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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 33

Knowing one's Guilt

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jun 6, 2013 04:04 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

-> RTS Page for Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 33

toarukagakunoRAILGUN seems so boring right now... Not enough tsundere action with Mikoto.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 33
Title: Knowing one's Guilt

page 1

1. Everyone, welcome to the Iwato festival

2. This is a festival held every year around this time in Tokusa secondary education school

page 2

1. where the students, together with the high schoolers, present student experiences to the local region...

2. in the end... / it’s fine how the team

3. made it all feel just a little cute.

4. ah, a customer. everyone, go...

page 3

1. Welcome!!!

title: knowing one’s guilt

page 4

1. ...I see

2. the blood splatter is that.

a. this is considerably different

3. scary, isn’t it... yawn...

4. what’s wrong, iwai?

5. sorry... I was looking forward to this so much yesterday / that I didn’t get much sleep...

page 5

1. ah, then go away, go sleep.

a. ah, the creator

2. sorry...

b. kashiko’s volleyball club friends

3. the menu... I wanted it to have more dangerous contents.

4. ...no, I think this is plenty enough...


5. …a presentation...?

6. oh

page 6

1. fine choice, ladies! / this here

a. ohohohoho

b. sfx: snap!

2. it’s most definitely fun.

3. what do you mean by fun...

page 7

1. welcome... the bizarro tea parlor / is a themed cafe with a dash of extreme bloodshed...

a. recidive felon
Kiri Haimura
-100 year sentence-

b. BUH

2. Ki-Kiri?! / what is this?!

3. fuhfuh... simple, miss customer.

4. you are from now on... yes

5. are my captives!

6. eh, stop... / I don’t like such thing...

page 8


2. well then... I’m ripping your bodies apart.

3. aah... it hurts... it hurts...

a. what the hell is this?

b. He’s seriously going all out, lol
TL note: immediate left of pigtails

c. quite the tour de force
TL note: right of nigi

d. Kashiko...
TL note: right of naruto

4. lastly...

5. the eyeball topping...

page 9

1. ugh... / ugh...

2. what’s wrong, kiri?!

3. oh, what is it now? lol

4. the poison stare incoming? lol

5. ...I fe...

6. ife?

7. ...I feel sick...

a. feel like barfing


page 10

1. geez...

a. sfx: rub rub

2. sorry...

3. what were you doing all of a sudden starting a play and then getting ill. / though I did hear you come out all cocky... were you really that nervous?

b. haha...

4. just caught up in the moment... / ...no more of that.

5. no...

page 11

1. the images of grayland I saw before...

2. I thought I was not afraid so I frivolously referenced them

3. I guess my body had different ideas...

a. ah

4. I should stop talking about that place already...

b. inner Haimura

c. oh?

5. hey hey, Mr. Haimura. what’s got you looking all blue? / Today is a precious gorgeous day.

6. professor, ah... no, it’s just...

7. oh by the way, the older byouinzaka sister came here earlier. / did you come together?

8. eh? she’s here?

9. in our classroom...

10.I believe her little sister is waiting the tables right now.

page 12

1. what... / what are you doing, yamane?

2. I could not put the drinks inside the Injection because the needle point is too thin...

a. told me to wear a medical mask too

3. that’s not what I mean.

b. haah

4. simply, why you’ve acted like a murderer till this point?...

page 13

1. Byouinzaka, / we’re going out for a bit, so we’re leaving things here to you, okay?

2. o-okay...

3. I’m going too.

4. I’ll leave you to the new friends

5. wa- / wait

6. what?

7. you see, sister, what you said before... I cannot believe it.

8. how the professor is...

9. ...that’s why that is...

page 14

1. ...what about me?

2. long time no see / what the hell have you been doing during the university break?

3. eh...? well

4. I did various things...

5. ...do you not want to say?

6. ...you sure are getting irritated / are you on your period?

page 15

1. professor?

2. umm umm...

3. I am not very bright, so I do not quite understand

4. are you a bad person?

5. ...yamane

6. the reason as to why you chose us

7. ...neither sister nor I know, so...

8. Yamane...!

page 16

1. ...sorry

2. …... / ...well

3. ...I don’t have the intentions of a good person.

4. what? you’ve reconsidered?

5. you want to know? about that?

6. …...

7. I don’t know the motive.

8. why you haven’t said anything to us...

page 17

1. because you haven’t asked.

2. you were scared, right?

3. about both the organization known as gossip / and me, right?

4. When I adopted you, you were only just asking the most basic of things.

5. you girls were so willing to leave things as is without question then.

6. so, I didn’t say anything either.

7. that’s all

8. then, / how about now!

page 18

1. ...are you sure?

2. are you absolutely sure?

3. you’ll probably won’t be able to take it. / even with that in mind, are you sure?

4. I want to know.

page 19

1. I wanted to see destruction.

2. Killing Goods Author / Houko Byouinzaka

3. to see the moment you break from being swallowed by the good.

4. ...that was my desire.

page 20

1. As a scholar, it’s how it is.

2. if there is knowledge to be obtained, I will try to the ends of the world to see it. / I wanted to know the true experience of it.

3. I picked out a suitable targets from Gossip’s list.

4. any out of control nearby dangerous Authors. / and then, I found you.

5. You’ll been deteriorating and getting worse ever since you killed your parents. It was perfect.

6. though there was the “older sister” Instead... / while she would alienate herself from the author, she couldn’t let go either. It was a strange unison.

7. mutual destruction would’ve been a bigger tragedy... I was hoping to see that happen.

page 21

1. I hadn’t expected you to last this long

2. ...to now where I’ve lost interest.

3. ...wait

4. please stop, professor.

5. your joke isn’t funny.

6. always... nonstop...

7. ...you often think like that

8. you say those sort of things to keep me under control.

9. though I’ve always diligently come help you, you just complain

page 21

1. being that’s the case, it’s just pitiful.

2. kuh

3. as far as i’m concerned

4. you are nothing.

5. kupu...

6. if perhaps you were a smaller girl,

7. I may have possibly told you that again differently, but

page 22

1. I have no interest

2. in adult bodies, you see.

3. ah...

4. ah...

page 23

1. ...heh...

2. sfx: exhale

3. ...horrible

4. I understand

5. that is fine.

page 24

1. I will give to you

2. my insanity

page 25

1. fuhfuh

2. hey... come here

3. Nightingale

page 26-27

1. byouinzaka!!!

2. uh...

3. ugh...

4. what

5. what is

6. what is going on here?!

page 28

1. professor!!

2. please explain, professor!

3. I’ll leave this to you, Haimura

4. ?!

5. I have...

6. I have someone some business with a man inside here.

page 29

1. what are you saying...

2. hey... stop her

3. you’re the older sister, aren’t you?!

4. I don’t know... / I don’t know anything anymore...

5. everyone’s an enemy. everyone’s an enemy

6. expect us, everyone everyone is...

7. yamane!!

page 30

1. attack!!!!

page 31

1. ...this is bad.

a. still sleeping

b. leave her alone

c. zzzz

2. inside the classroom is

3. iwai...

d. hah

4. sfx: squeek

e. yawn...

5. ...what am I going to do? I fell asleep.

6. what sort of feeling is this right now?...

page 32

1. ...how do you do?

2. Cantarella of Concealed Murder
TL note: concealed as in “behind the scenes”

3. I was told you were an old man.

4. eh...?!

5. ...oh no, I’ve been discovered.

page 33

1. professor...? and...

2. ...who’s that...?

3. I have been in gossip for a long time. / so I know when someone is spying on me.

4. ...inciting those sisters on me / was unexpected.

5. what am I to you? are you trying to kill me?

6. you’ve gone too far without consulting anyone else. are you trying to be like rulebook?

7. ...I have a question.

8. from the outside, all of that seems to have changed / as currently, the game is rather strange.
tlnote: retl

page 34

1. to kill the queen is the objective of this game.

2. as a result, I have believe that there is a chance the queen will quickly die / and so we should be striving for more gruesome and better exhibitions.

3. pointlessly prolonging it will damping the event.

4. moreover, why is it that this time we’re using things like “bodygaurds”?

5. whether or not that... scissor boy’s actions is actually agreeable is another story.

6. This is the first time I’ve experienced this where I am utterly sick of the method used. / ...just who are you shoving all of this to?...

page 35

1. answer me, you shitface scholar.

2. what in the hell are you trying to do?

3. I maintain Gossip. / and so I know everything.

page 36

1. “flavourless and odorless”

2. “colorless” and...

3. “cannot be detected by scientific means”

4. ...you checked up on me?

5. if this was a mystery novel, your ability would cause the readers to riot, but / none of it matters if you don’t drink any of it to begin with.

6. you can’t follow your killing methods now.
tlnote: retl

page 37

1. you haven’t noticed, have you?

2. that cup you have / and this shop’s cup here are

3. slightly different.

4. sfx: crack

5. sfx: crack

6. sfx: crack

page 38

1. what...!!

a. a trap---!

page 39

1. absorbing it from a wound works as well

page 40

1. ugh...

2. well then, if you’ll excuse me. / I’ll leave the mess to you.

3. Ehah!

4. ehah!

5. ehah...

page 41

1. damn...

2. coughs...

3. ehah!

4. ehah!

page 42

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