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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 34

The Edge of Clarity

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jun 18, 2013 00:39 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

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The last of us... The last of us... why aren't there any more of you?!


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 34
Title: The Edge of Clarity

page 1

title: the edge of clarity
TL note: I’m not really sure about this one. Mind’s eye horizon... hmm...

1. Stop her!!

2. Big sister!!!

3. shut up!

4. you’re also one of Professor’s allies...!!

5. “Petwhip”’

6. “of submissive butchery.”

page 2

1. ! ya...

2. !

page 3

1. what are you doing, haimura?!

2. let

3. let go!

4. don’t cause trouble during the festival...!

5. vice president!

6. checking on the middle school classrooms... what is all this?!

7. ...Quite frankly, I also don’t know...

8. hey, byoui... Houko, what’s going on with you and the professor?...

9. Kiri!!

page 4

1. ! vice president too... / help!

2. the professor is... / the professor is!

3. ...so, it’s not... / instant death? depends on the amount?

4. then, that means it’s just a question of time then...

5. don’t talk, professor...

page 5

1. wait... eh? / professor?! blood?!

2. ...he’s... part of gossip? / who did that to him?...

3. Earlier, a old man with a walking stick pour something on him... and then...!!

4. ugh...

5. uugh!

page 6

1. uuuh...

2. Houko, with you calmed down... / I wonder if you could repay me by regaining control of your little sister...

3. it is like your pact...

4. what?

5. ...she’s the one who instigated this?

6. that’s horrible. / you’re the “instead,” aren’t you? nevertheless, as for treating the murderous impulses...

page 7

1. though, can you still do that as it is?

2. it’ll be difficult to even hold the good in front of her.

a. since if she keeps trashing around, it’ll be impossible

3. ...what should we do?

4. at this current state... it’s quite possible there will be lingering after effects to her mind. / ...if we’re not careful, she may never return to the way she is.

5. uh...

6. uuh

7. uah...

8. ...I’ll try pricking her...

9. Yamane should be carrying the saline solution we always use. / there is no significance for me doing the pricking, but... if there is even a chance for her to return to normal...

page 8

1. ah...

2. ngh...

3. nghuh...

4. ah...

5. ugh...

6. uh...

page 9

1. ….sis...

2. sis...ter...

3. yamane... / thank goodness.

4. if you’ve regained your sense, then the Injection, you had...

5. ...sister...

6. this is...

7. different...

page 10

1. eh......?

page 11

1. no.

2. ...I

3. I didn’t know. / I put poison in there.

4. no, that is far from...

page 12

1. ...it is alright.

2. earlier, you see. if I had free reign over my body,

3. then, I believe I would be the one holding Injection. / You would be dying instead.

4. that is why this was good.

page 13

1. good thing I did not prick you

2. sister...

page 14


2. yamane

3, …----

4. ~~~---

5. yamane

page 15

1. yamane

2. yamane

3. ya...

4. uh...

5. ha

6. ha / ha / hahahaha

page 16

1. what are you doing? you’re not a child, and yet / you’re crying like a little girl at a time like this...

2. think about it.

3. professor...

4. that girl must live.

5. you think it’s interesting to see someone like that just be killed so easily?

6. I want to watch an author self-destruct.

7. and...

page 17

1. within that destruction

2. hah

3. hah

4. hah

5. hah

6. hah

7. I want to watch you desperately struggle against it!!

8. ...I

9. am

10. different...

page 18

1. professor?!

2. professor / pro...

3. ~~~~~

4. ...haimura / use your scissors.

5. eh?

6. “pain augmentation.” / you better overdo it this time to wake him. / hurry...! if you want to help, / then do as I say!

7. eh?

8. yes

9. …...!!

page 19

1. sorry!

2. professor!

3. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

a. he’s awake

b. trauma

4. that’s good enough

c. is this medicine safe?

d. sfx: lick

5. do the same to yamane later

page 20

1. that is?

a. ohogogogogog

2. nutrient supplement. / something for a weakened ill person. Inject it using Yamane.

b. to the professor as well

3. with injection’s “drug enhancement” power, / it should be able to delay death.

4. ...okay. / I’ll leave the rest to you.

5. where are you going?!

6. I may perhaps know of how to counteract this. / I’ll tell you now.

page 21

1. go after maillold.

2. bring him down, then

3. …...?

4. discover the way / to save those two!

page 22

1. ...now then

2. I have done what was needed

3. I did wanted to learn the details of that scholar’s plan but... anyhow, he didn’t spill the beans. / now as for killing the queen...

4. ...I must... refrain myself from doing so.

5. I must leave it to the other authors...

page 23

1. I’m here to avenge yamane.

2. ...why do you still live?

3. ...ah

4. so your target was me, was it?

5. ...I will say this

6. I was correct about my misgivings about that scholar. you acted by your own will. / I am not in the wrong.
TL note: meh... he was correct about the professor not saying the whole truth, and when she attacked him, that was all her doing.

7. ...naturally

8. like the people who were deeply influenced by that man, I had to erase you just to be sure. / I cannot make any excuses for that.

page 24

1. ...that sucks

2. I’ve only met to speak with you a few times. / it took only that for me to be deceived by you.

3. well... / if that isn’t such an absurd reason to bitter towards me.

4. you simple “instead”

page 25

1. sfx: crack

page 26

1. uh...

2. oow...

3. ...a pond...? / oh shit...

page 27

1. shit

2. get out...

3. ah!

4. “Cantarella of Concealed Murder”

5. whilst in water, it’s dispersion rate is unlike that of ordinary poisons as well.
TL note: I assume that is just fancy talk about instant dispersion

page 28

1. now,

2. how long will it take to enter your body, I wonder...?

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