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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 32

Table Talk - Role Play

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on May 15, 2013 18:26 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

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I'm hungry...


dansai bunri no crime edge
chapter 32
title: table talk - role play

page 1

1. aah, it was great how there was a shop open. / since it was chilly outside there.

2. is something wrong?

3. ...no...

a. sugar

4. aah, / I see. it’s fine.

5. I will not use the poison on you,

6. young miss

page 2

title: table talk - role play

page 3

1. my name is Fitz Maillold
TL note: I actually binged if Maillold was a real name... it led me to the chinese wikipedia page of dansai bunri no crime edge... very helpful bing... very helpful... I googled it and there is apparently a guy named that. Bing gives me few giftcards sorta so whatever.

2. the accepted senior member among the killing good authors controlled by Gossip. / I have been in gossip since the times of the previous Witchie.
TL note: reTL

3. ...what I want to ask about is

4. the “professor’ / Kanae Sumeragi.

page 4

1. eh... eh? / the Professor?

2. yes. / surprisingly yes.

3. ...ah

4. I had thought this was about us. / about Injection and...

5. how we haven’t assertively gone after the queen. / moreover, this whole time I guess I was just thinking of something to say to that.

6. …....

7. I have heard / you met Violet a few days ago.

8. ...eh? / ...ah, yes...

page 5

1. if you are supposed to be warned of such things, that child will directly inform you.

2. did you speak of such?

3. n-no. / I was honestly out of place there.

a. Sister?

b. umm...

4. I did watch her conversation with Haimura and them though.

5. she’s a normal child you know?

6. watching her grow up, she was not that different from you at your age.

7. she was a very hardluck child. / she couldn’t handle the responsibilities of her parents’ frailty and the leadership of gossip at her young age.

page 6

1. I knew her when she was a child as well. / I bonded with her like as if she was my own daughter or granddaughter...

2. that’s why

3. I cannot allow those people’s words to indoctrinate her with strange things.

4. ...you mean the professor?

5. ...yes

6. I heard you are often together.

7. you misunderstand!

8. I am just helping with research...

page 7

1. either way, I understand well enough. / I want to talk about is what you know.

2. ...or rather... what you’ve likely to believe about that man.

3. Professor of Shushin University, Kanae Sumeragi

4. Made a professor at a young age... what they call a prodigy.

5. is a professor of Criminal history and criminal psychology while has written countless thesis on the subjects...

6. ...what’s his coin’s color?

7. coin?

8. gossip’s admittance. / you have one as well, right?

page 8

1. the many members who do not know the innerworkings are copper.

2. the authors and the insteads like you are silver...

3. it’s... gold. / I saw it back during the time of the party.

4. certainly...

5. that is strange.

6. gold is said to be that of the core executives.

7. usually... you would need to donate a large amount of money, give political favours, or such... / it’s hardly the sort of thing you would give to a mere scholar.

page 9

1. this is strange in itself. / how a mere member has direct communication with the highest leader, / and how he has sole responsibility of supervision of an integral part of the Games, the extremely important queen.

2. that is... something I have thought about.

3. the Professor never hesitated say those things to people.

4. you too have been deceived by him. / ….yours is ever more strange.

5. ...deceived?

6. I am indebted to the Professor.

page 10

1. that person...

2. he took us, who suffered at the orphanage, in. / to say he deceived us...
TL note: didn’t houko strangle her parents dead? Must’ve been some bad police work to have no noticed the stangle marks...

3. most certainly, that is how it was meant to be seen. / …....

4. ...what if / that was based on some self-interest?

page 11

1. why is it that out of the many authors and insteads, he “chose” you?

2. did that question never cross your mind? / or could you not question it?

3. kindness, maybe? no way.

4. it’s different if it was for an old friend, but the time you said when he took you in was I heard the first time you’ve met eachother. / why would he do so much for a couple of children he didn’t know the faces of?

page 12

1. you seem to be rather attached to that man, but... if given your situation, / I wouldn’t know what to think of that man.

2. ...I cannot believe he is a friendly face...
TL note: reTL

3. to you, who has not been give any more information than was needed, / as he have led you to believe up till now...

page 13

1. don’t speak ill of the professor

2. pardon me. / he did save your life, right? I’ve said too much.

3. Let’s end the conversation here for today.

4. this is where I’ll be staying.

5. settle down first... / if you would like to continue our discussion, feel free to come visit me here.

page 14

1. as I thought... it has... / no poison...

2. if he’s an enemy...

3. then that would most likely be all lies...

4. ...then, / you believe in the existence of Grayland, right?

5. of course.

6. it’s historically possible and not strange.
TL note: reCheck

7. above all... / above all, it is...

page 15

1. magnificent!
TL note: reEverything

2. wahahahahahaha... you’re easy to get along with. Ubusato, was it? / you must’ve studied a lot being so remarkable!

a. who is that?

b. looks like somone’s guardian

3. the day before the school festival

page 16

1. thanks so much, Professor Sumeragi. / I’m so very happy to be praised by the author of my favorite book!

2. Master, next time I’ll bring my book, so please sign it!

3. okay, okay for you, disciple.

a. Master?

4. eh? a university professor?...

5. amazing. you must be so smart!

6. hahaha, not really.

7. ah now, don’t go falling in love with me. / though I guess I just can’t help being popular with young girls.

a. hm?

b. several years earlier perhaps

page 17

1. eh?... ah... / Professor?

a. why is he here?!

2. Kotarou, when did he get here?

3. ah? just now or so.

4. the scholar isn’t ignorant in conversing. / he even matching the joy Nigi has, talking about her nerdy stuff.

5. no, he’s always like that...

6. ah, he even provided us a bunch of treats.

a. such a nice person.

7. that’s there to win you over...

b. oh

8. hi, Iwai.

9. uwah!

c. he saw me

10. so cruel going uwah at me

page 18

1. ...hah... / While I wanted a date with Iwai, I didn’t think you come instead...

2. well, pardon me... / they got preparations for the school festival tomorrow, so everyone’s busy.

3. though you should be able to find a vending machine on your own...

a. sigh, honestly

4. don’t go complaining about things like that... / ...huh?

5. nothing. / is it broken?

6. there is a water fountain over there.

7. ...nah, I’m fine.

8. I don’t want to drink if it isn’t a fresh bottle or can.

9. ?

page 19

1. ...so, why did you come to this school?

2. well, honestly, I had nothing else to do...

3. I heard starting tomorrow will be a school festival so, I thought it’ll be a good idea to go look around. / the bizarro tea parlor seems interesting.

4. what’s going on at the university?

5. in the middle of a break for a while

6. even Houko doesn’t come now...

7. what? did something happen?

8. I got a bad feeling...

9. hah?

page 20

1. wah

2. hey / hey... I got a question for you, Haimura.

3. I haven’t / asked you this yet. about me as an enemy

4. ...as of right now, what do you see me as?

5. …...

a. reeks of tobacco

6. Professor,

7. you’re mysterious and suspicious...

page 21

1. what I do know is that you’re the biggest openly public pedohile ever...

2. ...you don’t need to be so honestly blunt...

3. ...however, you have never laid harm to Iwai once.

4. ...that is all that I believe

5. I am certain about.

page 22

1. ...good good good. / for now, that guarantees me one ally.

2. hah?

3. ...just what in the world are you plotting?

4. I plotted or I was plotted

5. ...well,

6. I’ll probably know soon enough...

7. tomorrow

page 23

a. wait, what did you mean by that?...

b. well, nothing really

1. the curtains of the hazy uneasiness

2. the school festival

3. will rise.

page 24

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