is...?

b. I found it at last

3. A doctor I met at a party the other day.

4. I didn’t pay close attention to his identity, but / I did remember his quite awkward eloquence.

5. Seems there was a medical related symposium today in his university. / Private hospitals and cooperating research publication or something.
TL note: reTL

6. ...in other words, this person in all likelyhood came here too.

7. sfx: beep / beep / beep

8. sfx: boop... / boop... / booop...

9. sfx: bop

page 16

1. Aah, from the other day, hello! / I’m sorry, but I’m quite busy at the moment.

2. I’m in a once in a lifetime chance where I unexpectedly found the one I’ve been thinking about. / Just as the fortune said! as I thought, I’m so lucky!

3. You’re shooting, right?

4. They did say you are the Queen’s observation officer.

5. You want to stay neutral / observing the game / without supporting both sides.

page 17

1. ...Where are you right now?

2. Right now? / A secret. I’ve hiddened myself.

3. I’ve meticulously, okay? quieted / the lot of guards as well.

4. I may not be able to see the Queen right now, but / I’ll definitely shoot her. / until then, don’t interfere!

page 18

1. Boop! / beep beep beep

2. Ah... / tch.

3. A crazy sniper...

4. Aah, so it’s the gun as you thought.

5. But... Where?!

6. Haimura... / He told us, didn’t he?

7. A strange guy

8. who is cowardly and cautious

9. There are special characteristics for a sniper as well. / If he’s aiming while hidden, / then the very tallest location...

page 19

1. yes.

2. That guy said guards. / Not students or teachers.

3. Taking that into consideration, it’s highly unlikely the student affairs building.

4. So, that means...

page 20-21

1. My name is!

2. The “Rapidshot of Pinpoint Penetration”!

page 22

1. Fiddling with people’s fates.

2. From high up, no one is beyond my reach.

3. As no one is out of my sight,

4. I can freely take away a life.

5. That is bliss.

6. those intruding guys, won’t be doing that guys no more / with one fingertip going D.O.W.N---(music)
TL note: ReCheck

page 23

1. Let me teach you / why I am / God!

page 24

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