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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 31

Poisonous Notebook

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on May 6, 2013 19:36 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

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I sometimes wonder if those internet bots are the only ones reading these...


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 31
Title: Poisonous Notebook

page 1

1. school festival?

2. yeah!

3. they said we’re deciding what to do today!

4. ...i see

5. this is one of those “living for the first time” thing for her

6. Having nothing but fighting happen, / this event will be good for us.

7. it’s important to get away from things / like murders and weapons / to get to “normalcy”...

page 2-3

title: poisonous notebook

page 4

1. I’d like a Bizarro Tea Parlor.

2. The drinks will be / Digitalis, Belladonna, Mandragora / and all other sorts of poisons (-ish colors).

3. The foods will have poisonous blood color looks, and fingers and eyes-like things in them.

page 5

a. really?

b. again Nigi is spilling out these weird things.

c. seriously?

1. and everyone will wait on the tables in blood splattered clothes, / which I think will be very fun.

d. yep yep

e. estasic

f. ah

2. OW! what are you doing, kou-ru?!!!

3. NO! NO WAY!!! you’re forcing your strange hobby onto others again!!

4. how cruel! the approver is absolute!

g. I shan't lose!!

5. what are they fighting about?

page 6

1. it’s fine with me. / it’s sorta like an unconventional haunted house, right?

2. so, a haunted house it is.

3. nah, we did it last year.

a. for club

4. and it wasn’t very popular.

b. right?

5. it’s just proper to do it every year one way or another

c. yeah yeah

6. we can call a guy for colored clothes, right?

d. indeed

7. since there is planning and idea voting before we’re done / that is not a bad one to aim for I guess.

page 7

1. for now, it goes on

a. chuckle

2. yay! I love you class officer!

3. I got

4. a bad

5. feeling

page 8

a. decide what to do for school festival!!
takoyaki store 7
pancake house 7
crepe shop 4
bizarro tea parlor 10
cotton candy 5
planetarium 3

1. ...a majority rule charm, huh?...

2. the votes were masterfully splitted up.

3. the interested folk’s uncommitted votes decided it. / is it really okay like this?...

4. ...hm?

5. normalcy... my normalcy...

b. unusualness encroaching in

6. what are you talking about?

c. you okay, kiri?

7. nothing...

page 9

1. the next day / High school student council room

2. …...

3. ...aren’t... these your ideas?

4. that is absolutely wrong

5. preferably, won’t you please reject this idea?

a. ugh...

6. For the high school to intervene on something middle school is rather...

7. doing something about that...

8. no way

9. no how. No.

page 10

1. Why is that?

2. Yours were the latest to be turned in. The plan is somewhat weird, but you should’ve been quicker with this. / besides,

3. this is merely revenge for having lost to you before... / we will not listen to your request.

4. ...well, / can’t do anything now that’s it’s been decided.

5. we have anything specific to do?

6. it’s not that far off to the school festival...

page 11

1. It’s fine. Just leave everything to me...

2. no way. If we leave it to you, it’ll be infinitely too grotesques.

3. it won’t mean a thing if customers don’t come.

a. one’s who supported this, give out some ideas...

b. eh...?

4. ...yeah. / I can’t even picture what that’ll be like.

c. the president?
Tl note: in the event this does not look right to you, note that line c is spoken by iwai and line d is spoken by kiri. You can tell by how the lines are pointed to. I say this cause I got confused by that for a little while

d. said good luck

e. Like... I... said...

f. that is...

page 12

1. ah...

2. what’s that?

3. a syringe?

4. Byouinzaka...

page 13

1. what sort of weird thing did you bring?

2. looks old...

3. is this... yours?

4. ah...

page 14

1. uh..umm...

2. well...

3. ...I thought... using the antique...

4. could somehow... bring out the atmosphere...

5. atmosphere?

6. like as / accessories

7. a-and...

8. putting juice in them...

9. or something...

10. …...

page 15

1. ….....I

2. I think it will be fun

3. or something... I guess...

4. ...heh

5. heheh

page 16


2. juice in this... you say... / haha

3. let’s use tomato juice. / something like that!

4. that’s great, byouinzaka!

5. you’re unexpectedly easy to get along!
Tl note: reTL

a. well

6. the idea is kinda weird though.

7. you’re like one of Nigi’s

b. me?

page 17

1. well, but it is a very interesting idea!

2. oh? Nigi approves too? / okay then, fiddle with the accessories and decoration to startle the customers.

a. uncomfortable

b. no it’s not!

3. it’ll be easy for the boys to help like this.

c. I want to dress up with toy guns.
TL note: reCheck

4. it’s fun to overdo things. / I guess the appearance of food items Nigi described is okay too.

5. what is the hell sort of / themed cafe is this?

6. ah, like a maid cosplay tea house?

7. what the, did you go to one before?

page 18

1. what’s with this... / extremely pleasant atmosphere?...

2. why is everyone / so approving of this?!

a. you look upset, haimura

3. weren’t you not interested in this?

4. yes, but it’s become interesting.

5. I... I also approve...

b. probably...

6. Eeeaaah??!!

c. Iwai?!

page 19

1. traitor!

2. sorry!

a. first of all, no matter how much “murderer things” are said,

3. but... as I watched everyone, it seems to be quite fun...

b. it has completely nothing to do with us...

4. It’s just got me all excited... and, it’s bad to alienate yourself from others, you know?

5. this’ll connect you to everyone.

6. wait, that is my backpack...

c. ehehe

7. shall we give crime edge its debut? / it’s best to not conceal it any longer (heart)

8. no, I don’t wanna show that! / you know of my memories of being ridiculed in the past...

9. it’ll be fine... I’ll take it out... ‘kay! ‘kay!

10. aaah / come on...

page 20

1. I get it... I get it! / I should give it my all too.

a. hah hah

2. oh, an eager Haimura. / what you gonna do?

3. …...I’ll serve the customers!

4. hah?

5. bizzaro tea parlor is the pretense. / in the end though the menus and the decorations will both be shams.

6. shouldn’t the ones working give a genuine act?

7. …???

8. ah... this...

b. can it be...?

9. I completely don’t understand, but you mean to roleplay?

c. you know this isn’t the drama club, right?

10 I guess that’s a good way to look at it...

d. ah

11. Byouinzaka does it too.

e. naturally...

12. I sense mysterious aura......

13. heheh... well, look at me...

page 21

1. I wonder if he’s gone too far with this...

2. a genuine (murderer) / to serve you...!

a. sfx: ba-bump!

b. what’s that supposed to be?

page 22

1. ...that is what occurred today.

2. as always, Haimura is an idiot.

a. you’re not cool(angry)

3. you know. / ...this was my first time.

4. How no one got afraid of Injection being out. / instead, they praised it.

5. praised it?...

page 23

1. that was just good timing...

2. but... but you see...

3. it was just that one time. how I

4. how I finally stepped into the light.

5. I had always believed Killing Goods were no good items.

6. How being cursed and unable to free myself of it, that I was a bad girl

7. ...but / ...everyone accepted

8. ...this syringe

page 23

1. ...me... / …...

2. haah...

3. what’s with

4. what’s with that Yamane girl...

page 24

a. sfx: skip skip

1. …...

a. what am I doing?

2. I just don’t understand her. / I had quite fully accepted that girl.

3. that was the first time I seen her so happy like that...

4. ...no

5. long before she was given Injection, / she had often felt like that as a child...

page 25

1. am I

2. disappointed?

3. then “no one but I” / could have accepted Yamane...

4. ...No...

page 26

1. they say the nightly winds of early summers are cold.

2. you’ll catch a cold, miss.

3. who are...

4. that’s right...

5. the “Poison” of the Tailor-Mades.

6. I assumed you’ve been informed of such...

page 27

1. the “injection of coma death”...

2. the instead, / Miss Houko Byouinzaka.

3. ...Let’s chat.

4. I have something for you.
TL note: reTL

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Posted on May 6, 2013
Thank you very much for all Dansai Bunri~ chapters you have translated!
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