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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 35

Reimer Game

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jun 29, 2013 04:04 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

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I dunno... Look if you got a better idea as to what the title is... you do this.


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 35
Title: Reimer Game

page 1

1. hah

2. hah

3. hah

4. hah

5. persistent, aren’t you?

6. cantarella is working.

7. such a strong will...

8. hah...

9. uh...

10. byouinzaka... / byouinzaka!

11. are you alright?!!!

page 2

title: reimer game

cantarella of concealed murder

Killing Goods (order-mades)

!fitz maillold
no victim named

!Concealed Erasion
<- tasteless, odorless, and colorless. Not able to scientifically analyzing for it. with these special properties, detection is impossible.

!liquid toxification
<- toxification of fluids in which it has been placed into is possible with the usage of the Killing good.

page 3

1. that blood / no way, you as well?!

2. I’m fine... / I’m just very weak.

3. my throat and chest feel like they’re burning... / but, I’m not like yamane yet... I can still move...

4. it’s too much in that condition.

5. you’ve done enough. / I will take...

6. I’d ask if you are a “normal child” but

7. if that was the case, why would you be

8. waving around those scissors so freely?

page 4

1. CrimeEdge. / that is your biggest weakness, isn’t it?

2. ...out of the way, haimura.

3. this fortunate place is outside of the festival so there isn’t anyone here. / it’s my chance... I can’t let him get away.

4. but...

5. you’re not the only one carrying a good

page 5

1. what are you planning?

2. it’s fine. I’m not going to use it like that.
TL note: recheck

3. That’ll be scary. / I have a lot of responsibilities to think about.

4. however, right now, I’ve decided to not be afraid.

5. that is

6. I foolishly put the poison inside that girl. / I take full responsibility for that!

page 6

1. the injection’s... original?

2. can you...

3. not see it?

page 7

1. no / it’s obvious.

2. she is not an author.

3. she wants to fight in the place of yamane.

4. that is

5. however... surely out of her ability.

6. since she isn’t treating the Good as a Good.

7. so basically

8. this person

9. does not see anything.

10. looking down

11. on the suffering houko, who is feebly walking aimlessly.

12. ...so to speak...

page 8

1. don’t go ridiculing her,

2. original

page 9

page 10

1. ...ah

2. ...ah...?

3. ah!

4. ah?!

a. crap!!

page 11

1. my hair!

2. s-sorry

3. I just wanted to scare that phantom off

4. and then...

5. ...well, whatever.

6. ...I’ve become lighter...!

page 12

1. ...what?

2. ...she changed...

3. somehow...

page 13

1. professor / professor

2. I have something I want to ask. / am I

3. ...am I unable to use the injection?

4. ...do you aspire to be author?

5. that’s not it. / no one would want that by choice.

6. it’s just... / since I’m also a descendant of the original...

7. ...ah, I see. / it’s like you forced the curse onto your little sister currently, right?

8. …...

page 14

1. there is precedent for this. the same conditions as well.
TL note: recheck

2. you are a blood relative and the same gender

3. Mainly though, you do not match her wavelength...

4. wavelength?

5. like your mentality, your character... / there’s a mental part to all this.

6. “the wicked angel”

7. “the lonely reaper”

8. “the half-witted neighbor”

9. your original, nightingale

10. quietly targeted only the weak patients who / could not resist.

11. timidly, cowardly... so therefore was overly reliant on the person.

12. that kind of person...

page 15

1. you have an extremely strong-willed personality. / that’s disliked by the original.

2. though I would’ve found it interesting if you used it,

3. you haven’t had any of the indications of such either up till now, so that is out of the question.

4. no matter what you do, she will not show herself to you

5. not to mention, you can’t simply

6. reach out those hands

7. to obtain it...

page 16

1. “cowardly nightingale!”

2. I command thee!!

3. control thee!!

4. I am...

page 17-18

1. right now, I am!

2. the injection of

3. coma death!!

page 19

1. BAH!!

2. ogoh!

3. sfx: cough

4. aguh..gah!

5. gave everything into that stab.

6. though I think plenty of that was just the power of the good.

7. ...rid...

8. ...ridiculous...

page 20

1. it’s not supposed to work / on me...

2. the cantrella...



5. I thought so.

6. so, I relied on injection’s ability.

7. if I use “drug enhancement,” that resistance of yours can be pierced through... so to speak.

8. ridiculous! / to have suddenly become capable of using / the goods... the killing goods!!!

page 21

1. it is your fault. yours...

2. it was true that I could not in any way use it.

3. ...if it was just the professor anyhow

4. but because you had involved me, it became like this.

5. getting me angry

6. was your mistake.

page 22

1. ...heh / heheh...

2. as I thought... / I should’ve tried harder to kill you...

3. …...?

4. ...what’s up with him?

a. don’t push yourself

5. he shouldn’t be able to get away...

page 23

1. help!

2. they

3. they did this to me!

page 24

1. ...you run, I win.

2. become monsters...

3. bad

4. bad.

5. this is

6. this is...!

page 25

1. well / well!

2. I had thought this was a surprise advert for a snack booth.

a. advertisement

3. this had scared me.

4. that’s right! (mono)

5. Haimura here in the role of that Grayland.

6. ...eh...?

7. it’s fine! follow my lead!

8. it’ll be bad if you’re exposed.

9. you have to fool them!

10. this is a plan that the vice president worked hard to come up with!

page 26

1. hahaha!

2. what a mess! such exciting fresh blood!!

a. I done it again

b. moreover, this time is in front of many people

3. sfx: flash

c-g. sfx: flash

page 27

1. haimura...

a. wait wait wait

2. I was so moved! bravo! Bravo!!

b. you look sick again

3. you said you will really serve the customers, but to have gone as far as coming up with this event to serve them...

4. ...wa

5. what are you talking... gah!

6. fuhfuh... to have gone all out and used an adult extra in your act / the student council is not impressed that you did not inform us of doing such, but...

page 28

1. it was interesting... / so we’ll let it pass!

a. ooh!

b. I just knew the vice president is awesome!!

c. that is if there isn’t a boyfriend

2. so

3. so! / so if you want to experience this kind of trill, go to class 3-b, the bizarro tea parlor!

4. everyone, we look

5. we look forward to seeing you soon!!

page 29-30

a-i. sfx: clap

1. we got of out there.

2. afterwards, our actions weren’t exposed by the vice president skillfully covering them up.

4. yamane and all those affected by the poison

j. where do you operate?

k. haha, that’s...
TL note: there are 2 symbols floating around nigi’s head. yen symbols. the appropriate translation would be “$”

l. now we have to help yamane

m. eeeh? you need it too.

5. they were transported to the hospital.

6. and then...

page 31

page 32

1. sis...

2. ter...?

3. ...I am fine... I am awake now. I am awake.

4. you really were the worst. / your body has started recovering, but you were having constant nightmares till now.

5. ...how did you?...

6. there was no method to reserve it. / it’s a good. you only... think about killing with those things.

7. however,

page 33

1. “it does not work on maillold” / knowing that, I made a sorta-blood serum from him.

2. all thanks to Injection’s ability. this time / I guess it made all that much less effective.

3. sister...

4. you used... that...

5. …?

6. ...nightingale.

page 34

1. ...just now... she was behind you.

2. ...ah

3. now to me...

4. ...so she / really doesn’t hate me

5. I return this to you.

6. I would rather it had given me all of that curse, but

7. it seems she would not curse me.

page 35

1. that’s how it was.

2. professor

3. ...heeh?

4. you became an interesting case study.

5. did you intended to mock me so I would try to use the good?

6. oh now, you’re really just

a. reading far too much into all that

7. ...I just knew you were a horrible person.

b. damn pedo

8. still, you did inject the serum into me.

page 36

1. forgive me.

2. you are indeed a horrible person, but

3. I distrusted you far more than I should have.

4. ...then, I’m grateful as well.

5. I couldn’t be indebted to you...

page 37

1. umm...

2. how are you, byouinzaka?

3. ah... the older sister?

4. have you become well enough to talk with now?

5. you’re so unlucky, byouinzaka. to get food poisoning...

6. …...?

7. the school festival ended during when you were in the hospital.

8. I do not know if I remember but... / everyone fought hard... with everything they had...

9. ...it is too bad it all... / ended...

page 38

1. we got a award!

2. a project award!

3. we impossibly unbelievably got one.

a. no, everyone just like weird things.

4. due to haimura’s great job advertising, the customers came in droves.

5. even though it was nigi who came up with the idea, the one who made it happen...

6. you were the reason why it took it shape!

7. this is our thanks to you.

8. okay, well

9. everyone, come here.

page 39

1. this was my first time in a school festival, but

2. wearing different from normal clothes, dealing with customers, making food, going out to buy things / it was all so fun. and I have you to thank for all of it, / yamane.

a. ah.... nurse, help us take a picture...

3. you’re not alone.

4. eh?

6. …...

page 40

1. you are mistaken, this isn’t loneliness, but rather

2. it’s glee.

page 41

1. ...total defeat...

2. isn’t it.

3. however, is it enough?

4. I’ve already informed someone in gossip about you.

5. to Violet as well then. / I am to go into hiding then...?

page 42

1. aah aah / haha

2. sfx: cough

3. I had thought you were moving on your own / I get it now.

4. such a bothersome individual

5. those were selfish acts no matter how you call it.

6. ...violet?

7. ...I received / this gold coin “from lady witchie.”

8. you upper ranks were to be kept in the dark about this.

9. I didn’t want you to know

10. the professor’s actions follow my will.

page 43

1. at this time, the professor is allowed to do as he pleases.

2. ...ridiculous!

3. you deceive me, violet!

4. your cute little “violet”

5. I was a normal girl till I inherited gossip

6. I am now “witchie”

7. I am different now. / know it.

8. sfx: boop

9. ...so it is said.

10. you should worry only about yourself from here on.

page 44

1. would you return home safety / no

2. ...my bad here. I am one to hold a grudge.

3. if I let you go

4. you’ll just be trouble intruding onto me again...

page 45

1. ...it’s gradually reaching the opportune time.

2. ...so, shall we begin?

3. hair queen / “ZeWulfa”

page 46

-Volume 6 end-

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