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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 30

Like a Gift of Magi

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Apr 20, 2013 08:35 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

-> RTS Page for Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 30

You know... I have recently been reading some of my old translation through the scanlated work... I noticed a very big mistake that I never noticed or fix... it was in chapter 5 and it was pretty early in the chapter where I left out the word "without" in a sentence... If you understand this manga then you should know which sentence I am talking about... I'm not going to fix it... This is probably not the first time I notice this mistake. The I'm not going to fix it mentality was probably the same thought I had every time I noticed it. so yeah... I'm not going to fix it. though for whoever it is that read this, this is for you. There is a missing "without" early in chapter 5 that I probably mistyped and the proofreader tried his/her best to make the sentence work and/or just didn't bother and that was that.

Also... anyone watching season 2 of the Railgun anime? I like Misaka... She's my favorite ToAru character...


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 30
Title: Leica - Gift of Magi

page 1


2. The Rapidshot of Pinshot Penetration

3. shoots at life!

4. Once the sight is in line, / it will always pierce through the brain or heart...!!

5. why is it?!

6. !

page 2

title: Leica - Gift of Magi
TL note: hm... I like to think it’s “Like a Gift of Magi” come back to this, reCheck

“Rapidshot of Pinpoint Penetration”

Killing Goods (Tailor-Made)

!Ichirou Jinkei
no victim named

!False Bullet Generation

!Aim Lock Success

page 3

1. The...

2. Hair...?
TL note: oh hey! I bet you didn’t see that coming!

page 4

1. ...haha

2. It strayed / to the hair!

3. Your life... / So your life is that, is it?

4. My Rapidshot mistook it for that...

5. what the hell, that’s cheating!

6. The Queen is allowed something like that?!

a. Miss Violet, you knew about this, didn’t you?

page 5

1. ... / so

2. I don’t quite understand, but

3. when it’s aimed at me, / the bullet goes elsewhere...

4. Kiri

5. Iwai

a. What is hell is this

b. no

6. we can’t do that!

7. but-but...

8. we can do that now.

9. it’s the best I can think of.

page 6

1. ... can’t do this. / relying on only Iwai...

2. It’ll be fine.

3. since the rear will be loose.

4. also, I can’t go escaping on my own...

a. ...I-I think it’s around here

page 7

1. Now it’ll should be harder for it to graze my ear. / let’s go.

2. Ah!

3. Damn it!

page 8

page 9

1. AH!

2. God..!

3. I’ve always

4. looked at the enemy / with my ability out of habit...

5. EEK

page 8

1. My heart aches... / That I’m using Iwai as bait!!

2. SO VERY MUCH! I’m such a dork!!!

3. I...I too

4. understands but I’m freaking terrified!!!



page 9


2. ...against a stronger enemy, / the intelligent group attacks with tricks...

3. that it may be / it may be...

4. How could I get outwitted by the likes of those two?

5. haaaaaah

page 10

1. damn it all!

2. hah...

3. ah / that was risky...

page 11

1. you saved me, Kiri.

a. haah...

2. The Kiri, I knew up till now, would have been uncool and / said he could not use me as bait or something.

b. sfx: simle

3. Thank you!

4. I wonder if I grown a little bit... / But it’s an unhappy growth...

c. boo-hoo-hoo

5. quite right. / Unhappy.

6. !

page 12

1. Foremost, Haimura / is my delightful likings.
TL note: reCheck

2. Wait, what are you saying?!

3. Eh?

a. what’s this all of a sudden?

b. ignore

4. Earnestly. Knowing I’m the Head of Gossip and that non-timidly reckless courage. / Face is kinda nice too.

c. Wha

d. hey

page 13

1. And I even used / that present to meticulously flirt.

a. ah this?

2. and yet you didn’t even flirt with me...

b. I got snubbed without any clue.

3. Heh?

4. However... You didn’t notice it at all.

5. How I really gave you something so malicious.
TL note: yep, she is an evil flirty airhead. EVIL

6. Malicious?

7. To you, Queen.

c. untied

8. The origins of that Scissor Case... / Moreover I wonder what sort of face you would have made if you did notice?

page 14

1.That is an antique sales item. / It’s not a Goods though... but it was managed by a former antique trader.
TL note: added the 2nd antique for clarity.

2. That man caused a conflict with Gossip.

3. I, who had just recently taken the mantle of leader, personally ordered the

4. execution.

5. ...Trader... / ...Execution?

6. ...That man, / while misunderstanding the meaning of “magical items,” gathered “Killing Goods.”

page 15

1. All for his daughter.

2. ...ah...

3. ...What are you talking about?

4. Father

5. ...It’s exactly as it sounds.

6. I’m to be involved “in killing goods.”

page 16

1. So, before long... I will

2. kill.

3. ...that is... / items cursed by murderers that I spoke of before.

4. That’s just some story, right? / Right?

5. Say it isn’t so, / Father...

page 17

1. ...That’s right. / These belonged to Father...

2. then that means...

3. you...

4. YOU!

page 18

1. TO / FATHER!!!

page 19

1. so what

2. if I did?

3. up till now, I haven't directly tried to kill you.

4. So, supposing you were not one to comprehend my existence,

5. and if you were to not hate me, / then this here now is to shift your perception of such.

6. ?

7. Hair Queens

8. The descendants of the “Witch” are who places the curse on you all.

page 20

1. Your “enemy”

2. is me right here.

3. Witch

4. ...Witch

5. WITCH!!

page 21

page 22

1. ugh! / UH?!

2. Kiri?

3. uh...

4. ugh...

5. Stop... / Grayland...

6. The “curse of the goods” has been woken, / my queen.

page 23

a. ow...

1. Won’t you please stop, Miss Violet Witchie? / I got a something of a headache as well...

2. ...well.

3. this is the perfect, so / shall we do this?...

b. hah...
TL note: iwai hair

page 24

1. !

2. ...that’s right

3. that’s good as well. Throw the scissors, Queen.

4. once done, things will become even more terrible.

5. A rampage of Grayland’s power

6. Once, I too would like to see it.

page 25

1. Kiri is no longer in disarray.

2. supposing / if there’s a compulsion from CrimeEdge,

3. then it’ll be alright to hand it over / wrapped in this scabbard.

page 26

1. Kiri! I give that / to you from me once more!

2. Father undoubtedly / had this for you!

page 27

1. sfx: cha-click!

2. ah...

page 28

1. gah

2. gaa...

3. sfx: cough / cough

page 29

1. Kiri!

2. how you feel?

3. aah...

4. impossible...

5. happy.

page 30

page 31

1. I...

2. no longer fear anything.

3. fear nothing!

4. uh

5. ugh!

page 32

1. ow...

page 33

1. if I’m not mistaken, this guy’s special ability is to increase the sensitivity of pain...

2. this here

3. is my baton.

4. Dance.

page 34

1. Hgya
TL note: explanation of the top middle picture: kiri’s power makes it seem like your wound was put through a belt sander


page 35

1. Dancing...

2. I’m... dancing!!

3. I’m not likely going to mercilessly kill you.

4. this is revenge.

5. Am I...

page 36

1. sfx: rip

2. sfx: rip

3. not a god?

4. sfx: rip


6. unsightly and foolish

7. toying with people’s lives

8. has always been my way.

9. if...

10. I just...

11. get off

12. one shot...

page 37

page 38

1. ah... / ah...

2. die

3. die

4. diediediediediediediediediedie

page 39

1. ---------~~~~~~~~~~~!!

page 40

1. ...and there!

a. no more
TL note: I don’t know... reEverything

page 41

1. sfx: Ka-Click

2. sfx: Ka-Click

3. sfx: ka...

4. ah...

5. Due to Tailor-Mades having few pollutants in their mind.

6. their “curse” is brittle...

page 42

1. seemingly.

2. ...oh.

3. because his arrogant pride that made up his core completely crumbled away, / I wonder if this broke down in unison to that.

4. ...after that, Witchie vanished.

a. yes, yes. I’ll cut it.

5. ...Anyhow, the time to fight with her has come.

b. nyah

c. What about Jin?

d. the police took him away

6. It seems the guards Jin attacked survived.

page 43

1. Lair

2. Trying to soothe mine and Iwai’s emotions...

3. Iwai

4. What’s with the hair? Why did it grow?

5. Eh...ah, I d-don’t really know...

6. I guess it was because back there I panicked being near Kiri when he got attacked...

a. sorry

7. huh?

8. no, / ...I think it was as if it grew to protect me...

9. somehow... it changed...?

10. ...hah?

11. panic, you say...

page 44

1. you nonchalantly fell into their trap.

2. That was so obvious.

a. though it turned out alright!

b. eeeek

3. S-sorry!!

4. well, well,

5. it was thanks to that that I was saved...

6. thanks for the scissorcase as well

7. when you threw it, / you looked so brave.

8. Kiri...

page 45

1. ......

a. okay!

2. I’ll also give a present!

b. that’s it!!!

3. eeeh... it’s fine.

c. don’t be influenced by Witchie

d. but, it’s not okay like this!

e. that scissorcase wasn’t brought or made by me!

f. it has nothing to do with me!

4. besides... that.../ kiss... you gave me...

page 46

1. ...kiri?

2. ...well then

3. that’s right.

4.let’s use it comb your hair

5. with a private comb set.

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